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IEEE Theodore W. Hissey Outstanding
Young Professional Award

IEEE James H. Mulligan, Jr.
Education Medal

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IEEE Photonics Society, and IEEE Power & Energy

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and the IEEE Life Members Fund

Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan

Leah H. Jamieson

For inspiring leadership, exemplary
innovations, and pioneering contributions
to addressing global challenges through technology-driven IEEE humanitarian programs

For contributions to the promotion,
innovation, and inclusivity of engineering

Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan's development of large-scale computing systems; advanced software; and systems engineering technologies addressing humanitarian challenges including healthcare,
disability, and education, has facilitated highly impactful programs
benefiting people in developing nations. He has successfully introduced and pioneered efforts in creating and implementing IEEE
humanitarian initiatives geared toward improving the quality of life
for underserved populations. He is the founder and president of the
technology-based humanitarian program "The Brahmam" (meaning "knowledge") which aims to address pressing global and local
humanitarian challenges in developing nations through advanced
technological innovations. His unique autism screening technology
enabled physicians and educators to collect clinical data on autism
to achieve detailed and holistic views of children's medical conditions to provide appropriate diagnosis in developing nations like
India. This screening technology made significant field impact in
India and was adopted by over 20 screening sites such as schools and
special educational centers to provide early intervention programs.
Many leading researchers and institutions around the world have
leveraged his groundbreaking work to further advance the field. He
has also led a major initiative in the research, design, and development of the Information System on Human and Health Services
(ISHHS). ISHHS is a health information system that tracks over
one million disabled individuals in India. This technology helps
healthcare providers, policymakers, governmental agencies, and disabled individuals to understand disability prevalence patterns and
initiate disability prevention measures, address the needs of disabled
citizens, and facilitate the creation of equal educational and employment avenues. ISHHS has been widely implemented by governmental and nongovernmental agencies in Southern India. He
has also chaired the IEEE Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT), spearheading global initiatives that have
demonstrated how engineers can help solve critical global humanitarian issues using technological innovations.
An IEEE and Eta Kappu Nu member and recipient of the 2016
IEEE MGA Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award, Veeraraghavan
is a senior technical program manager in the Alexa Artificial Intelligence Group at Amazon, Boston, MA, USA.

A champion of promoting and advancing engineering education,
Leah H. Jamieson has devoted much of her career to establishing
innovative education programs in engineering, attracting women
to computing disciplines, and increasing public understanding of
engineering. Jamieson cofounded the Engineering Projects in
Community Service (EPICS) program at Purdue University to
ensure that the technical education of students occurs alongside
the development of professional and leadership skills in teamwork, creative problem solving, and ethics. EPICS is a servicelearning program that connects teams of engineering students
with community organizations to define, design, build, test, deliver, and support engineering projects that address community
needs. EPICS programs have been implemented at colleges and
highs schools in the United States and around the world, enabling
an estimated 70,000 students to experience the transformative
societal impact of engineering. Jamieson has been a leading voice
on issues affecting women and minorities entering academic
careers through programs including outreach and leadership
development efforts with and mentoring programs
through the Computing Research Association's Committee on
the Status of Women in Computing Research. At Purdue, she was
a member of Purdue's Presidential Task Force on Women's Issues,
a co-convener of the Committee on the Status of Women, and
founding chair of the Purdue Women Faculty in Engineering
Committee. Jamieson has helped build public awareness of engineering by serving on the U.S. National Academy of Engineering committee that produced the influential report "Changing
the Conversation: Developing Effective Messages for Improving
Public Understanding of Engineering" and promoting its findings nationally to attract young people to the discipline. She also
led the creation of IEEE's Committee on Public Visibility and
helped expand the Institute's involvement in K-12 outreach and
other humanitarian programs.
An IEEE Life Fellow, Eminent Member of IEEE-Eta Kappa
Nu, and member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering
and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Jamieson is the
Ransburg Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer
Engineering at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA.

Scope: For contributions to the technical community and IEEE
fields of interest.

Scope: For a career of outstanding contributions to education in
the fields of interest of IEEE.


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