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How the Vertebrate Brain Regulates
Direct from the Lab
Donald Pfaff
"This book is an authoritative, historical account of our
understanding of the brain and behavior, and serves as
an important example of how intellectual curiosity drives
science forward."
-Eric B. Keverne, University of Cambridge
2017 28 line illus.

272 pp.

$35.00 * £27.95


The Vicarious Brain, Creator of Worlds
Alain Berthoz
Translated by Giselle Weiss
"Alain Berthoz defines vicariance as the substitution of one
process for another, when attempting to achieve a specific
goal. The forms of vicariance, which are so well described
by Berthoz, are a product of our brain's capacity for learning and creative divergent thinking. This book allows us to
better understand how the human brain provides us with
the remarkable ability to improve our quality of life."
-Kenneth M. Heilman,
University of Florida College of Medicine

224 pp.

$24.95 * £19.95



Deepwater Horizon

A Systems Analysis of the Macondo Disaster
Earl Boebert * James M. Blossom
FOREWORD BY Peter G. Neumann
"Most accounts of the Deepwater Horizon disaster dwell
on the drama of the rig's last hours. . .Those events are
also part of Boebert and Blossom's story, but the scope
of their narrative is broader. Much of the action takes
place deep underground, where drilling technology meets
the uncertainties of geology, or else miles away in BP's
Houston offices. Their approach is analytic rather than
dramatic. Theirs is the account for readers who want to
understand how such disasters come about."
-Brian Hayes, American Scientist
2016 64 halftones, 8 line illus. 304 pp.
$39.95 * £31.95 cloth 9780674545236

Cycles of Invention and Discovery

Rethinking the Endless Frontier

Venkatesh Narayanamurti * Toluwalogo Odumosu
"The authors make a substantial contribution to both research policy as practiced by our federal government and
the operations of research laboratories in many institutions
in our country. This book should be required reading for
government officials who fund research and to all who lead
large research efforts."
-Thomas E. Everhart, California Institute of Technology
2016 4 line illus., 2 graphs, 1 table 176 pp.
$24.95 * £19.95 cloth 9780674967960


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