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neering, IEEE now has a
resource to help students choose a
STEM career.
The number of jobs available in
STEM fields is increasing, and the
jobs pay well because STEM fields
are key to reaping the rewards of the
current technology revolution. That
includes access to improved health
care and education, as well as a higher
standard of living. STEM jobs are
also key to dealing with the potential
downside of emerging disruptors such
as climate change, cybercrime, and
privacy issues.
Ensuring there is a pool of diverse,
New STEM Portal
Offers a Chance
to Give Back
THINK BACK TO what inspired you
to become an engineer or technology
professional. Perhaps it was an
individual who encouraged you early
in your life or possibly a mentor.
Unfortunately, many students never
have such an opportunity. However,
IEEE is now in a great position
to inspire students to pursue
engineering and show them a new
world of engagement and opportunity
in science, technology, engineering,
and math (STEM).
As we all know, IEEE's mission is to
advance technology for humanity. This
technology originates from the creativity,
innovation, and imagination of our
global community, which is made up
of engineers and technologists from
a variety of fields including biological
and medical science, computer science,
education, information technology,
JUNE 2021
mathematics, management, law and
policy, physical science, and technical
communications. For this community
to continue to thrive and expand, it
requires a diverse and talented pool of
students. With the launch of IEEE's Volunteer STEM
Portal (https://stemportal-tryengiHow
Can Utilize
the Portal
talented individuals entering engineering
and technology fields around the
world is an important part of IEEE's
mission. It also aligns strongly with one
of my personal missions as an IEEE
leader: to promote and empower the
next generation of technical experts
by supporting student chapters and
our Women in Engineering and Young
Professionals affinity groups. These
important groups not only represent
the future of technology but also the
future of IEEE.
Today's students are the engineering
and technology workforce of tomorrow
that will develop solutions to improve
our world. A more diverse, balanced
combination of men and women in
STEM jobs and leadership positions
would not only improve creativity
and innovation, it also would lead to
positive fiscal and sociocultural change.
Greater inclusion leads to stronger
economic growth and enhanced
communal well-being.
IEEE is invested in inspiring the
next generation of STEM professionals.
IEEE volunteers are helping to spark
* Browse the library of STEM programs for ideas to
adapt for your IEEE unit.
* Discover what STEM outreach events are happening
in your region so you can make connections and
build your local STEM community.
* Showcase your STEM programs to give ideas and
encouragement to others.
* Share your results to help us measure IEEE's impact.
* Learn how to take your STEM program to
the next level with proven strategies and
high-quality resources. http://www.IEEE.TV

The Institute - June 2021

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