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CAD/CAM Accessories Buy 2, Get 1 FREE!* FujiRock® EP OptiXscan Buy 3, Get 1 FREE!* ZCAD Wax Press Milling wax disc for pressable and lost wax casting. Ash-free modeling wax for high-speed dental milling. Used to efficiently produce crown & bridge frameworks, try-ins, and machine calibration. Stable and strong. Burns out cleanly and residue-free. 98.5mm x 18mm (671-0400-MA6) ...........................Ea. 24.99 $ *To receive your FREE goods, send a copy of your Zahn invoice dated 11/1-12/28/13 to: Harvest Dental, 155 Arovisita Circle, Suite B, Brea, CA 92821 or fax to: 714-674-7402. Type-4 scannable die stone. Compatible with existing scan devices (laser and optical). Extremely smooth but nonreflective surface for optimized scannability. Has an adaptable working time and short setting time for fast processing. Variable mixing ratio without a difference in physical properties. Low setting expansion of less than 0.08% for highest precision. High compressive strength of approximately 53 MPa, with less risk of breakage during removal and handling of the model. Pail $ (333-2855-MA6) ........................5 Kg. 29.99 *To receive your FREE goods, send a copy of your Zahn invoice dated 11/1-12/28/13 to GC America, 3737 West 127th Street, Alsip, IL 60803 (mention promo code 1841) or fax to 800-423-2963 Attn: Customer Care Group. Free goods coupon must be redeemed within 6 weeks of Zahn invoice date. Offers cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions. No substitutions allowed. Free goods will be of equal or lesser value to the lowest selling unit price. Please allow 6-8 weeks for free goods delivery. Free goods will be fulfilled by GC America unless noted otherwise. Expires 12/28/13. Whip Mix CAD Spray Powder that enhances the ability of the scanner to read the hard model or bite registration. Is easily removed from the model and leaves no residue behind. Hand-spray application. Can (557-0285-MA6)...............66 Gm. 109.99 $ iWeld® G3 Laser Welder The Lab Technician's Tool of Choice The highest peak-power laser welder in the marketplace. Operators benefit from pinpoint accuracy, and they can increase their range of laboratory assembly/repair applications and minimize the potential hazards of heat damage. The resulting weld is considerably stronger than traditional solder joints. Ideal for gold, platinum, palladium silver, cobalt chrome, nickel chrome, titanium, and many other alloys. A high-quality, efficient laser system. Complete iWeld 60.­Joule System ........Each $18,559.95* Contains: iWeld 60. joule unit, Clearview 15X microscope, argon regulator, air blast pipe, custom shipping container & domestic freight. *Price reflective of most common configurations. For custom options and ordering information contact Roy Gessman, Equipment Manager, at (508) 337­8301. 18 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER SALE "The LaserStar Workstation has become a vital tool for saving time in our laboratory. Our staff has commented how user friendly the LaserStar is and that LaserStar's application training was excellent. Thank you for such a great piece of equipment." Michael J. O'Brien, Owner O'Brien Dental Lab, Inc. Z ORDER ON THE WEB:

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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - November/December 2013
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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - November/December 2013