IEEE Awards Booklet - 2017 - 27

of 2017

The grade of IEEE Fellow recognizes exceptional distinction in the profession. It is conferred by the IEEE Board
of Directors upon a person with an extraordinary record of accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest.
The total number of IEEE Fellows elevated in any one year must not exceed one-tenth of one percent of the total
voting membership of the IEEE on record as of 31 December of the preceding year. In 2017, 299 IEEE Fellows
were elevated. To learn more about the Fellow program or to nominate, visit:

Raviraj Adve
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON, Canada
for development of signal processing
techniques for airborne radar

Petronel Bigioi
Galway, Ireland
for leadership in advancing digital imaging
technology for handheld consumer devices

Sos Agaian
University of Texas at san antonio
san antonio, TX, Usa
for contributions to biologically-inspired visual
data processing systems

Sebastien Bigo
alcatel-Lucent bell Labs
Nozay, France
for contributions to optical transmission systems
and networks

Alexei Ashikhmin
bell Labs - alcatel-Lucent
New Providence, NJ, Usa
for contributions to information theory and
communication theory

filiberto Bilotti
roma Tre University
rome, Italy
for contributions to metamaterials for
electromagnetic and antenna applications

Nadarajah Asokan
aalto University
aalto, Finland
for contributions to system security and privacy

Terrance Boult
University of Colorado Colorado springs
Colorado springs, CO, Usa
for contributions in biometrics and computer

Todd Austin
University of Michigan
ann arbor, MI, Usa
for contributions to simulation techniques
and resilient system design in computer

Robert Boyd
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, ON, Canada
for contributions to the fields of nonlinear optics
and photonics

John Ballato
Clemson University
anderson, sC, Usa
for contributions to optical fibers and
optoelectronic materials

Richard Michael Buehrer
Virginia Tech
blacksburg, Va, Usa
for contributions to wideband signal processing
in communications and geolocation

Hugh Barnaby
arizona state University
Tempe, aZ, Usa
for research of radiation effects in bipolar
junction transistors

Linda Bushnell
University of washington
seattle, wa, Usa
for contributions to networked control systems

Janet Barth
Nasa Goddard spaceflight Center
Greenbelt, Md, Usa
for leadership in spacecraft reliability and
electronic systems
Christopher Barty
Lawrence Livermore Nat'l Laboratory
Livermore, Ca, Usa
for contributions to ultrahigh intensity lasers
and advancement of X-ray and gamma-ray
Nader Behdad
University of wisconsin, Madison
Madison, wI, Usa
for contributions to sub-wavelength
electromagnetic periodic structures
Calin Belta
boston University
boston, Ma, Usa
for contributions to automated control synthesis
and robot motion planning and control
Valeria Bertacco
University of Michigan
ann arbor, MI, Usa
for contributions to computer-aided verification
and reliable system design
Kankar Bhattacharya
University of waterloo
waterloo, ON, Canada
for contributions to electricity markets and
reactive power ancillary services

Alper Buyuktosunoglu
IbM T�J� watson research Center
Yorktown Heights, NY, Usa
for contributions to adaptive micro-architectures
and robust power management
Raymond Byrne
sandia National Laboratories
albuquerque, NM, Usa
for contributions to miniature robotics and grid
integration of energy storage
Zi-Xing Cai
Central south University
Hunan, China
for contributions to evolutionary optimization
and intelligent robotics
Andrea Caiti
University of Pisa- Largo
Pisa, Italy
for contributions to geo-acoustic inversion and
autonomous underwater vehicles
Yu Cao
arizona state University
Tempe, aZ, Usa
for development of predictive technology
models for reliable circuit and system
franck Cappello
argonne National Laboratory
Lemont, IL, Usa
for contributions to high-performance
computing, fault tolerance, and grid-based
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Michael Carey
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, Ca, Usa
for contributions to design and engineering of
high-performance and concurrent database
Luca Carloni
Columbia University
New York, NY, Usa
for contributions to system-on-chip design
automation and latency-insensitive design
Jose Carmena
University of California, berkeley
berkeley, Ca, Usa
for contributions to the neural basis of motor
skill learning and neuroprosthetic systems
Edward Chang
stanford Info Lab-stanford University
stanford, Ca, Usa
for contributions to scalable machine learning
Edoardo Charbon
delft University of Technology
delft, the Netherlands
for contributions to solid-state single photon
avalanche detectors and their applications in
Lap-Pui Chau
Nanyang Technological University
singapore, singapore
for contributions to fast computation algorithms
for visual signal processing
Yan Chen
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL, Usa
for contributions to design, measurement, and
security of networking systems
Gordon Cheng
Technische Universitat Munchen
Munich, Germany
for contributions in humanoid robotics systems
and neurorobotics
Graziano Chesi
The University of Hong kong
Hong kong, China
for contributions to control of nonlinear and
multi-dimensional systems
Wei-Ting Chien
sMIC-semiconductor Mfg� Int'l Corp�
shanghai, China
for leadership in reliability management
Kiyoung Choi
seoul National University
seoul, korea
for contribution to low-power, real-time, and
reconfigurable systems
Israel Cidon
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa, Israel
for contributions to high-speed packet
networks, network-on-chip and wide area file
Douglas Cochran
arizona state University
Tempe, aZ, Usa
for contributions to multi-channel coherence in
radar, sonar, and spectrum sensing

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