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Ethically Aligned Design Report
Offers Guidelines for AI

The IEEE Global Initiative
on Ethics of Autonomous
and Intelligent Systems, an
IEEE Standards Association Industry Connections
Program, recently released
"Ethically Aligned Design:
A Vision for Prioritizing
Human Well-Being With
Autonomous and Intelligent
Systems, First Edition." The
EAD1e report sets forth
scientific analysis and
resources, high-level principles, and actionable recommendations for the ethical
implementation of autonomous and intelligent systems (A/IS). It is expected
to serve as a key reference
for educators, businesspeople, policymakers,
and technologists.
Thousands of experts
around the world provided
feedback during the threeyear iterative process that
led to the edition. During
that time, two draft documents (Ethically Aligned
Design, Versions 1 and 2)
were reviewed by academia,


JUN 2019



industry, governments,
intergovernmental bodies
and nongovernmental organizations. Those versions
informed collaborations on
autonomous and intelligent
systems governance with the
European Commission and
Parliament, the Organization
for Economic Cooperation
and Development, and the
United Nations as well as
"EAD1e is urgently needed
to help policymakers,
engineers, designers,
developers, and corporations ensure that A/IS align
with explicitly formulated
human values," IEEE Fellow
Raja Chatila said in a news
release about the document. He chairs the IEEE
Global Initiative on Ethics of
Autonomous and Intelligent
Systems, which produced
the document.
You may download the
report at no cost from https://

New Ad Hoc
Takes On
and Ethics
The IEEE Board of Directors in February approved
the ad hoc committee on
diversity, inclusion, and pro-

fessional ethics. The committee has been organized
into three subcommittees.
The first subcommittee has been tasked with
developing and implementing mechanisms to improve
diversity and inclusion
across all of IEEE. That
diversity encompasses age,
gender, geography, race,
ethnicity, and work sector.
The professional ethics
subcommittee is looking to
streamline and merge all of
IEEE organizational units'
various ethics codes into
one. Plans call for the subcommittee to develop training and outreach programs
to raise awareness among
members and volunteers
about IEEE's existing Code
of Ethics and their responsibility to uphold it, report
violations, and prevent
retaliation. In addition, the
subcommittee is developing
professional ethics advice
and support policies.
The subcommittee on
IEEE ethics processes is
designing a method for
expanding IEEE's existing
ethics processes around
reporting, mediation,
adjudication, appeal, and
sanctions. The processes
are to incorporate best
practices for timeliness,
tracking, transparency, and
confidential reporting of
violations. The subcommittee also will consider
implementing an IEEE
ombudsperson and creating a whistleblower program for member support
around ethics and conduct.
IEEE Fellow Andrea
Goldsmith has been
appointed chair of the ad
hoc committee, which
reports to the Board.

IEEE Foundation
Reaches 60
Percent of Its
In a little more than a
year, the IEEE Foundation
has received more than half
of its goal of US $30 million since the launch of
the organization's first
fundraising campaign,
Realize the Full Potential
of IEEE, in February 2018.
Funds generated by
the campaign will help
increase technological
access, innovation, and
engagement through a
variety of far-reaching
global initiatives designed
to transform lives through
the power of technology
and education.
The campaign is seeking
donations from members
and nonmembers as well
as academic institutions,
companies, foundations,
and other organizations
that support IEEE's mission of advancing technology for humanity through
IEEE Day in 2020, which is
6 October.

Student Member Stephanie
Avendano benefited from
the IEEE Power & Energy
Society Scholarship Plus



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