IEEE Awards Booklet - 2014 - 25


Danny Ziyi Chen
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN, USA
for contributions to computation techniques
for geometric optimization and medical
Kevin Jing Chen
Hong Kong University of Science and
Hong Kong, China
for contributions to compound semiconductor
heterojunction transistor technologies
Kwok W. Cheung
Alstom Grid
Redmond, WA, USA
for development and implementation of energy
and market management systems for control
Tihao Chiang
Ambarella Taiwan Ltd�
Hsinchu, Taiwan
for contributions to the theory and applications
of video coding algorithms
Dmitry Chizhik
Bell Labs
Holmdel, NJ, USA
for contributions to wireless channel modelling
Sunghyun Choi
Seoul National University
Seoul, Korea
for contributions to development of wireless
LAN protocols
Hean Teik-Chuah
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahma,
Malaysia Selangor, Malaysia
for leadership in engineering education
Judson Sidney Clements
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC, USA
for contributions to the evaluation and
elimination of electrostatic hazards
J. Edward Colgate
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL, USA
for contributions to the field of haptics
Jorge Cortes
University of California-San Diego
La Jolla, CA, USA
for contributions to geometric control, nonsmooth
dynamical systems, and distributed control of
multi-agent systems
Jan Craninckx
Interuniversity Microelectronics Center (IMEC)
Leuven, Belgium
for contributions to the design of CMOS RF
Andres Cuevas
Australian National University
Canberra, ACT, Australia
for contributions to the science and technological
development of silicon solar cells
Shuguang Robert Cui
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX, USA
for contributions to cognitive communications
and energy efficient system design
Steven T. Cundiff
JILA, NIST & University of Colorado
Boulder, CO, USA
for contributions to self-referenced optical
frequency combs and ultrafast nonlinear solidstate spectroscopy
Michael E. Cuneo
Sandia National Laboratories
Albuquerque, NM, USA
for developments in inertial confinement
fusion with magnetically-driven-implosions and
electrode cleaning

Anand G. Dabak
Texas Instruments
Dallas, TX, USA
for contributions to wireless and power-line

Joachim Ender
Fraunhofer Group, Wachtberg, Germany
for contributions to multi-channel synthetic
aperture radar and radar array signal

Manuel A. d´Abreu
SanDisk Corp
EL Dorado Hills, CA, USA
for contributions to the design of resilient
manufacturing processes for electronic products

Robert L. Ewing
Air Force Research Laboratory
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, USA
for contributions to electronic system design in

Liyi Dai
US Army Research Office
Durham, NC, USA
for leadership and contributions to discrete event
systems and singular systems

Paolo Faraboschi
Hewlett-Packard, Barcelona, Spain
for contributions to embedded processor
architecture and system-on-chip technology

Hooman Darabi
Broadcom, Irvine, CA, USA
for contributions to radio frequency integrated
circuits and systems
Christos Davatzikos
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA, USA
for contributions to automatic analysis and
interpretation of biomedical multi-dimensional data
Michael P. De Lisio
Wavestream Corp�
San Dimas, CA, USA
for leadership and commercialization of
high power microwave and millimeter-wave
Tobias Delbruck
University of Zurich and ETH Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland
for contributions to neuromorphic visual sensors
and processing
Sujit Dey
University of California-San Diego
La Jolla, CA, USA
for contributions to the design and testing of
low-power systems and system-on-chips
Inderjit Dhillon
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX, USA
for contributions to large-scale data analysis and
computational mathematics
Donald R. Disney
Avogy, Inc�
Cupertino, CA, USA
for contributions to power integrated circuits and
energy efficiency applications
Rahul Dixit
Space & Airborne Systems
Raytheon Company
Redondo Beach, CA, USA
for leadership in microwave monolithic
integrated circuits technologies and in active
electronically steerable arrays application

Aly A. Farag
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY, USA
for contributions to image modeling and
biomedical applications
Hector Fenech
Eutelsat SA, Paris, France
for leadership in the definition of
telecommunications satellite architectures and
systems through innovation and technological
Peter Fischer
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
Berkeley, CA, USA
for contributions to the development and
application of high resolution X-ray magnetic
Franco De Flaviis
University of California-Irvine
Irvine, CA, USA
for contributions to reconfigurable antennas and
tunable dielectrics for wireless communication
Mahmud Fotuhi-Firuzabad
Sharif University of Technology
Tehran, Iran
for development of probabilistic techniques in
power system reliability evaluation
Kim R. Fowler
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS, USA
for contributions to mission-critical and safetycritical systems engineering
Alejandro F. Farangi
University of Sheffield
Sheffield, UK
for contributions to medical image analysis and
image-based computational physiology
Ichiro Fujimori
Broadcom Corporation
Irvine, CA, USA
for contributions to oversampled data converters
and gigabit wireline transceivers

Minh N. Do
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Urbana, IL, USA
for contributions to image representation and
computational imaging

Huijun Gao
Harbin Institute of Technology
Harbin, China
for contributions to the theory and industrial
applications of networked control systems

David S. Doermann
University of Maryland- College Park
College Park, MD, USA
for contributions to research and development
of automatic analysis and processing of
document page imaging

Phillip B. Gibbons
Intel Labs
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
for contributions to parallel computing and

Mischa Dohler
Centre for Telecommunications Technologies of
Catalonia (CTTC)
Barcelona, Spain
for contributions to wireless machine-to-machine
communication systems
Peter Donalek
MWH Global, Chicago, IL, USA
for contributions to grid-connected pumped
storage hydro systems

Garth A. Gibson
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
for contributions to the performance and
reliability of transformative storage systems
Robert Gilmore
San Diego, CA, USA
for contributions to high-performance and
low-power wireless portable communications


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