IEEE Awards Booklet - 2020 - 30


Eric Klumperink
for contributions to thermal noise cancelling and
software defined radio architecture
Sven Koenig
for contributions to search algorithms and multiagent coordination
Jeff Krolik
for contributions to statistical signal and sensor
array processing for radar and sonar
Martin Kuball
for contributions to Raman thermography in
semiconductor devices
Thomas Kuerner
for contributions to terahertz data
Hak-Keung Lam
for contributions to analysis and design of fuzzy
model-based control systems
Gerard Ledwich
for development of control of power systems and
power electronics
Kevin Lee
for contributions to power quality for adjustable
speed drives
Bradley Lehman
for contributions to high quality LED lighting and
modeling and control of DC-DC converters
Chris Leighton
for contributions to the understanding of
magnetic oxides, interfaces, and nanostructure
Jia Li
for contributions to real-time automatic image
annotation and image retrieval
Mo Li
for development of wireless and networked
sensing systems
Shihua Li
for contributions to the theory of mismatched
disturbance rejection in industrial systems
Xiaodong Li
for contributions to large-scale and particle
swarm optimization
Xiaofeng Li
for contributions to the application of synthetic
aperture radar for ocean remote sensing

Jianbo Lu
for contributions to the control of automotive
systems with applications in vehicle safety and
Kartikeyan Machavaram
for contributions to high-power millimeter wave
and terahertz sources
Yiannos Manoli
for contributions to the design of integrated
analog-to-digital interface circuits and energy
harvesting systems
Marco Martorella
for contributions to multi-static inverse synthetic
aperture radars
Ujjwal Maulik
for development of algorithms in evolutionary
clustering and bioinformatics
James McDowall
for leadership in stationary battery standards
and energy storage industry
Claudio Melchiorri
for design and control of robot hands and
telemanipulation systems
Michael Miller
for contributions to medical imaging, brain
mapping, and computational anatomy
Durgamadhab Misra
for contributions to the reliability of CMOS gate
stacks with high-k dielectrics
Massimo Mitolo
for contributions to the electrical safety of lowvoltage systems
Michael Mitzenmacher
for contributions to coding theory and
networking algorithms
Amir-Hamed Mohsenian-Rad
for contributions to optimal resource
management in wireless networks and the smart
Mohamed Mokbel
for contributions to building spatially- and
privacy-aware systems
Guido Montorsi
for contributions to error-correcting codes and
iterative decoding

Patrick Naylor
for contributions to signal processing for speech
dereverberation and analysis
Moshe Nazarathy
for contributions to optical systems and analog
fiber-optic transmission
Bich-Yen Nguyen
for contributions to silicon on insulator
Shouleh Nikzad
for contributions to ultraviolet detectors for space
Vasilis Ntziachristos
for contributions to optoacoustic imaging and
intraoperative fluorescence imaging
Marcia O'Malley
for contributions to rehabilitation robotics and
haptic systems
Burak Ozpineci
for contributions to transportation electrification
and wireless charging of electric vehicles
Partha Pande
for contributions to network-on-chip architectures
for manycore computing
Panagiotis Papadimitratos
for contributions to wireless mobile network
security and privacy
Byung-Gook Park
for contributions to charge trap flash memory
and multiple patterning technology
Chul Soon Park
for development of low power millimeter-wave
circuits and packages
Mugen Peng
for contributions to radio resource management
of wireless networks
Ana Perez-Neira
for contributions to signal processing for satellite
communications and systems
Michael Perrott
for contributions to phase-locked loop integrated
Ullrich Pfeiffer
for development of silicon-based millimeter-wave
and terahertz circuits and systems

Yun Li
for application of computational intelligence to
system design and control

Mutsuhiro Mori
for contributions to high voltage insulated gate
bipolar transistors for traction and high voltage

Yun Wei Li
for contributions to power electronics converters
in microgrids and industrial drives

Kirsten Morris
for contributions to control and estimator design
for infinite-dimensional systems

Pierluigi Poggiolini
for contributions to modeling of nonlinear
propagation in coherent fiber-optic systems

Gong-Ru Lin
for contributions to ultrafast fiber lasers
and highspeed laser diodes for optical

Yasamin Mostofi
for contributions to control and communications
co-optimization in mobile sensor networks

Sara Pozzi
for contributions to neutron detection techniques
and neutron transport Monte Carlo methods

Meinard Mueller
for contributions to music signal processing

Maria Prandini
for contributions to stochastic, hybrid and
distributed control systems theory

Wallace Wan-Li Lin
for contributions to understanding transistor
charging mechanisms
Richard Lippmann
for contributions to neural networks and
assessment of computer security systems
Po-Tsun Liu
for contributions to thin film transistor
Xue Liu
for contributions to power and performance
management of data centers and networked
Nuria Llombart Juan
for contributions to millimeter and submillimeter
wave quasi-optical antennas

Robert Murphy
for contributions to machine learning algorithms
for biological images

Pierre Pinson
for contributions to wind forecasting techniques
in renewable energy integration

Dennis Prather
for contributions to diffractive optical systems

Luiz Augusto Nobrega Barroso
for leadership in analytical methods for power
system economics and regulation

Markus PĆ¼schel
for contributions to the implementation of signal
processing techniques

Saeid Nahavandi
for contributions to haptically-enabled robotic

Wei Qiao
for contributions to condition monitoring and
control of power electronics interfaced rotating
machine systems

Marc Najork
for contributions to web crawling and web data


Daniel Rabideau
for contributions to radar architectures and


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