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K.J. Ray Liu is 2021

elected as 2021 IEEE president-elect.
He is set to begin serving as president
on 1 January 2022.
Liu, who was nominated by the IEEE
Board of Directors, received 21,120 votes
in the election. Life Fellow Saifur Rahman received 15,781 votes, and Fellow
S.K. Ramesh received 12,852.
At press time, the results were unofficial. The Board of Directors was expected
to accept the IEEE Tellers Committee
report in November.
Liu is a Distinguished University Professor and Christine Kim Eminent Professor of Information Technology at the

University of Maryland in College Park. He
leads the university's Signal and Information Group, which researches signal
processing and communications.
He has founded several startups including Origin Wireless, which pioneered artificial intelligence for wireless sensing and
indoor tracking. Under Liu's leadership as
chief executive, the company invented the
world's first centimeter-accuracy indoor
positioning and tracking system. The
product, which is available in more than
150 countries, won a Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Award this year.
Liu has held many volunteer positions. This article originally appeared online as
He was the 2019 vice president of IEEE " K.J. Ray Liu is 2021 IEEE President-Elect. "



Technical Activities. As 2012-2013 president of the IEEE Signal Processing Society, he established a new board to offer
more benefits to society members-which
resulted in increased membership.
In 2005 he helped to found the Signal
Processing Society chapter in Washington, D.C. From 2003 to 2005, he was
editor-in-chief of IEEE Signal Processing
Magazine. He also was the 2016-2017 Division IX director.
He created IEEE DataPort, a platform
where members can upload and store
data sets for free-independently of, or
in conjunction with, paper submissions
to more than 64 IEEE journals. IEEE
DataPort launched last year.
Liu proposed and helped lead the
development of the IEEE Mobile App,
which allows members to personalize
how they engage and connect with all
things IEEE, as well as network globally.
He was elevated to IEEE Fellow in 2003
" for contributions to algorithms, architectures, and implementations for signal processing. "
Liu was inducted into the U.S. National
Academy of Inventors last year and
elected as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
in 2008.
He has received numerous IEEE honors and recognitions including two IEEE
Technical Field Awards: the 2016 Kirchmayer Graduate Teaching Award and the
2021 Fourier Award for Signal Processing. He also received the 2009 Signal
Processing Society Technical Achievement Award and the 2014 Signal Processing Society Award " for influential
technical contributions and profound
leadership impact. "

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