IEEE Awards Booklet - 2020 - 31


Hesham Rakha
for contributions to optimization, modeling and
assessment of transportation systems

Yong Song
for contributions to neural adaptive and faulttolerant control techniques

Hong Rao
for leadership and contributions to the design
and application of HVDC in AC/DC grids

Sarah Spurgeon
for contributions to variable structure control and

John Watson
for contributions to the development of
submersible holography and in-situ imaging of
marine organisms

Joseph Reinhardt
for contributions to medical image processing
and analysis

Dipti Srinivasan
for contributions to computational intelligence
for Smart Grid

Yonggang Wen
for contributions to cloud systems for multimedia
signal processing and communications

Christ Richmond
for contributions to adaptive array processing

Gookwon Suh
for contributions to the development of secure
hardware circuits and processors

Richard Wesel
for contributions to channel coding and reliable

George Ridley
for contribution to stator core insulation
condition analysis in large hydroelectric

Nian-Xiang Sun
for contributions to integrated magnetic and
magnetoelectric materials and devices

Joerg Widmer
for contributions to wireless networking and
millimeter-wave communications

Karthikeyan Sundaresan
for contributions to algorithms for mobile
networking and computing

Sheldon Williamson
for contributions to electric energy storage systems
for transportation electrification

Yuji Suzuki
for development of electret materials

Steve Wozniak
for development of personal computers

Osamu Tabata
for contributions to the development and
commercialization of micro electro mechanical

Hongyi Wu
for contributions to resilient mobile computing

Jae-Sung Rieh
for contributions to silicon-germanium integrated
circuits for wireless communications
Chuntaek Rim
for contributions to wireless power transfer for
electric vehicles and mobile devices
Steven Ringel
for contributions to compound semiconductor
Joel Rodrigues
for contributions to Internet of Things and
vehicular communications
Punam Saha
for contributions to quantitative bone
microstructural imaging and analysis
Vivek Sarkar
for contributions to compiler technologies for
high-performance computing
William Scanlon
for contributions to antenna design for wearable
and implantable applications
Manfred Schindler
for development in microwave switch technology
for radar and wireless communication systems
Kevin Schneider
for contributions to the development of openaccess tools for distribution system analysis
Tanja Schultz
for contributions to multilingual speech
recognition and biosignal processing
Sirish Shah
for contributions to process and performance
Vladimir Shiltsev
for development of electron lenses and
contributions to accelerator technology and
beam physics
Nabil Simaan
for contributions to dexterous continuum robotics
for surgery
Dimitra Simeonidou
for contributions to optical networking systems
and applications
Evgenia Smirni
for contributions to modeling and performance
forecasting of complex systems
Joshua Smith
for contributions to far-and-near-field wireless
power, backscatter communication, and electric
field sensing
Alex Snoeren
for contributions to management and security of
networked systems

Atsuo Takanishi
for contribution to the development of humanoid
Hwa Yaw Tam
for contributions to fiber sensing networks for
railway predictive maintenance
Bruce Terris
for contributions to high density magnetic
recording and spintronic materials
Ravi Todi
for contributions to innovative design and
commercialization of high performance eDRAM
Joel Tropp
for contributions to sparse signal processing
Gokhan Tur
for leadership in spoken language
understanding and applications to virtual
personal assistant products
Shahrokh Valaee
for contributions to localization of wireless
Dimitri Van De Ville
for contribution to image processing for
computational brain imaging
Peter Varman
for contributions to input/output scheduling
algorithms for storage systems
Malathi Veeraraghavan
for contributions to control-plane architectures,
signal protocols and hybrid networks
Narasimham Vempati
for contributions to power system state
estimation and transmission congestion markets
Mahinda Vilathgamuwa
for contributions to power quality and grid
Ba-Ngu Vo
for contributions to the theory of multiple object
tracking and estimation
Aaron Wagner
for contributions to distributed data compression
Haining Wang
for contributions to network and cloud security
Tza-Huei Wang
for contributions to micro-and-nano-technologies
for biomedical applications

Yunhong Wang
for contributions to iris and face recognition

Ligang Wu
for contributions to sliding mode control and
robust filtering
Pengfei Xia
for contributions to multi-input multi-output
millimeter wave wireless communications
Yang Xiang
for contributions to network and system security
Yang Xiao
for contributions to wireless medium access
Jiang Xie
for contributions to mobility and resource
management of wireless networks
Guoliang Xing
for contributions to sensor networks and lowpower wireless networks
Mengdao Xing
for contributions to radar imaging and motion
compensation algorithms
Hui Xiong
for contributions to data mining and mobile
Huazhong Yang
for low-power circuit techniques for sensor
applications and design automation
Lan Yang
for contributions to optical sensing and nonHermitian photonics
Laurence Tianruo Yang
for contributions to modeling and design for
cyber-physical-social systems
Shiwen Yang
for development of time-modulated antenna
Jieping Ye
for contributions to the methodology and
application of machine learning and data
Jong Chul Ye
for contributions to signal processing and
machine learning for bio-medical imaging
Jianjun Yu
for contributions to high-performance optical
fiber communication systems


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