The Main Course - Summer 2017 - 36


Summer Fruit Pies & Tarts

Savory Sephardic Pastries
Leah Koenig
Wednesday, July 19, 10am-2pm
$115 F 1 session
Sephardic Jews (those originally hailing from the Iberian Peninsula) maintain a serious love affair with savory pastries. These filo-, yeast dough-, and
puff pastry-wrapped parcels are central to the cuisine, representing both
hospitality and celebration. They were traditionally made by groups of
women who would get together and chitchat while filling and folding hundreds of pastries for weddings, holidays, or other joyous gatherings. Join Leah Koenig, author
of "Modern Jewish Cooking," for a flour-dusted deep dive into the delicious realm of Sephardic
pastries. We'll make: Lahmajun (meat pizzas); Eggplant Borekas; Mina (lamb-filled matzo pies);
Spinach Bulemas (coiled pastries); Brik (Tunisian fried tuna pastries); and Sambusak (chickpeafilled turnovers).

Croissant Workshop
Jeff Yoskowitz
Monday, July 31, 6-10pm
$120 F 1 session
A croissant is a vital part of millions of people's mornings around the
world, but it can be elusive for the home cook. Not to worry-ICE Pastry
& Baking Arts Instructor Jeff Yoskowitz shows you his professional-level
secrets as you make several varieties of flaky, moist croissant, in variations
like Plain; Cheese; and Pain au Chocolate. You'll also learn to put together
your own batch of perfect croissant dough to take home.

The Country Oven: Pies, Biscuits & Pretzels
Wai Hon Chu
Friday, September 29, 6-10pm
$115 F 1 session
Can't make a weekend drive to visit upstate farm stands, pick-your-own orchards, and roadside
diners? Join us instead for a fun-filled country-style baking session right here in the city!
Experienced Chef Wai Chu teaches you how to bake these sweet and savory roadside favorites,
including Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits with Sausage Gravy; Individual Chicken Potpies; Homemade
Buttery Salty Pretzels; Lemon-Raspberry Cheesecake Bars; Cherry-Berry Pie with Almond
Streusel Topping; and Southern Pound Cake with Homemade Lemon Curd. Wash it all down with
Fresh-Brewed Iced Tea. Baking beginners welcome!

The Cookie Jar
Sunday, June 25, 10am-2:30pm
or Sunday, August 20, 6-10:30pm
or Monday, September 11, 10am-2:30pm
or Friday, September 22, 6-10:30pm
or Saturday, October 7, 10am-2pm
$115 F 1 session

Make cookies that others envy in this
remarkable baking class taught by an expert
ICE chef. There's no cookie you won't excel in!
You'll make and take home a full spectrum of
cookies, including: Chocolate Cloud Cookies;
Raspberry Jam Thumbprints; Rum-Raisin
Shortbread; Triple Chocolate-Cherry Cookies;
Apricot Fan Cookies; Cinnamon Sugar Palmiers;
Mint Chocolate Wafers; and Confetti Cookies.

Fabulous Fruit Pies
for Summer
Friday, June 30, 10am-2:30pm
or Wednesday, August 30, 10am-2:30pm
$115 F 1 session

Pie has long been America's favorite dessert,
and it's easy to understand why. The delicious
pies you'll make in this class celebrate the
season by showcasing the fruits and flavors of
summer. You'll master Flaky Pie Dough and
Sweet Dough for Pies and Tarts, then prepare:
Best Peach Pie with Almond Crumble Topping;
Old-Fashioned Strawberry-Rhubarb Tart;
Blueberry Lattice Pie Supreme; Once-a-Year
Cherry Pie; and Lemon Cream Meringue Pie.

Nick Malgieri
Thursday, July 27, 6-10:30pm
or Sunday, August 27, 10am-2:30pm
$115 F 1 session

Nick Malgieri, award-winning cookbook
author and ICE's Director of Baking Programs,
will teach you new twists on old favorites: great
pies and tarts that take advantage of the
season's ripest and sweetest fruits. Some of the
basic doughs and fillings may even be used
interchangeably for your own variations on
these recipes. You will make Blueberry, Peach,
Sweet and Sour Cherry, Apricot, Raspberry, and
Strawberry Fruit Pies and Tarts; Sour Cherry
Custard Pie; Peach Pie with Almond Crumble
Topping; Deep-Dish Blueberry Pie with Cream
Biscuit Crust; Apricot and Almond Tart; Sweet
Cherry Cheese Tart with Sour Cream Glaze; Perfect Raspberry Tartlets with Cookie Crust, Pastry
Cream, and Raspberry Glaze; and Strawberry
Shortcake Tart with Biscuit Crust and Whipped

Parisian Afternoon Tea
Kathryn Gordon
Friday, August 4, 2-5pm
$135 F 1 session

No day touring Paris would be complete
without a stop at one of the famous patisseries
or tea salons to savor a goûter of tea and
delicate pastries. Join Kathryn Gordon in a
class that will allow you to reproduce this very
French moment whenever you desire, with the
help of treats from her new book, "Les Petits
Sweets: Two-Bite Desserts from the French
Patisserie." You will help bake: RaspberryVanilla Tea Cakes; Rose Petal Éclairs with
Homemade Vanilla Fondant; Earl Grey with
Lavender Ganache Tartlets; and Chocolate Saltand-Pepper Sablés. Enjoy all these treats at the
end of the class with tea. Plus, every participant
will receive a signed copy of "Les Petits Sweets"!

Italian Dessert Classics
Jenny McCoy
Monday, September 11, 6-10pm
$115 F 1 session

Italians don't leave desserts up to chance; that's
why they've developed a repertoire of classic
sweets that satisfy palates around the world.
Jennifer McCoy, the former pastry chef of Tom
Colicchio's flagship restaurant Craft, celebrates
classic Italian desserts with a menu consisting
of Tiramisu; Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta; Ricotta
Cheesecake; Olive Oil Torta; Nutella Crespelle;
Anise-Almond Biscotti; and Affogato.

Rule-Breaking Baking:
Baking without Measuring
Melanie Underwood
Monday, September 18, 6-10:30pm

$115 F 1 session
Baking is a science-except when we don't play
by the rules. Chef Melanie Underwood's
mouthwatering class proves that the oldfashioned baking methods of baking can still
work, and they don't require measuring much.
You'll prove that as you make: Rhubarb Fruit
Crisp with Sorbet; Cherry Fool; Plum Galette
with Maple Crème Fraiche; Cinnamon Bread
Pudding with a Warm Butter Sauce; Espresso
Crème Brulee; Yogurt Passion Fruit Parfait; and
No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake.

Replacing Recipes with Ratios
Michael Laiskonis
Monday, October 2, 6-10:30pm
$125 F 1 session

Rather than view the recipe as merely a road
map from point A to B, accomplished cooks are
better served by recognizing the underlying
proportions and relationships that common
recipes reveal. Knowledge of these basic ratios
allows for greater freedom and variations, in
addition to a well-informed foundation to
troubleshoot problems in the kitchen. In this
class, we will begin with simple doughs and
batters, upon whose ratios we can expand our
baking repertoire with more complex
preparations. Recipes will include: Basic Bread
Dough; Pâte à Choux; Crêpes; and Pâte Sablée.

Bourbon Desserts
Melanie Underwood
Saturday, July 29, 6-10pm
$115 F 1 session

There is virtually nothing that can't be made
better by bourbon-and that especially applies
to the ice cream, cake, truffles, bread pudding,
and other delectable desserts that you'll make
in this class! Chef Melanie Underwood will lead
you through the techniques to create crowdpleasing desserts that genuinely bring
something extra to the table. You'll make and
then consume: Bourbon Ice Cream with Warm
Cinnamon Apples; Brown Sugar Bourbon Pear
Cake with Warm Bourbon Sauce; Bourbon
Walnut Truffles; Maple Bourbon Pots de Crème;
Hazelnut and Bourbon Whoopee Pies; and
Caramel and Bourbon Brioche Bread Pudding.

Summer Icebox Pies
Jenny McCoy
Monday, June 5, 6-10:30pm
$115 F 1 session

Icebox pies harken back to classic techniques-
but these ones use brand-new flavor
combinations that will thrill anyone who loves
a great dessert! Pastry Chef Jenny Mccoy
guides you through a sweetly decadent pie
menu that includes: Chocolate-Raspberry Pudding Pie; Citrus Cream Pie; Peach-Mascarpone
Pie; Blueberry-Toasted Coconut; S'mores Pie;
and Strawberry Ginger Pie.

Two-Day Cake-Baking
Wed-Thu, May 31-June 1, 10am-2:30pm
or Wed-Thu, August 9-10, 6-10:30pm
$230 F 2 sessions

For those who are looking to bake the perfect cake from scratch,
this class is for you. In this comprehensive two-day class, you will
focus on the major cake mixing methods, including the one-stage,
classic and modified creaming, Genoise, and more. You will
create everything from a simple Angel Food cake to the classic
Sacher Torte. Day 1: Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cream Cheese
Icing; Sacher Torte; and Devil's Food Cake with Chocolate Fudge
Frosting (or) Classic White Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Icing.
Day 2: Vanilla or Chocolate Genoise Cake with Caramel Frosting;
and Angel Food Cake with Fresh Berry Salad and Whipped Cream.

Simple Cake-Decorating Techniques
Faith Drobbin
Saturday, May 6, 10am-2:30pm
or Wednesday, June 28, 6-10:30pm
or Tuesday, September 12, 6-10:30pm
$115 F 1 session

Cake decorating is labor-intensive, as any professional cake
designer can tell you. But in a just few hours, you can learn tricks
that will allow you to create simple decorations for your
homemade cakes. Experienced Pastry Chef Faith Drobbin will
teach you the top foundational techniques, including chocolate
piping, chocolate dipping, transfer sheets, chocolate plastic,
caramelized sugar decorations and baskets, rolled fondant
decorations, and simple buttercream piping.

Making Artisan Cheesecake
Melanie Underwood
Sat-Sun, May 20-May 21, 6-10pm
$240 F 2 sessions

After baking desserts at the Plaza, the Four Seasons, and many
other celebrated NYC locations, Chef Melanie Underwood
definitely knows cheesecake. Over the course of this two-day
workshop, she'll clearly teach you all of the techniques for pulling

off this exquisite (but sometimes finicky) dessert. Together, we'll
make all sorts of variations on the classic cheesecake: Red Velvet
Cheesecake; White Chocolate Cheesecake with Cranberry Jewels;
Saffron Cheesecake with Sautéed Pineapple; Triple Chocolate
Cheesecake; Japanese Soufflé Cheesecake; Coffee Toffee
Cheesecake; Irish Cream Cheesecake; and even some savory
selections, including Blue Cheese Cheesecake with Candied
Walnuts; Roasted Red Pepper and Sriracha; and Black Olive and
Herb. Every student will receive a copy of her brand-new book,
"Making Artisan Cheesecake"!

Gourmet Cake Series: Birthday Cake
Sandy Murzin
Thursday, June 22, 6-10:30pm
$115 F1 session

Who doesn't love a tall layer cake filled and frosted with delicious,
fluffy icing? In this class, baker Sandy Murzin will lead each
student as they make their own sweet (but not too sweet)
creation. Choose between a Classic Yellow; Devil's Food; or Red
Velvet multilayer cake; frost it with Chocolate Buttercream or
Homemade Marshmallow Fluff; then decorate your personal
creation. Even if it isn't someone's birthday, everyone will want a
slice with a glass of milk!

Celebration Cakes
Sarah Chaminade
Sunday, July 9, 6-10pm
$120 F 1 session

Trends in Modern Cake Design
Faith Drobbin
Thursday, August 3, 6-10:30pm
$120 F 1 session

Pastry & Baking Arts Chef Faith Drobbin is a pro in the art of
cake decorating, having run her own bakery and provided cakes
to many of New York's most renowned restaurants. Now, this true
artist demonstrates the newest and best cake-decorating
techniques, tricks, and methods as she helps you design your own
eye-catching cakes. Each student will bake and decorate a cake
using one or a combination of the following techniques: Naked
Cake; Ombre; Ruffles; and Rosettes.

One Amazing Cake
Chad Pagano
Friday, September 8, 6-10:30pm
$115 F 1 session

Conceiving a well-constructed and well-balanced entremet (a
classic, decadent multilayered French dessert) lies in the way each
flavor component is assembled and complements the others. In
this class with Pastry & Baking Arts Instructor Chad Pagano, who
captained a team in the National Team Pastry Championships,
everyone will make and then garnish one perfect cake. Students
will make each element and go home with the most elegant, perfect cake for any occasion. You'll learn to make the Brownie (cake
base); Praliné Feuilleté (crunchy layer); Chocolate Cremeux (filling);
Rich Chocolate Mirror Glaze; Chocolate Curl Garnish; and Isomalt
Sugar Garnish.

Learn simple techniques to create stunning cakes for every
occasion. Using buttercream, Chef Sarah Chaminade will teach
you all the tricks of the trade to create petals, roses, ruffles, and
more. Learn how to properly stack a tiered cake, as well as tips
to make sure it doesn't fall before your guests arrive! You'll leave
with samples of beautiful, celebratory cakes that are bakeryquality, but all your own.

President French Butter
is used in all ICE kitchens

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