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2022 IEEE-HKN Award Winners Announced
IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN), the honor society of
IEEE, is thrilled to announce the recipients of the 2022
IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu Awards and Recognition program.
Dr. Albert Pisano, Dean of
Engineering, Jacobs School of
Engineering at the University of
California, San Diego, was named
the recipient of IEEE-Eta Kappa
Nu's highest honor, IEEE-HKN Asad
M. Madni Outstanding Technical
Achievement and Excellence Award for 2022. He was
recognized " for outstanding technical achievements
and seminal contributions that promote engineering
to broader communities for the benefit of society. "
Dr. Pisano was inducted into University of California,
San Diego's, Kappa Psi Chapter of IEEE-HKN.
Dr. Karen A. Panetta, 2019
IEEE-HKN President and Dean
for Graduate Education at Tufts
University has received the 2022
IEEE-HKN Distinguished Service
Award " for outstanding contributions
to the advancement of IEEE-HKN
educational and professional programs. " Dr. Panetta
was inducted into Tufts University's Epsilon Delta
Chapter of IEEE-HKN.
Dr. Thomas D. O'Sullivan,
Associate Professor of Electrical
Engineering at University of Notre
Dame, is the recipient of the 2022
C. Holmes MacDonald Outstanding
Teaching Award " for contributions
to creative and inclusive teaching
and mentoring in electrical engineering and
bioengineering. " Dr. O'Sullivan was inducted into
Northwestern University's Beta Tau Chapter of IEEEHKN
and is the Faculty Advisor for Notre Dame's Delta
Sigma Chapter.
Dr. Achuta Kadambi, Assistant
Professor at the University of
California, Los Angeles Department
of Electrical and Computer
Engineering, received the
Outstanding Young Professional
Award " for contributions to creative
and inclusive teaching and mentoring in electrical
engineering and bioengineering. " Dr. Kadambi was
inducted into the University of California, Los Angeles'
Iota Gamma Chapter of IEEE-HKN.
Awards will be presented at the IEEE Educational
Activities Board Awards & Recognition Ceremony in
Vancouver, BC, Canada, on 18 November 2022.
The 2022 IEEE-HKN Awards program was extremely
competitive, having received a total of 70 nominations.
Madni Award winner, Dr. Pisano has dedicated his
career to promoting engineering as a force for the
public good, according to his nominator. He is a highly
visible figure nationally, in California, and on the UC
San Diego campus. He is the Founding Chair of the
National Academy of Engineering and the Division
of Engineering and Physical Sciences of the National
Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
Deans' Roundtable. The roundtable meets annually
to bring together U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)
leadership with U.S. engineering deans and university
leaders to discuss research and engineering issues
relevant to DoD. He is active in the U.S. Council
on Competitiveness and is a strong proponent of a
national network of innovation centers for platform
technologies organized as public-private partnerships.
Professor Pisano became dean of the Jacobs School
of Engineering, the largest engineering school in
California, in 2013. It currently ranks No. 10 of all
engineering schools, public or private, in the U.S. He
also has made myriad contributions to the invention,
design, fabrication, optimization, and application of
microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). As Program
Manager, he initiated the largest MEMS program at
the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
(DARPA). He was elected to the National Academy of
Engineering and the National Academy of Inventors in
recognition of these achievements.
Dr. Panetta, the recipient of the Distinguished Service
Award, was the IEEE-HKN President in 2019 and
continues to lead initiatives and assists in cultivating
significant sponsorships including from the Samueli
Foundation and donations from Apple co-founder,
Steve Wozniak. These contributions propelled IEEEHKN
to new levels of giving and sponsorship and
contributed to creating the first endowed HKN Award,
https://hkn.ieee.org https://hkn.ieee.org/get-involved/awards/madni-tech-achievement-excellence-award https://hkn.ieee.org/get-involved/awards/madni-tech-achievement-excellence-award https://hkn.ieee.org/get-involved/awards/madni-tech-achievement-excellence-award https://hkn.ieee.org/get-involved/awards/distinguished-service-award https://hkn.ieee.org/get-involved/awards/distinguished-service-award https://hkn.ieee.org/get-involved/awards/c-holmes-macdonald-outstanding-teaching-award https://hkn.ieee.org/get-involved/awards/c-holmes-macdonald-outstanding-teaching-award https://hkn.ieee.org/get-involved/awards/outstanding-young-professional-award https://hkn.ieee.org/get-involved/awards/outstanding-young-professional-award

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