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Cultural cenler In Canada. 4 IIlus. of theatre. Winch driven vertical panels give theatre two baSIC shapes. 1157." ational theater in Tokyo," Exterior details. 3 Illus. DETAIL, r 6 (1967), p. 1128. 1158." ew Theatre: A Center for Baltimore," ARCHITECTURAL FORUM (May '67), pp. 72-79. 7 IIlus. Charles Center Theatre seating l,800-only legitimate theatre in Baltimore. Theatre sits on service facilities. Layer of rental spaces combined with theatre. 1159." ews," EDUCATIONAL THEATRE JOURNAL (May 1967). pp. 212-23. A performing arts center will be contructed at Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washinglon. "The new hall will seat 1,520: 1,180 in the main auditorium, 220 in the balcony, and .. portable flooring over the orchestra pit will provide for 120 more. The stage and wings will be 92 feet in width and 50 feet deep. The stage will be 51 feet wide. The fly loft height from stage level is to be 42 feet." 1160. NEWSLETTER, THE INSTITUTE OF OUTDOOR DRAMA (April 1968), "Prize-winning Cleveland architect, Don M. Hisaka, has been named designer for the Ohio Outdoor Historical Drama Assn.'s amphitheatre to be located at new Philadelphia." 1161. NEWSLETTER, THE INSTITUTE OF OUTDOOR DRAMA (May 196B). "The Elna M. Smith Foundation of Eureka Springs, Arkansas plans a 1968 opening of their new passion play. The amphitheatre is designed to seat 3,000 now, with provision for expansion to 10,000 in the future. Charles Robertson is Manager of the new venture. Some 100 performances are planned this season ... 1162. "1967 Honor Awards; ,Iesse H. Jones Hall, Houston, Texas," AlA JOURNAL (June 1967). pp. 57.3 Illus. 1163. "Only in Columbia, The ext America," ARCHITECTURAL FORUM (Nov. '67), pp. 46-47. Illustration of open-air music pavililion seating 3,000. Admired for acoustics. 1164. 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"This architectural group, an opera house, two theatres, a concert hall, etc. has been proclaimed as the exemplar of the new architectural baroque. But the mountain has given birth to a mouse. The Lincoln Centre is nothing more than a joke if one compares it to the Seagrams Building, and a relapse if one thinks of the Rockefeller Centre. It fits in well with the current spirit of mannerism, historical allusion, prettiness and concealment." 1169. Risser, Arthur. "Equity: Guidelines for Design." AlA JOURNAL. (July 1966), pp. 63-64. Review of theatre architecture standards. 1170. Risser, Arthur. "Four Swiss Theatres," AlA JOURNAL. (January 1968), pp. 65-71. Projects for four civic theatres in Neuchatel, Basel, Winterthur, and Zurich. 18 photographs and illustrations. All designs by Pierre Zoelly. "When the proscenium is not dimensionally limited by the program, Zoelly believes that one 30 could envision the entire plan as a photographic diaphragm contracting down to the size of a single man or expanding fully. limited only by the theatre hOUSing itself and depending upon the theatrical effects deslfed for production l The theatres at Basel and eucha tel follow thiS ;Jp"clple" 0 evidence of constructIon plans. Zurich proJect's "nutshell' auditOrium IS interesting. 1 17 1. Risser, Arthur. "Let's All Go Down to the Jail and See Andy \ arhol," AlA JOURNAL (February '67), pp. 77-80. Renovation of spaces for performance In Rocky Mount, orth Carol ina; Statesville, .C.; Yakima, Wash. 11 IIlus. 1172. Risser, Arthur. " ine English Theatres Reflect a Philosophy of Theatre Design," EDUCATIONAL THEATRE JOURNAL (May 1967). Pp. 151-65. Author finds that "English architects may have a deeper appreciation of the functional requirements than exists in the United States." Argues for following the "English example of simplicity in decoration and {combining} \vith it the selection of limited but reliable electrtcal and mechanical eQuipment (so that) for the same amount of money we are now spending for our electromechanically changeable mul i·flexible theatres we might be able to have two good theatres of dIfferent orms.': 1173. Ritter, Betty J. "Rebirth of Chicago's Auditorium," AlA JOURNAL (June '671. PD. 65-68. "Adler's design invol es carefully calculated rising curves for the main and balcony floors which, in conjunction with a series of elliptical ceiling surfaces, produce the superb acoustical properties of the hall. Because the floor rise IS dictated by acoustic principles rather than sightlines. the rise is steeper (17 ft.) than in a conventionally designed theatre." 1174. "La Sal a Si Transforma Da Biblioteca A Teatro," DOMUS. (June 1967), pp. 30-31. Library converted to theatre. The bookshelves run on castors; the moveable podiums which usually are put near the tables as sitting facililles may be joined a the built-in podiums to become the stage. 1175. Shepetov, B. "About a ew Type of Theatre 8uilding and ormative Requirements," ARCHITECTURA USSR, o. 12 (1966;' pp. 9-17. at translated. 14 illustrations showing projects for well-equipped proscenium theatres. 1176. "Showmobile Head amed," PITTSBURGH PRESS (9 June 1968), p. 2, sec. 3. Illustrates 4·wheel trailer-borne platform which will tour city with concens. drama. 1177. "South Bank Arts Centre, London," ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN (March '67). pp. 120-23. Concert halls for 1100 and 372, opened in 1967. Quoted costs are 2, 7 million pounds or entire Centre, 1.75 of this for two concert halls. 13 illus. 1178. "Sydney Opera House, " ARCH ITECTURAL DESIGN (March '65), pp. 133-42. Emphasis on structural engineering by Ove Arup and Partners. 27 IIlus. 1179. "Sydney Opera House: Engineer's View," ARCHITECTURAL RECORD. (January '66). pp. 175-180. A major hall (2,800 seats). minor hall (1,200 seats) and experimental theatre. 1180. Sumner, Mark R. (ed.) AN AMPHITHEATRE FOR EPIC DRAMA Chapel Hill, N.C.: Institute of Outdoor Drama, 1966. "Comments on Amphitheatre Design," and articles by Sumner ("The Amphitheatre and Its Cost")' Samuel Selden ("A Thealre for Outdoor Historical Drama"), and Harry E. Da·/is ("Amphitheatre Lighting"l. 1181. "Theatre d'Hammamet, Tunisie," L'ARCH ITECTURE D' AUJOURD'HUI (Fevrii,,-Mars 19641. p. xvii. Outdoor theatre project for 1000 seats. Arena form, with provision for variability. Considerably more imaginative than a Greek "reconstruction." Archs. P. Chemetov and J. Deroche. Theatre consultant R. Allio. 1182. Thomsen, Charles. "Professional Spokesman for a Complex Society," AlA JOURNAL (May '67), pp. 121-124. Overview of Wallace Harrison's architecture. Including Lincoln Center work (Metropolitan Opera). 1183. 'Vorgehangte Holzwand im Kinosaal des Ausstellungs-und useumsgebaudes du Daimler-Benz AG in Stu tgart." DETAIL, r. 4 (1967), p. 695. Auditorium wall treatment. 1184. "Wande im Zuschauerraum des Stadttheaters Krefeld; DETAIL, Nr. 4 (1967), p. 692. Wall details, civic theatre, Krehfeld, W. Germany. Aud. wall treatment. 1185, "Wandverkleidung im Zuschauerraum des Stadtheaters Eindhoven," DETAIL, Nr. 4 (1967), p. 694-95. Aud. wall treatment. 1 186. Warre, Michael. "A Note on the Plans for the ational Theatre (England)," THEATRE NOTEBOOK (Spring 1968), pp. 116-118. 4111us. 1187. Wever, Klaus. WIR SCHAFFEN UNS EIN KULTURHAUS. Berlin (East) VEB Verlag (1379), 1964. 80 pp. "Let's Build a Cultural Center; Practical Introduction to the Do-it-yourself Cullural Center" Intended for small cooperatives and youth groups. this guide focuses on before-and-after illustration of renovations to a widespread phenomenon in Socialist Countries. Simple, modular furniture is suggested, and viable functional combinations suggested concretely. []ill[] THEATRE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY OCTOBER, 1968

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