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KNEE DEEP WINTER SAVINGS! LIQUI-FOIL BUY 2, GET 1, FREE! FILL-IT BUY 2, GET 1, FREE! SAME ITEM, SAME PRICE FILL-IT® BASE & INSTANT ACTIVATOR LL IT® INSTAN VISCOUS CYANOACRYLATE SYSTEM Repairs cracks, chips, and bubbles in any material. Bonds across gaps & joints, and joins dissimilar materials together. Tack wires and components into position for soldering or welding. Harden surfaces, and protect fragile margins. Paint on Fill-It® Base then spray with Fill-It® Activator to create a tough durable smooth finish. Fill-It® Activator is a pure, crystal clear instant hardener spray designed for Fill-It® Base. Fill-It® Solvent is an easy-to-use clean-up solvent. Kit includes: 1/2 oz. Base, 2 oz. Activator, 1 oz. Solvent. Made in U.S.A. 234-6254-AEA 132-1147-AEA 234-6202-AEA 234-5913-AEA 132-0064-AEA 132-4616-AEA 132-9969-AEA 132-7415-AEA 101-6051-AEA Regular Kit-Blue ............... $21.99 Regular Kit-Clear .............. $21.99 Fill-It Base Blue 1/2 oz ........$9.99 Fill-It Base Clear 1/2 oz .......$9.99 Fill-It Base Blue 2 oz ......... $24.99 Fill-It Base Clear 2 oz ....... $24.99 Activator 4 oz.................... $10.99 Activator 8 oz.................... $14.99 Activator Quart (32oz) .... $54.99 Quick dry color transfer liquid designed to reveal any high spots. Provides an ultra thin coat with good color transfer, no bleeding and no build up. The thinner is used if the solution should thicken over a period of time. Made in U.S.A. Micro-Red Kit .................$14.99 Micro-Red Refill 4 oz. ....$72.99 Thinner Refill 1/2 oz. .......$8.99 Thinner Refill 4 oz. .........$42.99 For labs that demand superior performance e and quality. Ready to use. Adheres to o stone, gels quickly, penetrates, and forms s a fine tough film. Ideal viscosity results in n smooth application whether painted on or r poured. Requires only one coat. Film doesn't t lift from edges. Smooth flow on stone e and around teeth. Will not stick to teeth h or metal. Rinses off cleanly with water. Shipped year ipped round in any temperature. Available in Clear or Pink. Made in U.S.A. Clear Quart (32 oz.) ........... $12.99 Pink Quart (32 oz.) ............ $12.99 Clear Gallon (128 oz.) ....... $31.99 Pink Gallon (128 oz.) ......... $31.99 BUY 50 ANTERIOR OR POSTERIOR ENIGMA CARDS, GET 25 CARDS, FREE!* ENIGMA® DENTURE TEETH Kit includes 1/2 oz. Micro-Red and 1/2 oz. thinner. 412-6267-AEA 412-7204-AEA 412-1531-AEA 412-1008-AEA SEPARATES ACRYLIC & STONE Award-winning denture system that includes a vast range of beautiful denture teeth. Enigma four layer teeth have color / shading throughout the tooth. Customization of shape or contour is allowed. HIGH SPOT / TIGHT SPOT INDICATING LIQUID SAME ITEM, SAME PRICE LIQUI-FOIL® TIN FOIL SUBSTITUTE 132-4233-AEA 132-8827-AEA 132-8941-AEA 132-6898-AEA MICRO-RED® MICRO-RED BUY 2, GET 1, FREE! SAME ITEM, SAME PRICE Enigma™ was designed for ultimate prosthodontic privacy. Characteristics that make enigma™ teeth appear so alive and real: * Subtle Internal Mamelons * Greater Opalescence * Demineralization Points * Darker Necks * 23° cuspal angle and complies with the principles of occlusion *Buy 50 Enigma anterior 1 x 6 or posterior 1 x 8 cards (mix and match okay), Get 25 cards FREE! Details: Tooth cards may be purchased on more than one invoice dated January 1, 2014 through February 28, 2014. Mould Chart......Anterior Card 1 x 6 .......Call to order Mould Chart.....Posterior Card 1 x 8 .......Call to order *To redeem your FREE goods, please fax or mail a copy of your Zahn invoice(s) to ADS, Inc. at 1075 N. Gilmore Street, Allentown, PA 18109. Fax 610-252-2822 AMERICAN DENTAL SUPPLY, INC. We have your solution. JANUARY/FEBRUARY SALE Z TO ORDER CALL: 1-800-496-9500 17

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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - January/February 2014
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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - January/February 2014