IEEE Awards Booklet - 2018 - 34

ieee fellows class of 2018

Assaf Schuster
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa, Israel
for contributions to cloud computing
Andrew Senior
London, Uk
for contributions to pattern recognition in
speech, computer vision, and biometrics
Sanjit Seshia
University of California- berkeley
berkeley, Ca, Usa
for contributions to formal methods for inductive
synthesis and algorithmic verification
Shihab Shamma
University of Maryland- College Park
College Park, Md, Usa
for applications of signal processing to auditory
Dinggang Shen
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC, Usa
for contributions to medical image analysis
Riichiro Shirota
National Chao-Tung University
Hsinchu, Taiwan
for contributions to the development of NaNd
flash memory
Jiwu Shu
Tsinghua University
beijing, China
for contributions to dependable, highperformance storage systems architecture
Hava Siegelmann
University of Massachusetts
amherst, Ma, Usa
for contributions to neural computation
Lowell Smith
Ge Global research
Niskayuna, NY, Usa
for contributions to ultrasound transducer
technology for medical imaging
Gregory Snider
University of Notre dame
Notre dame, IN, Usa
for contributions to single electron based
computing technology
Yan Solihin
North Carolina state University
raleigh, NC, Usa
for contributions to shared cache hierarchies
and secure processors
Min Song
Michigan Technological University
Houghton, MI, Usa
for leadership in supporting wireless networking
and radio spectrum access
Miguel Angel Sotelo Vazquez
Universidad de alcala
Madrid, spain
for contributions to intelligent vehicles for road
infrastructure inspection
Siddhartha Srinivasa
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pa, Usa
for contributions to robotic manipulation and
human-robot interaction
Salvatore Stolfo
Columbia University
New York, NY, Usa
for contributions to machine learning-based
computer security
Peter Stone
University of Texas- austin
austin, TX, Usa
for contributions to reinforcement learning,
multiagent systems, and robotics

David Stork
sunnyvale, Ca, Usa
for contributions to pattern recognition and
image analysis

Giovanni Vigna
University of California- santa barbara
santa barbara, Ca, Usa
for contributions to Internet security and
cybercrime prevention

Weifeng Su
state University of New York at buffalo
buffalo, NY, Usa
for contributions to multi-input multi-output
wireless communications and cooperative

Sergiy Vorobyov
aalto University
Espoo, Finland
for contributions to optimization in robust signal

Rahul Sukthankar
Google, Inc.
Mountain View, Ca, Usa
for contributions to video understanding

Haixun Wang
Google research
Palo alto, Ca, Usa
for contributions to knowledge bases for text

Hong-Bo Sun
Jilin University
Jilin, China
for contributions to laser nanofabrication and
ultrafast spectroscopy

Li-C Wang
University of California- santa barbara
santa barbara, Ca, Usa
for contributions to statistical timing analysis for
integrated circuits

Hongbin Sun
Tsinghua University
beijing, China
for contributions to algorithms and technologies
for energy management systems

Peng Wang
Nanyang Technological University
singapore, singapore
for contributions to power system reliability and
hybrid aC/dC micro-grids

Shuji Tanaka
Tohoku University
sendai, Japan
for contributions to micro-electromechanical
systems for acoustic wave devices, physical
sensors, and power generation

Xudong Wang
shanghai Jiao Tong University
shanghai, China
for contributions to wireless mesh networks

Mark Tehranipoor
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL, Usa
for contributions to integrated circuits security
and trust
Juergen Teich
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Erlangen, Germany
for contributions to hardware/software
co-design for embedded systems
Marina Thottan
Nokia- bell Labs
New Providence, NJ, Usa
for leadership in high-speed internet-protocol
Yingli Tian
City College of NY-sUNY
New York, NY, Usa
for contributions to automatic facial expression
analysis and human activity understanding
Jocelyne Troccaz
TIMC-IMaG Laboratory
La Tronche Cedex, France
for contributions to robotics and imaging for
medical applications
John Tsotsos
York University
Toronto, oN, Canada
for contributions to active vision and
computational models of visual attention
Marcelo Valdes
GE Industrial solutions
Cary, NC, Usa
for contributions to improving the safety and
reliability of low voltage power systems
Matthew Valenti
west Virginia University
Morgantown, wV, Usa
for contributions to cooperative diversity and
development of distributed turbo codes
Victor Veliadis
raleigh, NC, Usa
for contributions to development of silicon
carbide power devices

34 | 2018 IEEE awards bookLET

Yu Wang
University of North Carolina- Charlotte
Charlotte, NC, Usa
for contributions to topology design and
performance optimization in wireless networks
Robert Weikle
University of Virginia-Charlottesville
Charlottesville, Va, Usa
for contributions to millimeter-wave
and submillimeter-wave electronics and
instrumentation for terahertz frequencies
Daniel Weile
University of delaware
Newark, dE, Usa
for contributions to computational
Mark Weiss
Florida International University
Miami, FL, Usa
for advancements in computer science education
Stephen Welby
Piscataway, NJ, Usa
for leadership in defense and aerospace systems
Thomas Weller
University of south Florida
Tampa, FL, Usa
for contributions to modeling and design of
passive microwave circuits and components
Qihao Weng
Indiana state University
Terre Haute, IN, Usa
for contributions to urban remote sensing
David Whelan
University of California, san diego
La Jolla, Ca, Usa
for leadership in space-based navigation,
synchronization, and surveillance
Jean-Pierre Wigneron
Université de bordeaux
Villenave d'ornon, France
for contributions to surface modeling in passive
microwave remote sensing
James Wilkinson
University of southampton
southampton, Uk
for contributions to integrated photonics


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