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Start Your Own Food Blog
Brooke Parkhurst
Monday, May 15, 6:30-8:30pm
$100 F 1 session
Conceptualize, develop, and run your own food
blog! In this seminar, you'll discover how to
find your "foodie niche" and develop a unique
voice. You'll also learn how to promote and
distinguish yourself in the overcrowded
blogosphere-and how to transform a hobby into a viable writing
career. All of blogging's ins and outs will be covered: hiring a
website designer, finding a server, providing fresh content for
readers, uploading photos, and much more. You will even have the
opportunity to workshop your ideas as a group!

Social Media in the Culinary Realm
Lori Greene
Wednesday, June 7, 6:30-9pm
or Monday, September 18, 6:30-9pm
$100 F 1 session
Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare, YouTube-
you've dabbled, tweeted, been crowned mayor, and even found
your high school sweetheart, but you can't quite figure out how to
use social outlets to increase your culinary business. In this "social
media for grown-ups" class, digital media expert Lori Greene will
teach you how to build your brand. Using the three Cs of social
success-content, consistency, and communication-you will soon
see a return on your engagement while growing your fan base. So
go online, fire up your smartphone, and get your creative juices
flowing, because we're going social! During the class, we will cover
how to:

3 Create engaging content for each medium
3 Implement the six dimensions of social engagement
3 Communicate successfully with your audience in the social
3 Stay ahead of your competition using social media
3 Create digital buzz
3 Reward your loyal audience
3 Learn from your fan base
3 Target customers
3 Develop the buying journey
3 Increase traffic to your establishment with Foursquare

How to Develop Recipes for Publication
Marge Perry
Mondays, September 25-October 2, 6-10pm
$325 F 2 sessions
Whether you want to write a cookbook or
articles for magazines, a blog, or websites, you
need to know the essential skills and
techniques it takes to create recipes that not
only taste great when you make them, but can
be successfully recreated by readers. Along
with prolific cookbook author and food writer
Marge Perry, you'll learn how to create recipes
that appeal to readers; what to do in the
kitchen to ensure your recipes work for
everyone; and how to write recipes that are accurate, clear, and
easy to read. In this two-day workshop, we'll go over the
conventions and craft of recipe writing, actually develop a recipe
in the kitchen, and practice writing recipes. You'll come away with
a solid and market-ready knowledge of how to create recipes that
are ready to be published.

Food Styling with Food52
Sarah Jampel & Ali Slagle
Saturday, June 10, 10am-3pm
or Sunday, August 6, 10am-3pm
or Saturday, September 9, 10am-3pm
$250 F1 session
Ever wondered how the pros make food photos so beautiful,
artistic, and appetizing? Or how photo shoots of food actually
work? And how to get professional-quality photos with your
phone? Let food stylists and Food52 editors Sarah Jampel and Ali
Slagle show you their secrets! These tips and tricks will show you
how to style naturally-without relying on fake or inedible
products-for iPhone photos made for apps like Instagram. (No
shoe-polish turkeys here.) This class helps you create beautiful
dishes you can actually eat! We'll cover:
3 Plating, composition, and negative space
3 Prop styling and how to set a natural-looking scene
3 The stylist's tools they actually use the most, including
common household objects
3 How to keep temperamental herbs, vegetables, and all
kinds of dishes fresh and lively-looking...even tricky, timesensitive items like drinks and ice cream
3 How to make even monochromatic and brown dishes like
chicken look delicious!
3 How to capture it all with your iPhone and edit it so it's
We'll practice styling everything from still lifes and salads to pastas,
challenging proteins, and desserts. Students are encouraged to
bring their iPhones (and other camera phones) to document their

Checking-in: Career Paths in the Hospitality & Hotel Industry
Katie Chamberlain & Andrew Catalano
Saturday, September 16, 10am-12:30pm
$100 F 1 session
This course will provide a clear understanding of the Hospitality industry as a whole, and how it has grown to be a major player
in economic success of cities and countries. It will clarify the complicated nature of this industry and how a new comer would
navigate through the many possibilities it offers. Katie Chamberlain, and Andrew Catalano; our distinguished Hospitality
Management Faculty with diverse education and experiences will take you on an unforgettable journey to explore the Hospitality
3 History, growth, and development of the Hospitality industry
3 The advantages, promises, and rewards of a career in the Hospitality industry
3 Is there a clear path to reach advanced positions in this industry or are the possibilities endless; (a clarification)
3 The scope of Food and beverage operation of hotels/resorts and restaurants Vs. freestanding restaurants
and other F&B venues
3 Learn about the technology in the Hospitality industry and the advancement of IT since 30 years ago
3 Review a list of major positions available in this vast industry
3 Advancement and financial rewards

What I Wish I Knew Before Starting My
Food Products Business

How to Launch and Market
Your Own Food Product

Terry Frishman
Sunday, September 24, 10am-2pm
$100 F 1 session
Learn what it takes to successfully run a profitable food-products
business by taking this inspiring, educational, story-and-advicedriven class. Learn how to handle the ups and downs of running
your business from award-winning food-business consultant Terry
Frishman of Culinest. You'll also hear from guest experts who will
share their war stories, recommendations, and hard-learned insights, as well as give on-the-spot feedback. Whether you aspire to
start a food-products business or you already have one, you'll learn
what's important about being a food-products entrepreneur, from
financials and operations to marketing and scaling up. You'll leave
equipped with a better understanding of some of the biggest
challenges facing food entrepreneurs-and the best ways to solve
those problems.

Terry Frishman
Saturday, May 20, 10am-2pm
or Sunday, September 10, 10am-2pm
$100 F 1 session
Specialty food products are a $120 billion industry, and one that
remains attractive to entrepreneurs both large and small. If you
have a recipe or product you'd like to produce or market, whether
locally or nationally, there's no time like the present to explore the
opportunities. Award-winning marketing and business consultant
Terry Frishman has successfully developed concepts, branded, and
launched profitable product lines for companies like Kraft,
Newsweek, Sarabeth's, and Sylvia's Restaurant-so she knows the
territory inside and out! She'll take you through each subject you
need to know to launch your own product, including:
3 Specialty food categories
3 Understanding your customer
3 Key trends and opportunities
3 Meaningful product positioning
3 Getting the wrap on packaging
3 The ins and outs of production
3 Insurance certifications
3 Shelf-life testing
3 Test marketing
3 Pricing and How to make a profit
3 How to define and layer a meaningful mission into your
3 Merchandising and sales materials
3 Public relations

How to Start a Successful Bakery
or Baked-Goods Business
Alan Someck
Monday, May 8, 6-8:30pm
or Monday, September 11, 6-8:30pm
$100 F 1 session
If you're thinking about opening a retail bakery, wholesale bakery,
or bakery-related business, you need to understand the keys to
success. It's an exciting time to get into the food business, but it's
also a hazardous undertaking (the failure rate of food-related
businesses is 80%). This essential workshop will focus on the key
strategies you need to understand to give yourself a competitive
edge and a roadmap to success. We'll cover:
3 Establishing a bakery-related concept that can work in the
3 How to get started
3 How to position your bakery/product as unique
3 The business plan and its importance to success
3 How to determine the right location/target market
3 The importance of marketing, packaging, and design
3 Understanding sales, expenses and profits, and capital
3 How to raise the money necessary to start up your business.

Essentials of Catering 101
David Turk
Wednesday, September 13, 6:30-9:30pm
$100 F 1 session
Opening a catering company is the aspiration of many a cook. In
this course led by David Turk, owner of Indiana Market &
Catering, you will get many of the answers you've been seeking to
make it happen. Come prepared for a fast-paced orientation,
designed to give you the tools necessary to:
3 Decide whether or not this industry is for you

3 Understand what skills are necessary for long-term success
3 Learn how to price your product AND make money right
from the start
3 Figure how to source the right products for your business
3 Uncover key marketing tools that are right at your disposal
3 Develop a winning sales formula
3 Find out where the pros go for ongoing support.

Home Cooking to Home Business and
Beyond: A Strategy Session
Stephen Zagor
Saturday, September 9, 9am-12pm
$100 F 1 session
Have any of the following happened to you? In your mind, you are
the next Iron Chef. That family recipe for lasagna gets raves from
your foodie friends. Baking is your life. Your kids and work
colleagues line up for seconds and thirds. Living gluten-free limits
your restaurant experience; if only a place would open nearby.
That little home catering business you started on the side is more
in demand than ever. If one or more of these situations is fueling
the urge to turn a culinary passion, hobby, or avocation into a
business, then this three-hour session may a be quick way to turn
up the flames. You will cover the following much-needed
information to help get you started:
3 Define Your Concept: What are you selling and how are
you selling it?
3 Relate to Your Customers: Who will buy what you sell?
3 Check Out the Competition: Learn from others.
3 Legal Dos and Don'ts: The regulations, laws, and rules,
health department, company structure, dealing with
landlords, etc.
3 Where to Begin: What steps are needed to get going?
3 How to Find Help: What can you do and what help do
you need?
3 Determine a Budget: What are the profits? How much can
you make?
3 What Will Life Be Like Afterward?

Opening a Fast Casual
or Retail Food Business
Stephen Zagor & Tara Berman
Sat-Sun, October 14-15, 9am-12pm
$200 F 2 sessions
If you have an idea for the next Chipotle, Shake Shack, or even
Dean & DeLuca, this course will help you evaluate and develop
your idea into a real business! From concept and niche marketing
to controlling costs and making money, food marketing and
management experts Stephen Zagor and Tara Berman will teach
you exactly how to navigate all the pitfalls of opening your own
business, including:

3 Developing an overall business plan
3 Understanding the self-serve/fast casual model
3 Finding a location and understanding the lease
3 Designing the business
3 Figuring out money and budgeting: Financial benchmarks
3 Controlling revenue and inventory
3 Finding investors
3 Hiring the best and training for service
3 Advertising and promotion
3 Selling psychology
3 Knowing the cycle of service for repeat business.

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