IEEE Awards Booklet - 2020 - 26


IEEE Charles Proteus Steinmetz Award

IEEE Eric E. Sumner Award

Sponsored by the IEEE Standards Association

Sponsored by Nokia Bell Labs

Solveig Ward

Theodore S. Rappaport

For leadership in and contributions to
protection and communication standards
for improved power system reliability

For pioneering contributions to radio
channel modeling and characterization,
and millimeter wave communication

A leading developer of and applications expert in the dramatic advances in protective relaying of power transmission lines based on data
communications (teleprotection), Solveig Ward is enabling reliable
and faster power system protection essential to preventing widespread
power outages and equipment failures. She has chaired and contributed to many IEEE protection and communication standards invaluable to providing guidance to the utility industry for critical system
protection applications. Combining her extensive knowledge of transmission line protection with telecommunications technology, she has
bridged the gap between utility relay engineers and utility communications engineers. Her practical background with relay protection
products has provided a useful perspective in standards development
by considering the environment, restraints, and best practical solutions
for protective relay deployments in the utility industry.
An IEEE Fellow, Ward is an executive advisor with Quanta
Technology, Raleigh, NC, USA.

The leading-edge research of Theodore (Ted) S. Rappaport helped
realize today's modern wireless communications systems and is paving the way for next-generation cellular networks. Reliable and
accurate channel models are essential for wireless system design
and deployment, and Rappaport's channel modeling and measurement work formed the foundation of radio propagation models
in cellular systems, wireless local-area networks, and emerging
millimeter-wave systems. He provided fundamental knowledge of
indoor wireless channels used to create Wi-Fi standards, conducted
research that led to the digital cellphone standards, and helped engineer public Wi-Fi hotspots. He also proved the viability of millimeter waves for mobile communications, which prompted the global
wireless industry to adopt his vision for 5G cellphone networks.
An IEEE Fellow, Rappaport is the David Lee/Ernst Weber
Professor of Electrical Engineering at New York University, New
York, NY, USA.

IEEE Nikola Tesla Award

IEEE Kiyo Tomiyasu Award

Sponsored by the IEEE Industry Applications Society and the IEEE
Power & Energy Society

Sponsored by Dr. Kiyo Tomiyasu, the IEEE Geoscience and Remote
Sensing Society, and the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society

Akira Chiba

Andrea Alù

For contributions to bearingless and
reluctance motors

For contributions to novel electromagnetic materials and their application

Akira Chiba has been a driving force in motor design with gamechanging innovations that have provided powerful and efficient alternatives to traditional motor constructions. Chiba is a pioneer of
bearingless motor technology, incorporating additional stator windings for producing two-dimensional radial forces that act as magnetic
bearings. Bearingless motors provide high rotational speed, compactness, and no wear particles compared to traditional motors.They are
integral to specialized pump applications where ultraclean conditions are required, such as in semiconductor and liquid-crystal display manufacturing. He also addressed the concern for the scarcity of
rare-earth metals used for permanent-magnet motors in automotive
traction drives, developing a rare-earth-free switched-reluctance motor featuring competitive torque density and efficiency and enhanced
output with rare-earth-based motors in leading hybrid vehicles.
An IEEE Fellow, Chiba is a professor with the Tokyo Institute
of Technology, Tokyo, Japan.

Andrea Alù's seminal research on metamaterials is impacting a
broad range of scientific disciplines, including electromagnetics,
radio science, nano-optics, photonics, and acoustics. Metamaterials are engineered to have properties not found in natural materials and can block, absorb, enhance, or bend electromagnetic waves.
Alù pioneered plasmonic cloaking and mantle cloaking, showing
that a metamaterial layer can be designed to largely suppress the
scattering of an object in all directions. This has important implications for radar camouflaging and invisibility. His work on momentum biasing to break the natural symmetry with which waves
travel in common materials has enabled magnet-free circulators
and isolators. This presents exciting opportunities for full-duplex
radio communications and improved ultrasound imaging.
An IEEE Fellow, Alù is the Einstein Professor of Physics and
founding director of the Photonics Initiative at the City University of
NewYork Advanced Science Research Center, NewYork, NY, USA.



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