IEEE Awards Booklet - 2017 - 31

ieee fellows class of 2017

for contributions to neural engineering and
biomagnetic brain imaging
Junichi Nakamura
brillnics Japan Inc�
Tokyo, Japan
for leadership in CMOs image sensors
Arumugam Nallanathan
kings College London
London, Uk
for contributions to cooperative communications
and cognitive radio networks
Shu Namiki
National Institute of advanced Industrial
science and Technology (aIsT)
Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
for contributions to optical amplification
Panos Nasiopoulos
University of british Columbia
Vancouver, bC, Canada
for leadership in dVd authoring and digital
multimedia technologies
Eduardo Nebot
University of sydney
sydney, Nsw, australia
for contributions to robotics and applications in
vehicle navigation and mining
Borivoje Nikolic
University of California, berkeley
berkeley, Ca, Usa
for contributions to energy-efficient design of
digital and mixed-signal circuits
Brett Ninness
University of Newcastle
Newcastle, Nsw, australia
for contributions to computational methods in
system identification
Akihiro Nitayama
Tohoku University
sendai, Japan
for leadership in 3-dimensional NaNd Flash
memory technology development
Dusit Niyato
Nanyang Technological University
singapore, singapore
for contributions to resource allocation in
cognitive radio and cellular wireless networks
Daniel Oates
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Lexington, Ma, Usa
for contributions to high-temperature
superconductors and applications to rF
receiver technology
Bryan Oliver
sandia National Laboratories
albuquerque, NM, Usa
for contributions to the theory and simulation of
intense particle beams and plasmas
Nuria Oliver
Telefonica I&d
barcelona, spain
for contributions in probabilistic multi-modal
models of human behavior and development of
intelligent and interactive systems
Giuseppe Oriolo
Univ di roma La sapienza
roma, Italy
for contributions to motion planning and control
methods in complex robotic systems
Rafail Ostrovsky
University of California, Los angeles
Los angeles, Ca, Usa
for contributions to cryptography
Aydogan Ozcan
University of California, Los angeles
Los angeles, Ca, Usa
for contributions to biophotonics, computational
imaging, and sensing for telemedicine and
global health

Phillip Pace
Naval Postgraduate school
Monterey, Ca, Usa
for leadership in radar signal processing, receiver
design, and direction finding architectures
Kallianpur Padiyar
Indian Institute of science, bangalore
bangalore, India
for contributions to education in power systems
and application of power electronics
Tomas Palacios
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Ma, Usa
for contributions to gallium nitride electron
devices and two-dimensional materials
Robert Palmer
University of Oklahoma
Norman, Ok, Usa
for contributions to atmospheric and
meteorological radar science
Haesun Park
Georgia Institute of Technology
atlanta, Ga, Usa
for contributions to large-scale data and visual
Jung-Min Park
Virginia Tech
blacksburg, Va, Usa
for contributions to dynamic spectrum sharing,
cognitive radio networks, and security issues
Lorenzo Pavesi
University of Trento
Trento, Italy
for contributions to silicon photonics
Li-Shiuan Peh
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Ma, Usa
for contributions to the architecture and design
automation of networks-on-chip
Shaomin Peng
Harman International
stamford, CT, Usa
for contributions to scalable video decoding
methods in MPEG2 standard
Salvatore Pennisi
University of Catania
Catania, Italy
for contributions to multistage CMOs
operational amplifiers
Eric Perfecto
Hopewell Junction, NY, Usa
for the development of Pb-free, flip chip solder
interconnect and advancements to multi-level
Cu-polyimide packages
Dimitrios Peroulis
Purdue University
west Lafayette, IN, Usa
for contributions to MEMs-based tunable filters
Kevin Peterson
P2s Engineering Inc�
Long beach, Ca, Usa
for leadership in global standardization of
commercial shore-to-ship power systems
Kristin Pettersen
Norwegian University of science & Technology
Trondheim, Norway
for contributions to control of marine vessels
and snake robots
Josep Pou
University of New south wales
sydney, australia
for contributions to multilevel converters and
renewable energy conversion
Lili Qiu
University of Texas
austin, TX, Usa
for contributions to wireless network management
31 | 2017 IEEE awards bOOkLET

Vesna Radisic
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Manhattan beach, Ca, Usa
for contributions to millimeter- and
submillimeter-wave sources, amplifiers, and
monolithic integrated circuits
Khwaja Rahman
General Motors LLC
detroit, MI, Usa
for contributions to permanent magnet electric
machines for electrified vehicles
Bhiksha Raj
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pa, Usa
for contributions to speech recognition
Bhuvana Ramabhadran
IbM research Center
Mount kisco, NY, Usa
for contributions to speech recognition and
language processing
Ravi Ramamoorthi
University of California, san diego
La Jolla, Ca, Usa
for contributions to foundations of computer
graphics and computer vision
Yun-Jiang Rao
University of Electronic science & Technology
of China
Chengdu, sichuan, China
for contributions to optical fiber sensors and
Ramgopal Raovalipe
Indian Institute of Technology, Powai
Powai, Mumbai, India
for contributions to CMOs system-on-Chip
William Regli
drexel University
Philadelphia, Pa, Usa
for contributions to 3d search, design
repositories and intelligent manufacturing
Reza Rejaie
University of Oregon
Eugene, Or, Usa
for contributions to multimedia and peer-to-peer
networking, and Internet measurement
Walden Rhines
Mentor Graphics Corporation
wilsonville, Or, Usa
for leadership and technology innovation in
integrated circuit design and automation
Charles Rhoads
raytheon Company
Mckinney, TX, Usa
for leadership in low cost and high
performance array antenna technologies
Michael Rice
brigham Young University
Provo, UT, Usa
for contributions to communication waveforms,
detection algorithms, and channel models for
aeronautical telemetry
Gael Richard
Paris, France
for contributions to analysis, indexing and
decomposition of audio and music signals
frank Robey
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Lexington, Ma, Usa
for leadership in development of advanced
radar systems
Gregg Rothermel
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE, Usa
for contributions to software testing and enduser software engineering


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