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Equipment Abrasive Blasters Casting Furnaces Burnout Neo Super Cascom Basic Sandblasters User-friendly second-generation sandblasters. Tanks are interchangeable; they snap into place. Even sandblasting flow for homogeneous surface conditioning, which reduces the risk of fractures and cracks in the porcelain. Innovative "PerfectView" (PV) concept. Unique LED technology: optimal contrast of all objects and brightly illuminated blasting chamber. Daylight with 4800 LUX allows fatigue-free and comfortable working conditions. Maximum range of vision for a perfect view and optimal control. The offset positioning of the LEDs help give a contrasting view of the details, thus controlling the brightness. 3-year warranty. 1-25μm/70μm, 1-70μm/250μm Vacuum and pressure casting machine with spiral-ceramic resistance heater for ultraprecise temperature control. Attain porosity-free, dense castings with razor-sharp margins. Multidirectional pressure application applies 4 times more pressure than a centrifugal casting. Casts inlays, onlays, crown & bridge, partials, and implant frameworks with all dental alloys (except titanium). Made in Japan. Limited 2-year warranty. Dimensions: 21"H x 20"W x 20"D Complete Unit (562-7632-MA6) ..................Ea. 15,899.99 $ Contains: 3 carbon crucibles, 3 ceramic crucibles, 1 of each casting ring (43mm, 60mm, 76mm & 90mm), 1 of each sprue former (43mm, 60mm, 76mm & 90mm), 1 instruction manual, 1 casting manual, 1 crucible stand, 1 view glass, 1 pair of tongs, 1 dust collector, 10 carbon washers, 1 pocket pager & 1-5mm hose. Dust Collectors (Free goods shipped with order) Basic Classic Smallest, fine sandblaster with up to 2 tanks. Pressure regulator is on the top, as opposed to the inside, as in the Master and the Quattro. Tank selection switch inside the sandblasting chamber. High-speed turbine technology that produces high suction. Unique Accumulator™ Pre-Filter that captures 95% of all dust. Whisper-quiet operation (55 dB) and low-maintenance design. 1-year warranty. Model #3-550 550 cu. in. Chamber 769.99 $ (787-3641-MA6) ..................Ea. Basic Master Larger sandblaster chamber (201) than the Classic. Fine sandblasting unit with 2 tanks. Pressure regulator and tank selection switch located inside the chamber. Has a vented cabinet #10311-Single Station that is not available on the Basic Classic. with Accumulator™ 20 * Wide operating temperature range 50°C (112°F) to 1100°C (2012°F) * Delay start (up to 7 days) * Linkable programs * Nine 3-stage programs * Programmable linear temperature rate * E-prom circuitry for power-fail protection * High-performance muffle * Vertical lift and roll-back door * Positive/negative heat rate control * 2-year warranty Model #3-130 130 cu. in. Chamber Vanguard 1X Single station and single speed. #10310-Single Station (228-2066-MA6) .....................Ea. These benchtop furnaces feature a 3-step multistage programmable system for management of time, temperature, and rate. The 3-step program can be linked for 6-stage operation and up to a 7-day delay start. Vanguard General-Purpose Dust Collectors FREE 5 Kg Cobra Aluminum Oxide 50 micron (228-2065-MA6) .....................Ea. Vulcan® Multistage Programmable Furnaces 969.99 (787-1552-MA6) ..................Ea. NOVEMBER/DECEMBER SALE Vanguard 1X Single Station 559.99 $ Vanguard 1X w/Accumulator (779-7963-MA6) ...................Ea. (779-9140-MA6) ..................Ea. 1,569.99 $ 1,799.99 For Additional Products see our 2013 Equipment Guide 649.99 Z ORDER ON THE WEB:

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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - November/December 2013
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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - November/December 2013