IEEE Awards Booklet - 2018 - 33

ieee fellows class of 2018

Barbara Oakley
oakland University
rochester, MI, Usa
for outreach through online engineering

Alexei Pilipetskii
Tyco Telecommunications
Eatontown, NJ, Usa
for contributions to transoceanic fiber-optic
transmission systems

Luca Roselli
University of Perugia
Perugia, Italy
for contributions to sustainable radio-frequency
modules for wireless sensor networks

Hideo Ohno
Tohoku University
sendai, Japan
for contributions to materials and device design
for spintronics

Josien Pluim
Eindhoven University of Technology
Eindhoven, Netherlands
for contributions to medical image analysis

Tajana Rosing
University of California, san diego
La Jolla, Ca, Usa
for contributions to power and reliability
management of systems-on-Chip

Yew-Soon Ong
Nanyang Technological University
singapore, singapore
for contributions to memetic computation and

Massimo Poncino
Politecnico di Torino
Torino, Italy
for contributions to low-power circuits and

Eugeniusz Rosolowski
wroclaw University of Technology
wroclaw, Poland
for contributions to education in power system
modeling and protection

Hidetoshi Onodera
kyoto University
kyoto, Japan
for contributions to variation-aware design and
analysis of integrated circuits

John Potter
Centre for Maritime research and
Experimentation (CMrE)
La spezia, Italy
for contributions to ice-ocean interaction,
oceanography, and underwater communication

Javier Ortega-Garcia
Universidad autonoma de Madrid
Madrid, spain
for contributions to biometrics for forensic
speaker verification and signature recognition

Paras Prasad
state University of New York at buffalo
buffalo, NY, Usa
for contributions in biophotonics, nanophotonics
and novel biomedical technology

Karen Rudie
Queens University
kingston, oN, Canada
for contributions to the supervisory control
theory of discrete event systems

Lawrence Ozarow
Nokia- bell Labs
New Providence, NJ, Usa
for contributions to capacity characterization of
fading and feedback channels

Konstantinos Psounis
University of southern California
Los angeles, Ca, Usa
for contributions to multi-hop wireless networks

Kazuhiro Saitou
University of Michigan
ann arbor, MI, Usa
for contributions in computational assembly and
disassembly design of mechanical products

Hitay Ozbay
bilkent University
bilkent, Turkey
for contributions to robust control for infinite
dimensional systems
Philippe Paillet
University of Montpellier-CEa
Paris, France
for contributions to the understanding of
radiation effects in electronics
Patrick Panciatici
réseau de Transport d'Électricité
Paris, France
for contributions to power systems analysis

Hairong Qi
University of Tennessee
knoxville, TN, Usa
for contributions to collaborative signal
processing in sensor networks
Jianmin Qu
Tufts University
Medford, Ma, Usa
for contributions to design and reliability
analysis for microelectronic packaging
Ronghai Qu
Huazhong University of science & Technology
wuhan, China
for contributions to flux modulations machines
and wind generators

Badrinath Roysam
University of Houston
Houston, TX, Usa
for contributions to image processing algorithms
for biological microscopy

Seiji Samukawa
Tohoku University
sendai, Japan
for contributions to damage-free plasma
processing for nano-device manufacturing
Kevin Sangston
Georgia Tech research Institute
atlanta, Ga, Usa
for contributions to coherent detection of radar
signals in clutter
Venkateswara Anand Sankaran
Ford Motor Company
dearborn, MI, Usa
for leadership in power electronics and energy
storage for electric vehicles

Stefan Parkvall
Ericsson ab
stockholm, sweden
for contributions to cellular standards

Tony Quek
singapore University of Technology
singapore, singapore
for contributions to heterogeneous and wireless

Jignesh Patel
University of wisconsin
Madison, wI, Usa
for contributions to high-performance spatial
data analysis methods

CJ. Reddy
altair Engineering Inc.
Hampton, Va, Usa
for leadership in simulation methods for antenna
placement and co-site analysis

Constantinos S. Pattichis
University of Cyprus
Nicosia, Cyprus
for contributions to medical diagnostic and
mobile health systems

Jennifer Rexford
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ, Usa
for contributions to network management and
associated routing systems

Shanthi Pavan
Indian Institute of Technology
Chennai, India
for contributions to delta sigma modulators and
analog filters

Brian Rigling
wright state University
dayton, oH, Usa
for contributions to synthetic aperture radar

George Pavlou
University College London
London, Uk
for contributions to resource management and
content-based networking

Michael Riley
New York, NY, Usa
for contributions to automatic speech recognition
using weighted Finite-state Transducers

Alex Schneider
Glen Ellyn, IL, Usa
for contribution to transmission and generation
failure modeling

Joseph Pawlowski
Micron Technology, Inc.
boise, Id, Usa
for contributions to memory system interfaces

Kim Roberts
Ciena Corporation
New York, NY, Usa
for contributions to digital signal processing for
coherent optical communication systems

Clint Schow
University of California santa barbara
santa barbara, Ca, Usa
for contributions to high bandwidth optical

Peter Perkins
Tigard, or, Usa
for contributions to touch current measurement
and electric shock protection

Justin Romberg
Georgia Tech
atlanta, Ga, Usa
for contributions to compressive sensing

Bjoern Schuller
University of Passau
Passau, Germany
for contributions to computer audition

33 | 2018 IEEE awards bookLET

Rahul Sarpeshkar
Thayer school of Engineering at dartmouth
Hanover, NH, Usa
for contributions to ultra low-power biomedical
Ronan Sauleau
Universite de rennes
rennes, France
for contributions to lens and millimeter wave
Hiroshi Sawada
NTT Communication science Laboratories
Nara, Japan
for contributions to blind source separation of
speech and audio signals
Dieter Scherer
Palo alto, Ca, Usa
for contributions to the design of oscillators and
synthesized signal sources


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