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The Chapters of Eta Kappa Nu:

Directory Pages
Chapters of IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) are
showcased on the Chapter Directory page of the
website. Over 260 Chapters have been chartered
worldwide since the society's founding in 1904.
These Chapters contribute to the profession and to
their local communities as they provide recognition
and service activities. Each one has an important role
to play within its host institution. In addition to basic
Chapter information, the directory pages
show the scope
of HKN and the
of each Chapter.
Chapter Directory
lists key chapter
Jacobs School of Engineering at the
along with other
University of California, San Diego
customized content
including photographs. An online update portal
facilitates the submission of new or updated content.
The main directory page consists of the update
portal and Chapter thumbnail images. The list can be
arranged by institution or filtered by IEEE region. For
example, the thumbnail image for Kappa Psi Chapter
at the University of California San Diego is their main
building for the Jacobs Schoolof Engineering.

Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) at UCSD is highly active in Jacobs
School of Engineering community, hosting 80+ events
an academic year. We strive to develop the technical,
academic, and professional skills of the engineering
community. Members and alumni form a tight knit
community where we help each other grow and give
back to the broader engineering community. Our
member base goes back to 2005, and has been rapidly
growing. We are now inducting over 80 members a
school year, and hope you can join us soon!
Chapters typically choose campus landmarks, school
symbols, or HKN images for this gateway image which
links to their individual page.
The individual chapter pages allow Chapters to highlight
their institutions and activities. Basic information about
the Chapter's charter date and IEEE region and section
affiliation are given. Chapters that have received the
HKN Outstanding Chapter Award are given the OCA
tag. A unique statement of about 100-200 words
describes the local activities, culture, and history for the
Chapter. (See information in blue box above.)
Other content includes a description of the Chapter
location, a location image, social media links, a
photograph gallery, and quotes from Chapter
members. The photograph gallery and the quotes
sections are especially valuable means to highlight
significant Chapter events and to record student and
department perspectives on HKN.
The Chapter Directory shows the international HKN
community and is an information source, an institution
promotion, and a Chapter archive. Each Chapter has
a unique story to tell, and the directory page gives a
Thanks to the Kappa Psi Chapter at the University of
California, San Diego for being our directory example.
Kappa Psi is the host of the 2020 Student Leadership
Conference during 6-8 November.

Kappa Psi photo gallery examples.


Make sure your Chapter has a presence and is current
on the IEEE-HKN Directory Page. An updated chapter
page is a core essential requirement toward Key
Chapter recognition!

Sage Advice and the Adventures of the Slate Twins
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