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Super Specials Buy 1, Get 2 Pouring Flasks FREE!* Duplicating Unit Buy 1 Nature-Cryl® Super Hi Impact 25lb Powder, Get 4 Nature-Cryl® Super Hi Impact 32oz. Liquids FREE!* Nature-Cryl Super Hi Impact Denture Base Resin Ultrahigh-impact material resists breakage and chipping. Cadmiumfree. Up to 20 minutes of working time. Easily finished and polished with an accurate fit. Convenient 2-hour heat cure or overnight cure. Powder Only............................................................Ea. Specify: (333-3309-AEA) (333-3349-AEA) (333-3350-AEA) (333-3351-AEA) Lt Fib+ 25lb. Original 25lb. Light 25lb. Lt Rd Pk 25lb. 574.99 $ (333-3352-AEA) Mild 25lb. (333-3353-AEA) Moderate 25lb. (333-3354-AEA) 25lb. *To receive your FREE goods, send a copy of your Zahn invoice dated 1/1-2/28/14 to GC America, 3737 West 127th Street, Alsip, IL 60803 (mention promo code 1841) or fax to 800-423-2963 Attn: Customer Care Group. Free goods coupon must be redeemed within 6 weeks of Zahn invoice date. Offers cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions. No substitutions allowed. Fully automatic, 2-gallon duplicating machine melts, conditions, and returns hydrocolloid material to ideal temperature for immediate use. Simple to use and maintain. Simply add antifreeze and plug into outlet: no need for water connections. Engineered with a doubleboiler tank, which prevents material from sticking to the sides of the tank. The mixer turns periodically and helps prolong the life of the paste. 1-year warranty. * Stay connected. Download our FREE mobile app: TCS Dental App * TCS is featured in "Health Briefs" by Terry Bradshaw. View on our Web site * Sign up for hands-on training, New York & California: "How to Properly Fabricate a TCS Partial" * Already processing TCS? Join our network of TCS labs * Order FREE promo material (218-0009-AEA) ..........................................Ea. 2,249.99 $ *To receive your FREE goods send a copy of your Zahn invoice dated 1/1-2/28/14, no later than 4 weeks after the end of the promotion, to Thermoplastic Comfort Systems Inc., 2619 Lime Ave., Signal Hill, CA 90755 or fax it to 562-426-5154 or e-mail to Attn.: Christy. "Hot-Light" Power Tool iWeld® G3 Laser Welder iWeld® is the highest peak power laser welder in the marketplace. Operators benefit from pinpoint accuracy, increase the range of laboratory assembly and repair applications, and minimize the potential hazards of heat damage. The resulting weld is considerably stronger than a traditional solder joint. LaserStar's well-known reputation for high-quality, efficient laser systems, make the iWeld® an excellent value. Ideal for Gold, Platinum, Palladium-Silver, Cobalt Chrome, Nickel-Chrome, Titanium, and many other dental alloy applications. $ Complete iWeld 60. Joule System .................Ea. 18,559.95* Buy 5 Wonderpeg , Get 1 Honeycomb Firing Tray FREE! (Free goods shipped with order) Wonderpeg Superior-quality instant firing support for crowns and jackets. Requires no mixing or predrying time and allows zero firing distortion while it holds the crown or jacket in place. Can also be used to form its own firing peg, solder structure with zero distortion, and support crowns for repair. (510-5732-AEA) .................................................Ea. 6 JANUARY/FEBRUARY SALE Contains: iWeld 60. Joule Unit, Clearview 15X Microscope, Argon Regulator, Air Blast Pipe, Custom Shipping Container, and Domestic Freight. *Price reflective of most common configurations. For custom options and ordering information, contact our Zahn Dental Furniture and Equipment Manager, at (508) 337-8301. 5.99 $ Z ORDER ON THE WEB:

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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - January/February 2014
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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - January/February 2014