IEEE Awards Booklet - 2010 - 27





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Jun-ichi Kushibiki
Tohoku University
Sendai, Miyagi, Japan
for contributions to ultrasonic metrology and
acoustic microscopy

Jenshan Lin
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL, USA
for contributions to integrated microwave circuits
and systems for wireless sensors

Peter Marwedel
Technische Universitaet Dortmund
Dortmund, Germany
for contributions to compilation techniques and
embedded system design

Richard Lai
Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
Redondo Beach, CA, USA
for development and space-qualified insertion of
millimeter-wave transistor and integrated-circuit

Kwei-Jay Lin
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA, USA
for contributions to imprecise computations
for scheduling real-time systems

Tadashi Matsumoto
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and
Ebina, Kanagawa, Japan
for contributions to signal processing for
wireless communications

Andrew Francis Laine
Columbia University
New York, NY, USA
for contributions to wavelet applications in digital
mammography, and ultrasound image analysis

Lih Y. Lin
University of Washington
Seattle, WA, USA
for contributions to optical micro-electromechanical systems switching technologies

Larry Henry Matthies
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Pasadena, CA, USA
for contributions to perception systems for
autonomous navigation of unmanned vehicles

Tor Sverre Lande
University of Oslo
Oslo, Norway
for contributions to low-power subthreshold circuit

Bernabe Linares Barranco
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas
Sevilla, Spain
for contributions to the design and application of
linear and nonlinear circuits in neuromorphic systems

Michael Arthur Laughton
Queen Mary University of London
London, UK
for contributions to the understanding of power
systems dynamics

Chang Liu
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL, USA
for contributions to bio-inspired and polymer
micro electro-mechanical systems

Mark Thomas Maybury
The MITRE Corporation
Bedford, MA, USA
for contributions to language processing,
broadcast video analysis, and intelligent user

Roger George Lawrence
RGL Solutions
Cary, NC, USA
for contributions to energy efficient Adjustable
Speed Drive systems

Duixian Liu
IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Yorktown Heights, NY, USA
for contributions to portable system and millimeter
wave antenna design

Imran I. Mehdi
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Pasadena, CA, USA
for contributions to submillimeter-wave device

Yusuf Leblebici
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Lausanne, Switzerland
for contributions to reliability and design
techniques for integrated circuits and systems

Rich Liu
Macronix International Co. Ltd.
Hsinchu, Taiwan
for leadership in electron-beam mask writing,
interconnects, and non-volatile technology

Francisco Medina Mena
University of Seville
Sevilla, Sevilla, Spain
for contributions to the analysis and physical
understanding of planar structures, anisotropic
media, and metamaterials

Shen-Iuan Liu
National Taiwan University
Taipei, Taiwan
for contributions to high-speed phase-locked and
delay-locked loop circuit design

Carmen S. Menoni
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO, USA
for contributions to nano-scale imaging with
ultraviolet lasers, and semiconductor optical
materials and devices

Chang-Hee Lee
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and
Daejeon, S. Korea
for contributions to wavelength division
multiplexed-passive optical network
Seong-Whan Lee
Korea University
Seoul, Korea
for contributions to pattern recognition for
biometrics and document image analysis
Patrick M. Lenahan
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA, USA
for contributions to understanding of
radiation damage and reliabilityof metal-oxide
semiconductor devices

John C.S. Lui
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin NT, Hong Kong, China
for contributions to performance modeling and
analysis of storage communication systems and
peer-to-peer networks

Peter Clive Maxwell
Aptina Imaging
San Jose, CA, USA
for contributions to testing of digital logic circuits

Peyman Milanfar
University of California, Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
for contributions to inverse problems and
super-resolution in imaging

Stan Lumish
Red Bank, NJ, USA
for leadership in the development and
implementation of commercial terrestrial lightwave

Jovica V. Milanovic
University of Manchester
Manchester, UK
for contributions to power system dynamics
and power quality

James V. Leonard
St. Charles, MO, USA
for contributions to the integration of military

Kevin Michael Lynch
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL, USA
for contributions to robotic manipulation, motion
planning, and control of mechanical systems

Craig Hillard Miller
Bellevue, WA, USA
for research on discharges and electrical
insulation in vacuum

Ping Li
City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong, China
for contributions to iterative signal processing,
multi-user detection and concatenated error
control codes

Soren Norvang Madsen
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Pasadena, CA, USA
for leadership in the design and development
of airborne and spaceborne remote sensing

Wanjiun Liao
National Taiwan University
Taipei, Taiwan
for contributions to communication protocols
in multimedia networking

Roman Grigoryevich Maev
University of Windsor
Windsor, ON, Canada
for contributions to high-resolution imaging,
acoustic microscopy, and advanced material

Chih-Min (Jimmy) Lin
Yuan Ze University
Chung-Li, Taiwan
for contributions to fuzzy system, neural network,
and cerebellar model articulation controllers
Ching-Fuh Lin
National Taiwan University
Taipei, Taiwan
for contributions to broadband semiconductor
optical devices

Andrew Marshall
Texas Instruments
Dallas, TX, USA
for contributions to process development and
design of integrated circuits
Margaret Rose Martonosi
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ, USA
for contributions to power-efficient computer
architecture and systems design


Victor Saul Miller
IDA Center for Communications Research
Princetom, NJ, USA
for contributions to elliptic curve cryptography
Dejan Spasoje Milojicic
Hewlett Packard
Palo Alto, CA, USA
for contributions to distributed systems software
and mobile programming abstractions
Kaizad Rumy Mistry
Intel Corporation
Hillsboro, OR, USA
for contributions to high performance
complementary metal-oxide semiconductor
technology and reliability
Joseph Mitola
Steven Institute of Technology
Gainesville, FL, USA
for contribution to software-defined and
cognitive radio technologies


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