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It's Now Easier for IEEE
Authors to Change Their
Preferred Name
IN JUNE, IEEE's Board of Directors
took an important step in
its collective journey toward an
inclusive and equitable culture that
welcomes, engages, and rewards all
who contribute to the field, without
regard to race, religion, gender,
disability, age, national origin, sexual
orientation, gender identity, or gender
To fully align IEEE's actions with
our commitment to diversity and
inclusion, IEEE's Publication Services
and Products Board (PSPB) and the
IEEE Board of Directors voted to
permit authors who change their
preferred name-due to marriage or
divorce, religious conversion, gender
alignment, or any other reason-to
modify the metadata associated with
their IEEE publications upon successful
validation of the identity of the
requesting author.
" IEEE continues its strong
commitment to diversity, equity, and
inclusion in our work and across
our professions. Given our mission,
focused on the advancement of technology
for the benefit of humanity,
IEEE collaborates globally with all our
stakeholders and seeks to maintain an
open and inclusive platform for our
authors, " says Susan K. (Kathy) Land,
2021 IEEE president and CEO.
" I'm pleased with the IEEE Board
of Directors's unanimous approval of a
policy that recognizes the importance
that authors place on managing their
own name and identity. "
Larry Hall, vice president, IEEE
Publication Services and Products,
replied, " I'm quite pleased that the
Board was able to make substantial
progress in addressing the needs of
our author community in concert with
progressive industry practice. We will
continue to work on issues related to
removing impediments and expanding
access for all researchers who have
something to contribute to the scholarly
conversation. "
New Resource Helps University Educators
Adapt to Today's Learning Environment
The IEEE Teaching Excellence Hub is a resource for university-level
educators who are teaching engineering, computer science, and technology
courses online or in person. The website offers tools they can use
to improve their curriculum, manage student teams, and more. The hub
is a collaboration between the IEEE Education Society and the IEEE
Educational Activities Board.
Registration is free for all events. Attendees can earn a digital
certificate of participation and continuing-education units and
professional development hour credits.
Here is an overview of the on-demand events the hub offers.
The Engineering Education 2.0
interactive virtual-event series
equips engineering educators with
best practices on topics such as:
* Transformation in Practice:
Approaches to Innovative
Instructional Design.
* Interviews in the Field.
* Digital Transformation of
Teaching in a Post-Pandemic
The webinars in this series cover
technologies to facilitate studentteacher
communication. They include:
* Online Delivery of Engineering
Programs: Tips You Can Use From
an Experienced ABET-Accredited
* Helping Students Learn via
Online Delivery: Considerations
for Pandemic Pedagogy.
This series presents behind-thescenes
experiences from IEEE/
ABET program evaluators and
global accreditation experts. The
first event, How an IEEE Program
Evaluator Prepares for a University
Visit, is available on demand.
The Effective Remote Instruction
virtual conference brought
together faculty members to share
real-world examples and best
practices. These five webcasts
from the conference are available:
* Ditching the Traditional
College Lecture in Remote
* Making Labs Effective With
Remote Learning.
* Managing Remote Student Teams.
* Student Assessments for Remote
* Student and Data Privacy When
Offering Remote Instruction.
Johanna Perez is a digital
marketing specialist for
IEEE Educational Activities.

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