IEEE Awards Booklet - 2017 - 32

ieee fellows class of 2017

Carlo Samori
Politecnico di Milano
Milano, Italy
for contributions to design of integrated
Voltage Controlled Oscillators and PhaseLocked Loops
Seb Savory
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, Uk
for contributions to digital coherent transceivers
for optical fiber communication
Luca Schenato
University of Padova
Padova, Italy
for contributions to networked and multi-agent
control systems
Bernt Schiele
Max Planek Institute for Informatics
saarbrucken, Germany
for contributions to large-scale object recognition,
human detection and pose estimation
Holger Schmidt
University of California, santa Cruz
santa Cruz, Ca, Usa
for contributions to optofluidics and integrated
Michael Schulte
advanced Micro devices, Inc�
austin, TX, Usa
for contributions to compute architectures
Stanley Sclaroff
boston University
boston, Ma, Usa
for contributions to computer vision, image
retrieval, and gesture analysis
Behzad Shahraray
aT&T Labs-research
Middletown, NJ, Usa
for leadership in content-based processing and
retrieval of multimedia information

for contributions to polarization phenomena
and non-linear effects in fiber-optic
Cristina Silvano
Politecnico di Milano
Milano, Italy
for contributions to energy-efficient computer
Sri Niwas Singh
Indian Institute of Technology kanpur
kanpur, India
for leadership and contributions to power
engineering education
Prasun Sinha
Ohio state University
Columbus, OH, Usa
for contributions to scheduling and resource
allocation in wireless networks
Veselin Skendzic
schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc�
king of Prussia, Pa, Usa
for contributions to technologies and
standardization in power system protection
Roman Slowinski
Poznan University of Technology
Poznan, Poland
for contributions to dominance-based rough
set theory, robust ordinal regression and
preference learning
Alan Smeaton
dublin City University
dublin, Ireland
for contributions to multimedia information
indexing and retrieval
Carol Smidts
Ohio state University
Columbus, OH, Usa
for contributions to reliability analysis of highassurance systems

Hamid Sharif
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE, Usa
for development of railroad wireless communication

Alice Smith
auburn University
auburn, aL, Usa
for contributions to computational intelligence
for complex systems

Zhongxiang Shen
Nanyang Technological University
singapore, singapore
for contributions to 3d frequency selective
structures and slot antennas

Steven Smith
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Lexington, Ma, Usa
for contributions to statistical signal processing
and applications to radar and sonar

Weiping Shi
Texas a&M University
College station, TX, Usa
for contributions to modeling and design of
VLsI interconnects

Olav Solgaard
stanford University
stanford, Ca, Usa
for contributions to optical micro-electromechanical devices and systems for sensing,
communications and displays

Yang Shi
University of Victoria
Victoria, bC, Canada
for contributions to networked and distributed
control systems
Toshihisa Shimizu
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Tokyo, Japan
for development of reliable power converters for
industrial and renewable energy applications
Youngsoo Shin
korea advanced Institute of science & Technology
daejeon, korea
for contributions to design tools for low power,
high speed VLsI circuits and systems
Shervin Shirmohammadi
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, ON, Canada
for contributions to multimedia systems and
network measurements
Mark Shtaif
Tel-aviv University
Tel aviv, Israel

Sushil Soonee
POsCO, India- Power sytem Operation
Corporation Ltd�
New delhi, India
for leadership in developing operational
methods for power grid interconnection in India
Leif Sornmo
Lund University
Lund, sweden
for contributions to biomedical signal
processing in cardiac applications
Ram Duvvuru Sriram
National Institute of standards & Technology
Gaithersburg, Md, Usa
for leadership in developing computational
tools for healthcare enterprises
Anuj Srivastava
Florida state University
Tallahassee, FL, Usa
for contributions to differential geometric and
statistical techniques in the analysis of shapes,
curves and surfaces

32 | 2017 IEEE awards bOOkLET

Yannis Stylianou
University of Crete
Heraklion, Greece
for contributions to speech analysis and
Guaning Su
Nanyang Technological University
singapore, singapore
for leadership in defense technology and
management of educational institutions
Sabine Susstrunk
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Lausanne, switzerland
for contributions to computational imaging, color
image processing, and color computer vision
Eric Swanson
acacia Communications, Inc�
Maynard, Ma, Usa
for contributions to Optical Coherence
Tomography and leadership in optical networking
Paulo Tabuada
University of California, Los angeles
Los angeles, Ca, Usa
for contributions to cyber-physical systems
Hong Tan
Purdue University
west Lafayette, IN, Usa
for contributions to wearable haptics
Xiaobo Tan
Michigan state University
East Lansing, MI, Usa
for contributions to modeling and control of
smart materials and underwater robots
Luc Thevenaz
EPFL swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Lausanne, switzerland
for contributions to brillouin-based fiber-optic
Jianzhong Tong
PJM Interconnection
audubon, Pa, Usa
for contributions to real-time power system
Vicent Torra
University of skövde
skövde, sweden
for contributions to fuzzy sets, decision under
uncertainty, and data privacy
Ching-Chih Tsai
National Chung Hsing University
Taichung, Taiwan
for contributions in intelligent adaptive learning
control for industrial systems and machinery
fredrik Tufvesson
Lund University
Lund, sweden
for contributions to measurement and modeling
of wireless propagation channels
Lars Ulander
swedish defence research agency
Linkoping, sweden
for advances in VHF- and UHF-band synthetic
aperture radar
Jaap van de Beek
Luleå University of Technology, LTU
Luleå, sweden
for contributions to orthogonal frequency
division multiplexing
A. frank van der Stappen
Utrecht University
Utrecht, the Netherlands
for contributions to the algorithmic foundations
of robotics and automation
Nuno Vasconcelos
University of California, san diego
La Jolla, Ca, Usa
for contributions to computer vision, image
processing, and multimedia


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