Science 2017-2018 - 7

Making Faces

The Evolutionary Origins of the Human Face
Adam S. Wilkins

"Wilkins pairs biological and genetic studies with the
archaeological record to examine how humans developed
the most expressive faces in the animal kingdom. It was an
intriguing transformation that also provided the foundation
for some of our species' unique characteristics, including
the neural and muscular mechanisms necessary for speech,
the cognitive ability to interpret emotional responses, and
thereby sociability and culture . ..  Gives a truly fresh appreciation of the wonders of the human face."
-Nicholas Bartos, Current World Archaeology
Belknap Press 2017 22 color illus., 54 line illus., 2 graphs
472 pp. $45.00 * £35.95 cloth 9780674725522

The Animal Game

Searching for Wildness at the American Zoo
Daniel E. Bender

"What emerges is a story of adaptation and survival that
exposes the modern zoo as 'a third nature'. . .Those who are
ethically opposed to zoos will find plenty here to strengthen their case. But with zoos' power of reinvention, it seems
likely that this 'third nature' will be with us for some time."
-Henry Nicholls, Nature
2016 30 halftones 400 pp.
$39.95 * £31.95 cloth 9780674737341

Music as Biology

The Tones We Like and Why
Dale Purves

"Dale Purves is a world-renowned scholar of the neuroscience of sensory systems. A scientist known for thinking
'out of the box,' Purves covers the range from an overview
of the human auditory system to the emotional and aesthetic qualities of music."
-Donald Pfaff, author of
Brain Arousal and Information Theory
2017 44 color illus., 2 halftones, 4 tables
$29.95 * £23.95 cloth 9780674545151

176 pp.

Body Messages

The Quest for the Proteins of Cellular Communication
Giamila Fantuzzi
Foreword by Hannah Landecker

"The scholarship in the book is truly impressive. The interviews are revealing portraits of accomplished scientists.
The writing style is lucid and purged of jargon so as to be
intelligible to non-scientists. All in all this is a valuable and
eminently readable record of the birth and development of
a field that has had a dramatic impact on human health."
-Scott Durum, Center for Cancer Research,
National Cancer Institute

296 pp.

$39.95 * £31.95


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