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Equipment henry schein brand Machine IV VACUUM-FORMING MACHINE Top designed for better heat dispersion; slotted rear post for perfect position over model. Precision vacuum adapter. Replacement gasket fits underneath lower plate gasket. 5-year warranty. 110-V Unit (100-6234-AEA) .....................Ea. 299.99 $ Vacuum-Forming Machine Made from lightweight, space-age thermoplastic material designed for high-temperature applications. Plastic housing dampens any vibration better than traditional cast aluminum, resulting in a quieter running unit. Vented heater cover allows heat to quickly dissipate to protect heater wiring. Locking handle allows the height of the material plate to be adjusted during heating to control the heating rate of various materials. Contoured vacuum platform allows full airflow under the model for complete adaptation to undercuts. Built-in safety timer, temperature sensor, and tilt switch. 5-year warranty. (242-7916-AEA) .....................Ea. 32.99 Lightweight vacuum former for constructing bleaching trays, custom impression trays, mouth guards, and splints. Features quick-lock frame that automatically levels during closure to securely hold the sheet resin material. Gasketfree system maintains excellent vacuum seal for most accurate adaptations with no parts to replace. Individual heat and vacuum controls. Dimensions: 15"H x 71/2"W x 91/2"D Weight 17 Lb. 120-Volt, 500-Watt Unit Complete Unit Silicone Gasket Set Tray-Vac™ (255-0230-AEA) ......................Ea. 379.99 $ (365-6020-AEA) ......................Ea. 329.99 $ Precision, Finesse and Versatility Robust in design and easy to use, the pneumatic units and their air turbine provide the solution for demanding ceramists and prosthetists. Tabletop (229-2113-AEA) Each $739.99 Tabletop With rotation speeds of up to 300,000 rpm, the turbine is ideal for delicate, precise work. It is fitted with a unique dust protection shield which gives it an extraordinarily long service life. Can be used for ceramics and zirconia. 26 JANUARY/FEBRUARY SALE Contains: Handpiece and foot control. Wall Mount System (229-1861-AEA) Each $699.99 Contains: Handpiece and foot control. Z ORDER ON THE WEB:

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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - January/February 2014
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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - January/February 2014