IEEE Awards Booklet - 2014 - 15


IEEE Biomedical Engineering Award

IEEE Cledo Brunetti Award

Sponsored by the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology
Society, IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, and IEEE Computational
Intelligence Society

Sponsored by the Brunetti Bequest

Lihong Wang

Martin A. van den Brink

For pioneering photoacoustic

For designing new lithography tool
concepts and bringing these to the
market, enabling micrometer to
nanometer imaging

Lihong Wang's development of photoacoustic tomography for
high-resolution imaging of living tissue at scales ranging from
subcellular organelles to organs has profoundly impacted biology
and medicine. Photoacoustic tomography overcomes the limits
of optical diffusion for high-resolution cross-sectional imaging
of living tissue at levels deeper than alternative optical imaging methods, and Prof. Wang has developed the most important
breakthroughs in the field. He invented and demonstrated the first
in vivo photoacoustic microscopy system for functional imaging
of the concentration and oxygen saturation in blood, which is
important in cancer detection. His ring-shaped photoacoustic
computed tomography achieved the first functional imaging of
the brain and provided cross-sectional imaging of liver, kidneys,
and bladder of small animals.
An IEEE Fellow, Prof.Wang is the Gene K. Beare Distinguished
Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Washington University, St.
Louis, Mo.

For over 30 years, Martin A. van den Brink's vision has driven
advances in optical lithography methods that enable smaller,
faster, and more energy-efficient chips. Optical lithography, a
microfabrication process in which light-sensitive chemicals are
used to transfer circuit patterns onto chip wafers, is the technology of choice for mass production of integrated circuits
and a key enabler of the continued miniaturization of chips.
Under Dr. van den Brink's leadership, innovations including
alignment modules, focusing and leveling methods, and staging concepts have continued to drive the industry forward, providing nanometer-scale accuracy. The TWINSCAN exposure
platform, 193-nm immersion lithography scanners, and extreme
ultraviolet scanners, have allowed printing at smaller and smaller
dimensions every year. His work has truly shaped the optical
lithography field.
Dr. van den Brink is President of ASML, Veldhoven, The

IEEE Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing
Technology Award

IEEE Control Systems Award
Sponsored by the IEEE Control Systems Society

Sponsored by the IEEE Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing
Technology Society

Avram Bar-Cohen

Tamer Bas¸ ar

For contributions through leadership,
education, and advocacy to thermal
design, modeling, and analysis of
electronic components, and for original
research on heat transfer and liquidphase cooling

For seminal contributions to dynamic
games, stochastic and risk-sensitive
control, control of networks, and
hierarchical decision making

Avram Bar-Cohen has defined and guided the emergence of thermal packaging as a critical engineering domain, addressing the
consequences of heat generation within ever-shrinking electronic
components. He has laid the scientific foundations for the thermal
management of electronic components with seminal research on aircooled heat sinks and liquid cooling of logic and radio-frequency
devices. Engineered thermal management devices and heat flow
paths are necessitated by the consequences of heat generation within
electronic components, as uncontrolled temperatures can cause degradation in performance and reliability of solid-state devices. Dr. BarCohen's work has formed the basis of thermal courses taught today
and has driven advances in applications ranging from consumer electronics to super-computing platforms. He is also leading the way in
the emerging area of embedded microfluidic cooling techniques.
An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Bar-Cohen is a Distinguished University
Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Tamer Bas¸ar has made fundamental contributions to the field of
decision and control for over 40 years. He has led the way in
establishing a comprehensive theory for dynamic games, which
has helped the decision and control field grow from addressing
single-criterion problems to frameworks with multiple criteria
and complex information structures. This work has had renewed
applicability to wireless communication networks, Internet data
structure and routing, and network security. Dr. Bas¸ar has also
pioneered the game-theoretic approach to robust estimation and
control, which has had significant impact in other fields as well,
such as economics. Through his work in hierarchical decisionmaking, he has revolutionized the way dynamic multilevel optimization problems are solved.
An IEEE Life Fellow, Dr. Bas¸ar is the Swanlund Endowed
Chair and CAS Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.



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