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President's column


9 Improving the Public's
Awareness of Engineering
by Leah H. Jamieson
A key goal this year is to foster programs and activities that promote
greater visibility for members, the profession, and the IEEE among
employers, government decision-makers, educators, and parents.

10 Copy-and-Paste Papers
Put Profs on the Offensive
by anna bogdanowicz
The Internet may have created a copy-and-paste world for student
plagiarizers, but the reasons more and more of them are lifting
material are complicated, as a number of engineering professors
have discovered.

11 The Plagiarism Problem:
Now You Can Help
by anna bogdanowicz

4		 Board Names Three
		 For 2008 President-Elect
		 Voters Choose Lewis Terman 	 	
	 	 As 2007 President-Elect
		 Thomas Kailath Awarded
		 IEEE Medal of Honor
		 Three Share Education Prize



14		 Women in Engineering

1 Standards For
Car Talk
by Ivan berger
Four new IEEE standards are paving the way for cars
to chat with each other and with roadside systems
about traffic, accidents, and road conditions.

1 Getting Automation
Some Respect
by Trudy E. Bell
Automation is about more than just robots building
cars in a factory. It's a science that deserves greater
credibility, according to an IEEE journal that's out
to get automation the respect it deserves.

7 How Today's
Techies Work


by Kathy Kowalenko


If you communicate mostly through e-mail, spend
half your day in meetings, and search the Internet
for the latest research, don't worry-that's perfectly
normal, according to an IEEE study.


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Plagiarism is on the rise at the IEEE as well, but the institute is
not sitting idly by and watching the problem grow. It has
implemented penalties and developed new online tools that
explain its new procedures.


Look for these articles on 7 March:

Look for these articles on 7 March
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on the task of improving the country's environment through an
for 2007 President-Elect.
awareness drive.
News The IEEE Foundation launches a program
news Find out who are the five new members of the IEEE
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Featured Conference Learn about the latest
Featured Conference Learn about the latest optics
in eco-friendly electronic design, manufacturing, and
and photonics research at the Conference on Lasers and Electroresearch at the IEEE International Symposium on Electronics
Optics/Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference to be
and the Environment to be held 8-11 May in San Francisco.
held from 8 to 10 May in Baltimore.
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