IEEE Awards Booklet - 2017 - 28

ieee fellows
fellows class
class of
of 2017

Christopher Cole
finisar Corporation
sunnyvale, Ca, Usa
for contributions to 10G, 40G, and 100G
Optical Ethernet and OTN interfaces

Pier Luigi Dragotti
Imperial College
London, Uk
for contributions to sparse signal representation
and sampling theory

Gerald Cooray
karolinska University Hospital, stockholm
stockholm, sweden
for contributions to understanding of the
physics of lightning and lightning protection

falko Dressler
University of Paderborn
Paderborn, Germany
for contributions to adaptive and selforganizing communication protocols in sensor
and vehicular networks

Sorin Cotofana
delft University of Technology
delft, the Netherlands
for contributions to nanocomputing
architectures and paradigms
Robert Cunningham
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Lexington, Ma, Usa
for leadership in computer security
Huaiyu Dai
North Carolina state University
raleigh, NC, Usa
for contributions to MIMO communications and
wireless security
Richardo L. de Queiroz
Universidade de brasilia
brasilia, brazil
for contributions to image and video signal
enhancement and compression
William Deal
Northrop Grumman Corporation
redondo beach, Ca, Usa
for contributions to solid state submillimeter
wave and Terahertz amplifiers
Jing Deng
University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Greensboro, NC, Usa
for development and optimization of wireless
security and networking protocols
Tamal Dey
Ohio state University
Columbus, OH, Usa
for contributions to geometric computing
Jose Dias
Instituto superior Tecnico
Lisbon, Portugal
for contributions to imaging inverse problems
in remote sensing
William Dickerson
arbiter systems, Inc´┐Ż
Paso robles, Ca, Usa
for leadership in precision clock and
synchrophasor technologies
Danny Dolev
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Jerusalem, Israel
for development of consistent, robust, and
efficient distributed computing and storage
Xinzhou Dong
Tsinghua University, China
beijing, China
for contributions to traveling wave-based
transmission line protection and fault location
Zhaoyang Dong
The University of sydney
sydney, Nsw, australia
for contributions to development of
computational methods for power system
stability and planning
Dov Dori
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Ma, Usa
for contributions to model-based systems
engineering and document analysis recognition
frederick Douglis
dell EMC Corporation
Princeton, NJ, Usa
for contributions to computer systems resource
utilization and efficiency

Guang Duan
Harbin Institute of Technology
Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
for contributions to parametric control system
design and applications
Sandhya Dwarkadas
University of rochester
rochester, NY, Usa
for contributions to shared memory and
Janaka Ekanayake
University of Peradeniya
Peradeniya, sri Lanka
for contributions to education in renewable
energy integration and smart grid
Eylem Ekici
The Ohio state University
Columbus, OH, Usa
for contributions to algorithms, protocols, and
architectures of multi-hop wireless networks
Terry Ericsen
Ericsen Innovations LLC
annapolis, Md, Usa
for leadership in power electronics
Pablo Estevez
University of Chile
santiago, Chile
for contributions to feature selection and
visualization of large data sets
Maria Pia fanti
Politecnico di bari
bari, Italy
for contributions to modeling and control of
discrete event systems
Joseph E. ford
University of California, san diego
La Jolla, Ca, Usa
for contributions to free space optical imaging
and communication technologies
Gianfranco fornaro
Istituto per II rilevamento Elethomagnetico
Naples, Italy
for contributions to sar processing in
differential interferometry and tomography
James fowler
Mississippi state University
starkville, Ms, Usa
for contributions to lossy source coding and
dimensionality reduction of multidimensional data
Edward fox
Virginia Tech
blacksburg, Va, Usa
for leadership in digital libraries and
information retrieval
Michael Gard
The Charles Machine works
Perry, Ok, Usa
for contributions to instrumentation-andmeasurement technology for petroleum
exploration, computed tomography, and
underground construction
Minos Garofalakis
Technical University of Crete
Chania, Greece
for contributions to data streaming analytics

28 | 2017 IEEE awards bOOkLET

Michael Gastpar
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Lausanne, switzerland
for contributions to network information theory
Alessandro Giua
Universita di Cagliari
Cagliari, Italy
for contributions to discrete event and hybrid
Debatosh Guha
Indian Institute of Technology, kharagpur
kharagpur, west bengal, India
for contributions to microstrip and wideband
dielectric resonator antennas
Bhuvaneswari Gurumoorthy
Indian Institute of Technology delhi
New delhi, India
for contributions to design and development of
enhanced power quality converters
Soonhoi Ha
seoul National University
seoul, korea
for contributions to hardware/software codesign
Saman Halgamuge
University of Melbourne
Victoria, australia
for contributions to computational intelligence
in bioinformatics and mechatronics
Peter Hancock
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL, Usa
for contributions to adaptive human-systems
Uwe Hanebeck
karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
karlsruhe, Germany
for contributions to nonlinear estimation and
Stephen Hanly
Macquarie University
sydney, Nsw, australia
for contributions to capacity analysis and
optimization of wireless communication
Lennart Harnefors
abb Corporate research
Vasteras, sweden
for contributions to control and dynamic
analysis of power electronic systems
Hossam Hassanein
Queens University
kingston, ON, Canada
for contributions to protocols, architectures and
analysis of multi-hop wireless networks
Masahito Hayashi
Nagoya University
Nagoya, Japan
for contributions to shannon theory, informationtheoretic security, and quantum information theory
Payam Heydari
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, Ca, Usa
for contributions to silicon-based millimeterwave integrated circuits and systems
Laura Heyderman
Paul scherrer Institute
Villigen, switzerland
for contributions to nanoimprint lithography and
nanostructured magnetic systems and devices
Hideto Hidaka
renesas Electronics Corporation
Tokyo, Japan
for leadership in high-density memory
technologies for automotive applications
Christofer Hierold
swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Zurich, switzerland
for contributions to microelectromechanical sensors
and microthermoelectric energy harvesting


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