James Webb Telescope Issue - 38

Two Books in a New Series on Reaching Your Full
Career, Personal Potential Are Among Free E-Books
from IEEE-USA for Members
by Georgia C. Stelluto
New E-Book on Using Self-Assessment
to Visualize and Realize Your Future Self
Now Available
IEEE-USA has just published The Ultimate Upgrade Essentials:
Book 2: Self-Assessment, the second e-book in the series, by
Terence Yeoh, Ph.D., PMP.
In his newest e-book, Yeoh, who offered the keynote address
at the 2022 IEEE-HKN Pathways to Industry conference,
outlines three failures of individuals:
1. Failure to correctly gauge your potential, thereby
limiting yourself (a failure of youth).
2. Failure to adequately recognize your limitations,
thereby overstretching yourself (a failure of midlife).
3. Failure to realize that balance is dynamic, and can only be
achieved in motion, not stillness (a failure late in life).
Yeoh notes that it is common to look at yourself and others,
and attribute successes to hard work or luck. He suggests,
however, that regardless of one's life stage, successful
individuals focus on their skills to expand their strengths and
recognize that " 'every weakness can be harnessed for even
greater strength. "
The first step in this exercise is self-assessment. Yeoh discusses
several self-assessments, starting with a simplified personal
SWOT analysis (strengths, weakness, opportunity and threats).
He encourages readers to draw on their own observations, as
well as the input of others (a friend, a coworker and a relative)
to effectively develop a 360-degree assessment.
The Ultimate Upgrade Essentials - Book 2: Self-Assessment
is available to IEEE members for free at IEEE-USA's
online shop.
New E-Book for Members Explores
Reaching Your Full Human Potential
" Author Terence Yeoh loves cars. The author makes it clear
from the very opening paragraphs of his first book in the new
IEEE-USA e-book series: The Ultimate Upgrade Essentials
Book 1: The Human Condition. Yeoh starts by drawing
parallels between cars and the human body. He notes that
just like cars: " Our bodies always leave something in the back
pocket, " and that " Our human potential far exceeds our day-today
performance. "
In this book, Yeoh draws from both his engineering experience,
and from his YouTube series, Yeoh on the Go, to offer
suggestions on performing at peak levels. He notes that as
everyone is bombarded with more and more information,
we need to understand how we can process and act on
information in parallel tracks, while cutting out information
or tasks that are less important. The author points out that
humans are generalists by nature, but are most able to
become expert (or at least competent) in multiple areas. In
the face of even more information and the maturing of artificial
intelligence, he suggests we " strive to grow in this manner -
to be more human, not less. "
Members: Get your free e-book here.
New E-Book for Members Encourages
Teachers, Students, and Parents To
Explore Creativity
Prolific Author, Harry T. Roman is back with a new e-book
series on creativity in the classroom. Creativity - Our Valuable
Lifelong Skill - Volume 1: The Basics, is the first of a threebook
series on creativity. This book contains the basics
about creativity gleaned from the author's personal readings,
research, and interactions with teachers and students over
decades of in-person visits and lecturing in various grade levels
in public and private schools.
In Volume 1: The Basics, Roman outlines the four Cs
necessary to prepare the next generation to be creative,
and to generate the ideas necessary for the unprecedented
global changes to come: creativity, curiosity, collaboration, and
Creativity-Our Valuable Lifelong Skill-Volume 1: The Basics is
available to IEEE members for free at IEEE-USA's online shop.
Get it here.
New E-Book for Members Helps Teachers,
Students Explore Electric Cars with
360-Degree View
Roman is also back with a second book
on electric cars: Electric Vehicle Classroom
Activities Book-Volume 2: Fascinating
Electric Vehicle Activities. Roman's newest
book helps teachers lead students as they
take a 360-degree look at electric cars,
examining the technological, environmental,
social, cultural, safety and regulatory
implications of widespread electric car adoption.
The author pushes student exploration well beyond the
environmental impact. For instance, he suggests students
brainstorm unexpected economic impacts, such as job
https://ieeeusa.org/product/the-ultimate-upgrade-essentials-book-2/ https://ieeeusa.org/product/the-ultimate-upgrade-essentials-book-2/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TQot1ytNaU&feature=youtu.be https://ieeeusa.org/product/the-ultimate-upgrade-essentials-book-1/ https://ieeeusa.org/product/creativity-v1/ https://ieeeusa.org/product/creativity-v1/ https://ieeeusa.org/product/creativity-v1/ https://ieeeusa.org/product/creativity-v1/ https://ieeeusa.org/product/the-ultimate-upgrade-essentials-book-2/ https://ieeeusa.org/product/creativity-v1/ https://ieeeusa.org/product/the-electric-vehicle-classroom-activities-book-vol-2/ https://ieeeusa.org/product/the-electric-vehicle-classroom-activities-book-vol-2/ https://ieeeusa.org/product/the-electric-vehicle-classroom-activities-book-vol-2/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYrLsU_YjtSGs3EvaelKjLA/playlists

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