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1. Ambrose Clancy,
ICONic Profile: Mitchell Freedland
In today's technology-driven environment, it's
unusual to meet "an executive of a design company
[who] has no computer in his office," says Ambrose,
when discussing highlights of the interview he
conducted with Mitchell Freedland, the subject of
the latest "ICONic Profile" (p. 42). "At first, it
was remarkably strange, but, the more I thought
about it, it seemed admirable." Ambrose also
finds Maya Lin's Vietnam Veterans Memorial
an admirable example of memorials he has
encountered, adding, "I covered an 'Honor Flight'
of veterans to Washington, D.C., and this visit
was the most impressive and emotional." On a
personal note, Ambrose recently became the food
and beverage columnist for an online business
publication. "Like all columnists, I'm paranoid I'll
run out of ideas," he confesses, "but then I console
myself that I'll never run out of appetite."
2. Jesse Bratter, On View
When Jesse entered the wide world of artifacts and
antiquities as she researched and wrote her article on
museums (p. 36), she also unearthed a fresh outlook
on how much a museum structure plays a dual
role-as an unobtrusive component in spotlighting
exhibitions, as well as a front-and-center element
of the whole museum experience. She particularly
was drawn to the Etihad Museum in Dubai. Jesse
explains: "I loved learning about the way the
design team made a literal connection between the
architecture and the historically significant story
behind the site. I also am fascinated by the fact that
much of the museum is subterranean." In addition
to her work as a creative editor, writer, and interiors


stylist, Jesse is co-founder of In the Pursuit (with
Cara Gibbs, also one of this issue's writers), which
"as an expressive studio of storytellers, [gives] a
narrative to bespoke makers and brands that is
realized through an online shop, virtual magazine,
and thoughtful pop-up collectives."
3. Brian Libby, Commemoration & Inspiration
Besides the articles he researches and writes for
i+D, among other publications, Brian has just
launched a new podcast (in July) and discloses
a soon-to-be-published accompanying book,
called In Search of Portland, which explores
the layers of architectural and cultural history
in his Oregon hometown. Not surprisingly, his
historical perspective also shines in his article,
"Commemoration & Inspiration" (p. 30), during
which Brian became fascinated by the balancing
act memorials must achieve. "They must be a
personal expression by the artist or designer,
not just work for hire, but they must also be
universal," he conveys. Of the several memorials
he has visited throughout his lifetime, Brian
reveals he was "greatly moved [while on] a trip
to Berlin by the Memorial to the Murdered Jews
of Europe by Peter Eisenman and Buro Happold.
Yet, Maya Lin's Vietnam [Veterans] Memorial
may still be the greatest of them all."
4. Cara Gibbs, Modern Antiquity
When sharing a noteworthy museum experience,
Cara believes museums are pushing boundaries
through thoughtfully executed and exceptionally
creative experiential exhibitions. "One such exhibit
I recently had the opportunity to peruse was
'Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams,' currently

i+D - July/August 2019


on display at the [Victoria & Albert] Museum
in London," she explains. "Wandering through
each era's groundbreaking fashion silhouettes and
seeing their impact on the industry in such a visual
way was a work of art unto itself. I thought how
fascinating, and, in some ways, ironic, the notion
of an exhibit being-through supportive design-
an art form of its own." Artistry also was palpable
in her coverage of antiques and design (p. 44).
According to Cara, "My favorite quote came from
Toma Clark Haines, who stated, 'When you invest
in the past, you're investing in a sustainable future.'
That about sums up the case for buying antiques if
you ask me!"
5. Jessica Goldbogen Harlan, Buy, Sell, Repeat
A strong proponent of sustainability, as evidenced
by the assignments she has tackled throughout her
varied writing career, Jessica really enjoyed learning
more about how the concept of consignment, the
focus of her "Buy, Sell, Repeat" article (p. 20), "has
made its way to luxury furnishings and interior
design. I just love the idea of us taking care of our
possessions so we can pass them on to someone
else," she says. "Shouldn't furniture enjoy a long life,
just like we should?" When asked to offer a personal
experience about museums, Jessica enthused about
the soaring landscapes she viewed at the Georgia
O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe. "I'm always inspired
by the beautiful colors used in paintings, particularly
the tried-and-true impressionists, and how those
might be used as a palette for a room. They're so
soothing," she notes.

Image 1: Kirk Condyles/Image 2: Charles Dundas-Shaw/Image 3: Valarie Smith/Image 4: Patrick Cline/Image 5: Erin Brauer

Inspiring, stimulating, stirring: This issue of i+D offers some remarkable
examples of memorials and museums and the thought-provoking creativity
that goes into every aspect of them. In this "Contributors" column, each
of this edition's authors relates his or her own personal experiences, as well
as a recap of the details that were surprising when writing their articles.


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