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The IEEE Nominations and Appointments (N&A) Committee seeks nominations of members to serve in both appointed and
elected volunteer positions on standing committees and major
boards. The N&A Committee recommends these nominees to the
IEEE Board of Directors and the IEEE Assembly.
Names of candidates for 2008 must be submitted to the N&A
Committee by 15 March 2007.
Openings for volunteers exist on the Audit; Awards Board;
Conferences (chair only); Credentials; Employee Benefits; Ethics and Member Conduct; Fellow; History; Individual Benefits
and Services; Information Technology Strategy; Nominations
and Appointments; Strategic Planning; Tellers; and Women in
Engineering committees.
Nominations are also sought for 2009 IEEE President-Elect
and the 2008 Assembly-elected officers: Vice President, Educational Activities; Vice President, Publication Services & Products; and IEEE Secretary/Treasurer, or two individuals for IEEE
Secretary and IEEE Treasurer. [For a list of elected offices, see
sidebar, "Up for Election in 2007."]
General qualifications for volunteers are competence, experience, and a willingness to take on the tasks. It is also a good idea
for volunteers to have the time in which to participate, along with
enthusiasm, vigor, and the ability to cooperate with others in
achieving the objectives of the committee or board they serve.
The deadline for nominations for 2008 is 15 March.
Recommendations to the N&A Committee can be made
throughout the year by fax at +1 732 981 9515, or by e-mail to
On the ballot On 1 May, the IEEE Board of Directors will
announce the candidates to be placed on the 2007 ballot for
elected positions.
The ballot will include candidates for IEEE President-Elect
selected by the Board of Directors. Other candidates will be
nominees for Director and Director-Elect positions, submitted
by the respective regional and divisional nominating committees. The ballot also will have nominees for President-Elect and
Members-at-Large of the Standards Association Board of Governors; Vice President-Elect, Technical Activities; and IEEE-USA
President-Elect and IEEE-USA Member-at-Large. The Board of
Directors is also responsible for placing proposed constitutional
amendments on the ballot.
Members who are not nominated but who want to run for
office may do so by submitting a petition to the Board of Directors, to be received at IEEE Headquarters no later than noon
Eastern Daylight Time USA (16:00 Greenwich Mean Time),
8 June 2007. To be eligible for placement on the ballot, such
candidates must submit petitions accompanied by the necessary number of valid voting members' signatures, and meet
other requirements as well.
For more information on election procedures, contact
Carrie Loh, IEEE Corporate Activities, at +1 732 562 3934,
e-mail:; or Fern Katronetsky, IEEE Corporate
Activities, at +1 732 562 3932, e-mail:

15 March
* Regional nominating






committees submit names
of candidates for the offices
of Regional Delegate-Elect/
Director-Elect, as applicable.
Divisional nominating
committees submit
candidates for the office of
Divisional Delegate-Elect/
Director-Elect, as applicable.
Standards Association
submits candidates for
the offices of Standards
Association Board of
Governors, President-Elect,
and Members-at-Large,
as applicable.
Technical Activities submits
candidates for the office of
Technical Activities, Vice
IEEE-USA submits
candidates for the offices
of IEEE-USA President-Elect
and IEEE-USA Memberat-Large.
Recommendations due
to IEEE Nominations and
Appointments Committee for
2008 Standing Committee
members, Assemblyelected positions, and 2009

1 May
* The Board of Directors

Elect, as applicable; and
other positions to be elected
by voting members for the
coming term.
* The Board of Directors
announces if it intends to put
forward any constitutional

15 May
* Deadline for drafts of
petitions to be submitted to
the Board of Directors.

8 June
* Petitions for constitutional
amendments must be
received at IEEE by noon
EDT USA/16:00 GMT.
* Initial statements by
principal initiators and
opponents of constitutional
amendment(s) must be
* Petition nominations for
candidates to be elected
by the membership must
be received by noon EDT
USA/16:00 GMT.
* Corporate Activities must
receive initial campaign
statements from all annual
election candidates.

19 June
* Corporate Activities mails

submits to the voting
membership a list of
nominees for PresidentElect; Delegate/Director or

initial statements by
proponents of proposed
constitutional amendment(s)
to opponents, and
opponents' initial statements
to proponents.

5 July
* Deadline for rebuttal
statements from initiators
and opponents of
proposed constitutional

1 September
* IEEE annual election
ballots sent to all voting

1 November
* Last day, by noon Central
Standard Time USA/
18:00 GMT, for ballots to
be received from voting

8 November
* Last day for ballots to be
tallied by the IEEE Tellers

13 November
* Last day for announcement
of vote tally to the IEEE
Board of Directors by the
Tellers Committee.

14 November
* Election of officers by the
IEEE Assembly.

18 November
* Assembly election results

* IEEE Board of Directors
acts to accept report of the
Tellers Committee.
* IEEE annual election results
are made official.

Chosen by all voting members:
* IEEE President-Elect
Chosen by members in Regions 1-6:
* IEEE-USA President-Elect
* IEEE-USA Member-at-Large
Chosen by all voting members who are
also members of the IEEE Standards
* IEEE Standards Association

Chosen by members of the respective technical divisions:
* Vice President-Elect, Technical Activities
* Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, Division II (one-year term)
* Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, Division IV (one-year term)
* Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, Division VI (one-year term)
* Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, Division VIII (one-year term)
* Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, Division X (one-year term)
Chosen by members of the respective regions:
* Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, Region 1 (two-year term)
* Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, Region 3 (two-year term)

Chosen by members of the IEEE
Standards Association:
* IEEE Standards Association Board

* Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, Region 5 (two-year term)

of Governors, Members-at-Large

* Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, Region 9 (two-year term)

* Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, Region 7 (two-year term)
* Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, Region 8 (one-year term)

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