IEEE Awards Booklet - 2017 - 29

ieee fellows class of 2017

Akimasa Hirata
Nagoya Insitute of Technology
Nagoya, Japan
for contributions to safety assessment and
standardization of human exposure to
electromagnetic fields
Julia Hirschberg
Columbia University
New York, NY, Usa
for contributions to text-to-speech synthesis and
spoken language understanding
Wing C. Daniel Ho
City University of Hong kong
kowloon, Hong kong
for contributions to stability and control for
stochastic systems
Yo-Sung Ho
Gwangju Institute of science & Technology
Gwangju, korea
for contribution to video coding and 3d image
Yiguang Hong
Chinese academy of science, beijing
beijing, China
for contributions to nonsmooth control and
distributed multi-agent control
Hugues Hoppe
Microsoft research
redmond, wa, Usa
for contributions to surface modeling and largescale image processing
Mahbub Hoque
Communications-Electronics research
development & Engineering Center
bel air, Md, Usa
for leadership in developing innovative
antennas and advanced tactical communication
Jiang Hsieh
GE Medical systems
Milwaukee, wI, Usa
for contributions to X-ray computed tomography
for clinical applications
Ru Huang
Peking University
beijing, China
for contributions to multi-gate silicon nanowire
transistor technology
Tian-Wei Huang
National Taiwan University
Taipei, Taiwan
for contributions to design and development of
millimeter-wave CMOs rFICs
Zhenyu Huang
Pacific Northwest National Lab
richland, wa, Usa
for contributions to dynamic analysis and high
performance computing in power systems
Laszlo Huber
delta Products Corporation
research Triangle Park, NC, Usa
for contributions to ac-dc power converters for
portable electronics equipment
Pablo Iglesias
Johns Hopkins University
baltimore, Md, Usa
for contributions to control theory and systems
Michael Isnardi
sarnoff Corporation
Princeton, NJ, Usa
for contributions to compliance testing and
vision-based video compression technologies
Kenji Itoh
kanazawa Institute of Technology
Nonoichi, Ishikawa, Japan
for contributions to microwave harmonic mixers
and applications to mobile terminal devices

Chia-Hong Jan
Intel Corporation
Portland, Or, Usa
for leadership in developing low power logic
technologies for system-on-Chip
Juri Jatskevich
University of british Columbia
Vancouver, bC, Canada
for contributions to modeling of electric
machines and switching converters
Deog-Kyoon Jeong
seoul National University
seoul, korea
for development of digital Video Interface and
High definition Multimedia Interface standards
Quanxi Jia
University of buffalo
buffalo, NY, Usa
for contributions to coated superconductors and
metal-oxide thin films for electronic applications
Hongrui Jiang
University of wisconsin, Madison
Madison, wI, Usa
for contributions to materials and micro-scale
optical tools for medical imaging
Jin Jiang
University of western Ontario
London, ON, Canada
for contributions to methodology, design, and
evaluation of engineering systems safety
Ronghong Jin
shanghai Jiao Tong University
shanghai, China
for development of high efficiency planar
antenna arrays and miniaturized antennas for
wireless systems
Yucheun Jou
MediaTek Inc�
san Jose, Ca, Usa
for leadership in digital cellular systems and
smart mobile devices
Paul Juodawlkis
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Lexington, Ma, Usa
for contributions to optically sampled
converters and waveguide amplifiers
Kenichi Kagoshima
Ibaraki University
Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
for contributions to antennas for satellite
communication and mobile wireless access

Amir Khandani
University of waterloo
waterloo, ON, Canada
for contributions to resource allocation
and interference management in network
information theory
Richard King
arizona state University
Tempe, aZ, Usa
for contributions to high-performance space
and terrestrial photovoltaics technology
Hulya Kirkici
auburn University
auburn, aL, Usa
for contributions to high frequency, high field
dielectric breakdown and electrical insulation
for space and aerospace power systems
Powsiri Klinkhachorn
west Virginia University
Morgantown, wV, Usa
for contributions to engineering education
through international technical competitions
Takao Kobayashi
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Yokohama, Japan
for contributions to expressive speech synthesis
based on a statistical parametric approach
Steven Koester
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN, Usa
for contributions to group-IV electronic and
photonic devices
Agnieszka D. Konczykowska
alcatel-Lucent bell Labs, Thales research
Palaiseau Cedex, France
for contributions to development of very highspeed circuits
Witold Krzymien
University of alberta
Edmonton, ab, Canada
for contributions to radio resource management
for cellular systems and networks
James Kwok
Hong kong University of science & Technology
Clearwater bay, Hong kong
for contributions to computational algorithms
for kernel methods
Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos
National Technical University of athens
athens, Greece
for contributions to robot motion planning and
control of multi-robot systems

Chongqing Kang
Tsinghau University
beijing, China
for contributions to power system operation
and planning in uncertain environments

James Lambert
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Va, Usa
for contributions to risk analysis and systems

Mark David Kankam
Nasa Glenn research Center
Cleveland, OH, Usa
for contributions to space and terrestrial power
systems control

Alvin Lebeck
duke University
durham, NC, Usa
for contributions to memory hierarchies and
energy-efficient and parallel computing

Hironori Kasahara
waseda University
Tokyo, Japan
for contributions to multicore architectures and
power reducing parallelizing compilers

Gwo-Bin Lee
National Tsing Hua University
Hsinchu, Taiwan
for contributions to micro- and nano-fluidic
technologies for biomedical applications

Jordan Katine
Hitachi Gst research
san Jose, Ca, Usa
for contributions to nanoscale magnetic device
design, fabrication, and characterization

Hsien-Hsin Lee
Taiwan semiconductor Manufacturing
Company Ltd�
Hsinchu, Taiwan
for contributions to 3d integrated circuits and
computer architecture

Tatsuya Kawahara
kyoto University
kyoto, Japan
for contributions to speech recognition and

29 | 2017 IEEE awards bOOkLET

Kuen-Jong Lee
National Cheng-kung University
Tainan, Taiwan
for contributions to low-cost testing of digital
VLsI circuits


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