IEEE Awards Booklet - 2020 - 29


Marco Di Renzo
for contributions to spatial modulation and to
performance evaluation of wireless networks

Guofei Gu
for contributions to malware detection and
security of next generation networks

Victor Huang
for leadership in the development of
microprocessors in mobility products

Ivan Djordjevic
for contributions to physical-layer optical

Song Guo
for contributions to high performance and
resilient distributed computing

Yo-Ping Huang
for contribution to fuzzy and grey modeling in
intelligent healthcare systems design

Octavia Dobre
for contributions to the theory and practice
of signal intelligence and emerging wireless

Yifan Guo
for leadership in interconnect technologies for
electronics packaging and reliability analysis

Muhammad Hussain
for contributions to flexible and stretchable
electronic circuits

Mool Gupta
for contributions to laser material interactions

Auke Ijspeert
for contributions to biorobotics for locomotion

Satyandra Gupta
for contributions to the development of decision
making tools for manufacturing automation

Benjamin Iniguez
for contributions to physics-based compact
models of semiconductor devices

Oliver Gutfleisch
for contributions to the development of magnetic
materials for sustainable energy applications

Akira Inoue
for development of inverse class-F power
amplifiers for mobile phones

Christoforos Hadjicostis
for contributions to distributed and discrete event

Mohammad Saiful Islam
for development of sensors and ultra-fast

Reinhold Haeb-Umbach
for contributions to robustness of automatic
speech recognition

Jan Izykowski
for contributions to fault localization in power

Mohammad Hajiaghayi
for contributions to algorithmic graph theory
and to algorithmic game theory

Philippe Jacquet
for contributions to wireless protocols and
communication networks

Mary Hall
for contributions to compiler optimization and
performance tuning

Weijia Jia
for contributions to optimal network routing and

Tarek Hamel
for contributions to the field of aerial robotics

Bin Jiang
for contributions to intelligent fault diagnosis and
fault-tolerant control

Shlomi Dolev
for contributions to distributed computing and
Liang Dong
for contributions to to the development of
photosensitive optical fibers for fiber amplifiers
Xiaojiang Du
for contributions to wireless security
Ashutosh Dutta
for leadership in mobility management and
security monitoring in mobile networks
Touradj Ebrahimi
for contributions to visual information
representation and assessment of quality of
experience in multimedia
Rudolf Eigenmann
for contributions to compilers for highperformance computing
Stanislav Emelianov
for contributions to ultrasound elasticity and
photoacoustic imaging
Jerome Faist
for contributions to quantum cascade lasers and
infrared QCLs
Sina Farsiu
for contributions to multi-frame super resolution
and ophthalmic image processing
Antonella Ferrara
for contributions to sliding mode control theory
Ian Foster
for contributions to grid computing and data
transport infrastructures
Edward Frank
for leadership in commercialization of
wireless solutions for mobile computing and
Richard Fujimoto
for contributions to parallel and distributed
discrete event simulation
Feifei Gao
for contributions to channel estimation and
signal processing for wireless communications
Andrea Garulli
for contributions to set membership identification
and robust analysis of uncertain systems
Johannes Gehrke
for contributions to data mining and data
management systems
Kurt Gibble
for contributions to improving the accuracy of
atomic fountain clocks
Sonja Glavaski
for leadership in energy systems
Edward Godshalk
for development of microwave on-wafer probing
and measurement techniques
Kristen Grauman
for contributions to computer vision for visual
recognition and search

Pavan Kumar Hanumolu
for contributions to the design of mixed-signal
integrated circuits

Tianzi Jiang
for contributions to neuroimaging techniques

John Harley
for development of monitoring and pump
bearing systems for power transformers

Masahiko Jinno
for contributions to elastic optical networks and
C- and L-band transmission systems

Mark Hasegawa-Johnson
for contributions to speech processing of underresourced languages

Jacob Jones
for development of X-ray scattering methods
to understand electromechanical properties of

Jinghan He
for contributions to the protection of substations
and traction power
Aaron Hertzmann
for contributions to computer graphics and
Alan Hevner
for contributions to design science and software

Robert Jopson
for contributions to the mitigation of polarization
effects in optically-amplified lightwave systems
Eduard Jorswieck
for contributions to resource allocation in
wireless interference networks
Emil Jovanov
for contributions to wearable health monitoring

Sandra Hirche
for contributions to human-machine interaction
and networked control

Markku Juntti
for contributions to multiuser and multiantenna

Markus Hofmann
for leadership in development of content
distribution networks

William Kaiser
for contributions to wireless sensor network
technology and its applications to advancing

Daesik Hong
for contributions to wireless and cellular
communication technologies
Rose Hu
for contributions to design and analysis of
mobile wireless communications systems
Zhenjiang Hu
for contributions to robust software development
Zhongsheng Hou
for contributions to data-driven learning and
control with applications in transportation


Akihiko Kandori
for contributions to superconductive
magnetocardiography and diagnostic
Fakhreddine Karray
for contributions to intelligent systems
Ramesh Karri
for contributions to and leadership in trustworthy
Beth Keser
for contributions to electronic packaging


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