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Organizing Committee
General Chairs:
Thomas Fang ZHENG (Tsinghua Univ.)
Zhi DING (Univ. California-Davis, USA)
Technical Program Chairs:
Jiangtao Gene WEN (Tsinghua Univ.)
Xiaodong WANG (Columbia Univ., USA)
Industry Forum Chairs:
Eric CHANG (Microsoft Research Asia)
Jun WU (Tencent Co.)

The first IEEE China Summit & International Conference on Signal and Information Processing
(ChinaSIP 2013) will be held 6-10 July 2013 at the China National Convention Center (CNCC),
Beijing, China.
Sponsored by the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS), ChinaSIP ® is a new annual summit and
international conference held in China for domestic and international scientists, researchers, and
practitioners to network and discuss the latest progress in theoretical, technological, and
educational aspects of signal and information processing. ChinaSIP is a unique platform
developed by IEEE SPS to help colleagues in China engage with the global community, and offer
global colleagues opportunities to network and develop international collaborations.
As the inaugural summit and conference, ChinaSIP 2013 's features include:
* Technical tracks and industry forum . Papers and presentations along the regular technical tracks
as listed below focus on novel and significant research contributions. An industry forum provides a
platform for exchange and networking among SIP industries as well as between academia and industries.

Finance Chair:
Qiang ZHOU (Tsinghua Univ.)
Local Arrangement Chair:
Xiaojun WU (Tsinghua Univ.)
Publicity Chairs:
Lei XIE (Northwest. Polytech. Univ.)
Ming ZHOU (Microsoft Research Asia)
Publication Chair:
Changchun BAO (Beijing Univ. of Technology)
Kehu YANG (Xidian Univ.)

* Invited papers and open-call papers. Special invitations will be extended to major influential
research groups in China to submit their latest contributions. Invited papers will be peer reviewed, and
only papers with sufficient quality and significance will be accepted. In parallel, papers are also accepted
through an open call from the community at large on a competitive basis.

* Journal poster sessions. Journal poster sessions provide a venue for overview and showcase of recent

publications accepted by SPS journals. These already published journal papers will not be re-published
with the ChinaSIP proceedings onto the IEEE Xplore ®; a weblink and/or a reprint copy will be made
available to attendees to facilitate at-conference exchanges.

Registration Chairs:
Jia JIA (Tsinghua Univ.)
Askar HAMDULLA (Xinjiang Univ.)

* Professional development program. Several professional development activities will be organized,

Summer School Chairs:
Changshui ZHANG (Tsinghua Univ.)
Kai YU (Shanghai Jiaotong Univ.)

* Summer schools. The conference will set up summer schools before the regular sessions begin for

Special/Invited Session Chairs:
Jingdong CHEN (Northwest. Polytech. Univ.)
Chenyang YANG (Beihang Univ.)

Steering committee
Chair: Min WU (Univ. Maryland-College Park, USA)

Yun HE (Tsinghua Univ.)
Jianguo HUANG (Northwest. Polytech. Univ.)
Jiwu HUANG (Sun-Yat-Sen Univ.)
Xingzhao LIU (Shanghai Jiaotong Univ.)
SPS VP Conference: Wan-Chi SIU

SPS VP Technical Direction: Ahmed TEWFIK
SPS Region-10 Director: Ta-sung LEE

SPS Conference Manager: Lisa SCHWARZBEK
IEEE China Operation Director: Ning HUA

Exhibit and Demos

ChinaSIP 2013 welcomes exhibitions of products
and demonstrations of R&D systems within the
areas relevant to the conference.

Supporter Opportunities
Numerous opportunities are available to industrial,
academia, and non-profit organizations to support
the conference.
Please refer to the conference website for details
on exhibit, demo, and supporter opportunities.

such as townhall meetings with the SPS leadership, trends/overview sessions, publication (EIC/AE)
panels, and Fellow development sessions.

students, researchers and practitioners to learn the state-of-the-art technologies and tools.

The regular technical program tracks and topics include (but not limited to):
* Signal/Information Processing Theory and Methods
* Speech, Language, and Audio
* Image, Video, and Multimedia
* Signal Processing for Communications and Networking
* Signal Sensing, Radar, Sonar, and Sensor Networks
* SIP Hardware/Software Designs and Systems
* Information Forensics and Security
* Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
* Signal/Info Processing for Bioinformatics & Bio/Medicine
Submission of Papers
The official language of the conference is English. Prospective authors are invited to submit up to 4 pages in
length (with an optional 5 th page containing only references). The conference proceedings will be published at
the IEEE Xplore®, and will be indexed by both IEEE Xplore ® and EI Compendex.
The IEEE Signal Processing Society enforces a "no-show" policy. Any accepted paper included in the final
program is expected to have at least one author or qualified proxy attend and present the paper at the
conference. Authors of the accepted papers included in the final program who do not attend and present at the
conference will be added to a "No-Show List", compiled by the Society. The "no-show" papers will not be
published by IEEE on IEEE Xplore ® or other public access forums, but these papers will be distributed as
part of the on-site electronic proceedings and the copyright of these papers will belong to the IEEE.

Important Dates
Submission of Regular Full Papers:
Submission of Special Sessions & Invited Papers:
Notification of Paper Acceptance:
Authors Registration Deadline:
Attendees Advanced Registration Deadline:
Summer School Dates:
Summit and Conference Dates:



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