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from the e ditor The USITT authors in this issue collectively pose this question: Did you attend the Prague Quadrennial in June? If your answer is yes, these articles will serve as a sweet reminder of the exciting whirlwind experience of those 11 days in June. If your answer is no, then they will bring you up close and personal with so many of those fun, fabulous, and fantastic exhibits and events that embodied the 2015 PQ. Arnold Aronson leads off with an introduction to many of the national exhibits with an additional perspective on the evolution of PQ. Kevin Rigdon and his curatorial dream team highlight their journey creating the USITT-USA national exhibit. Next up, Tom Burch focuses on the US Student Exhibit creators and many of the student-centric PQ activities. Sabrina Notarfrancisco's article reveals the fantasy and fun of the new PQ event called Tribes! Those with a leaning toward the aural experience will find Joe Pino's article on PQ sound a must read. And we haven't forgotten about the history buffs. Margaret Mitchell's history of the PQ shines a light on the genesis of the PQ and its transformation over nearly a half century. Finally, there are four reviews of books that cover a wide range of topics. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Margaret Mitchell for her service as co-editor on this issue. Prior to the PQ, she recruited all the authors and provided excellent follow-up support as they finalized their articles. -Bill Browning When former TD&T editor David Rodger asked me to serve as guest editor for the PQ issue of TD&T, I was so pleased. In 1991, I was a fortunate member of the USA Mozart in America exhibition team from UT Austin, and my work was also exhibited in the Schools of Scenography exhibit that year. USITT sponsored the student travel to Prague, and that trip changed my life. There I was introduced to OISTAT members, some of whom have become life-long friends and colleagues. I was also exposed to an exciting multi-faceted world view of stage design that opened my young mind to the expanding possibilities of the role of the designer. Since 1991, through USITT, I have been involved in the organization of the USA exhibitions for PQs 1999 and 2003. In 1999, Alexandra Bonds and I wrote the first grant to the Robert L. B. Tobin Fund for Theatre Arts to support the USA Student Exhibition and student travel to Prague. This PQ issue will give readers a window into the world of the latest event, and Arnold Aronson and I have also given the work that was presented last June a context through reflections, insights, and historical materials of past PQs. I hope you will be excited and inspired by the articles, photographs, and sound files, and that you will consider joining thousands of other theatre artists for PQ 2019. I am grateful to David Rodger for asking me to help with this issue and to Bill Browning for his hard work and guidance throughout this process. -Margaret Mitchell U S I T T M I S S I O N S TAT E M E N T United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc. (USITT) connects performing arts design and technology communities to ensure a vibrant dialogue among practitioners, educators, and students. Statements and opinions expressed in articles or editorials in TD&T are the expressions of the individual contributors and do not necessarily represent the policies or opinions of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc. Advertisements appearing in this publication are the sole responsibility of the advertiser. TD&T (ISSN 1052-6765) is published five times a year-Winter, Spring, Summer, Special Issue, and Fall-by United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc., 315 S. Crouse Ave., Suite 200, Syracuse, NY 13210. Subscription to TD&T, also known as Theatre Design & Technology, is a benefit of USITT membership. Fourteen dollars is deducted from membership dues to cover cost of publication. Periodicals postage paid at Syracuse, NY and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to TD&T, c/o USITT, 315 So. Crouse Ave., Suite 200, Syracuse, NY 13210. COPYRIGHT © 2015 by United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. Material in this publication may not be reproduced in any form without permission. 4 theatre design & technology F a l l   2 0 1 5 t h e a t re design & technology T he peer-review jour nal for design, production and technolog y professionals in the perfor ming arts and entertainment industr y. EDITORIAL OFFICE BILL BROWNING Editor 315 S. 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