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spring volume 51 n number 2 departments the subtext 10 book reviews 60 22 13 FIFTY YEARS OF TD&T 52 32 by Joel E. Rubin by Jayne E. Dutra Ned Bowman, TD&T's first editor, and Joel Rubin, USITT's second president, established a journal in 1965 that has grown and prospered now for fifty years. 14 The mountains of information we generate in theatre productions quickly become useless unless we can easily find, share, and manage them. The Core Arts and Theatre Taxonomy (CATT) is a system designed specially for theatre organizations for categorizing files and data. USITT TECH EXPO 2015 by Rob Kerby An LED candle that lights, flickers, and blows out just like a real candle, a rain effect that stops instantly, and a solenoid valve operated via WiFi were the Tech Expo exhibits that stood out from the rest of the fifteen exhibits. 22 2015 USITT ARCHITECTURE AWARDS by Jeffrey Gress Out of fifteen projects submitted this year, a national theatre and two academic performing arts centers were judged best in terms of their creative image, contextual resonance, community contribution, new technologies, and functional operations. INFORMATION MANAGEMENT FOR THEATRE PROFESSIONALS 52 1T ONLY SEAMS IMPOSSIBLE by Mary E. Miller The costume production program at UNC-Chapel Hill, led by Distinguished Achievement Award recipient Judy Adamson, is one of the most intensely practical graduate arts degrees at Chapel Hill, and most students are are offered jobs directly out of school. on the cover Costume sketch by Bill Brewer of the witch's cabbage dress for Into the Woods. Playmakers Repertory Company, 2014. Courtesy Judy Adamson. technology advertisers 72 & 32 n t h e a t re d e s i g n 2015

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Theatre Design & Technology - Spring 2015