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president's column

Engage Globally, Empower Locally

to be essential to the global technical
community and to technical professionals everywhere. Our organization also
strives to be universally recognized for
the role that technology and technical
professionals play in improving
global social conditions.
During the past two years, the
IEEE Board of Directors has worked
with members around the world
to create the IEEE Strategic Plan
for 2020 through 2025, providing
a clear picture of the vision and
goals that will guide IEEE as we
move forward.
For the next five years, we are
committed to continuing to drive
global innovation through broad
collaboration and the sharing of
knowledge. A key element of the
new strategic plan is a renewed
focus on continuing education
and professional development
programs, which will enhance
the value of IEEE for our members and which will be vital to the
future growth of the organization.
The plan commits IEEE to be a
trusted source of educational services
and resources to support lifelong learning and to provide new opportunities for
career and professional development.

Our international membership is the
heart of IEEE. As president, I am interested in exploring new opportunities to
leverage technology to empower us to
collaborate, communicate, and connect


It is also important for IEEE to engage
diverse audiences to attract and retain
new members. Today, young professionals, students, women in engineering, entrepreneurs, and engineers and
technologists working across a wide

variety of industries are looking for new
ways to engage with IEEE through networking and learning opportunities.
We will need to continue to engage and
welcome a growing member community for IEEE as membership expands
in China, India, and across Africa and
South America.

I believe education at all levels is a fundamental activity for IEEE. Education

underpins everything: the disciplines
we immerse ourselves in; the desire to
inspire the next generation of scientists
and technologists; the need to excite
young people about science, technology, engineering, and math early in their
education; the role we play in shaping university-level education and
research; and the support we provide to our members in maintaining
their technical currency and proficiency across their careers.
Continuing education has long
been one of the top five reasons
members give when asked why
they joined IEEE. Member surveys and my own conversations
with members have reinforced
my belief that enhancing IEEE's
continuing education offerings
must be a critical new pillar of
member value.
As the existing body of technical knowledge continues to grow
exponentially, engineers and technology professionals are working
hard to stay current, competent,
and informed. Today, technologists are seeking trusted sources to
support their long-term and just-in-time
learning needs, and this demand will
continue to grow in the future. IEEE has
a vital role to play in delivering "educational value" to our members. I believe
a high-quality continuing education program can significantly increase the "value"
of IEEE membership.
Because IEEE's technical scope covers
a broad range of scientific and technical
areas, our robust education program
must address the needs of members


Focus on education to support our members
throughout their careers

The Institute - March 2020

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