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Kathleen Kramer
Maike Luiken
Kazuhiro Kosuge
science, computing, engineering,
and technology. She has contributed
to several advances for graduate
programs, cybersecurity, mechatronics,
and robotics.
Senior Member
Maike Luiken
Luiken's career in academia spans
30 years, and she has more than
20 years of experience in industry.
She is co-owner of Carbovate
Development, in Sarnia, Ont., Canada,
and is managing director of its R&D
department. She also is an adjunct
research professor at Western
University in London, also in Ontario.
Her areas of interest include
power and energy, information and
communications technology, how
progress in one field enables advances
in other disciplines and sectors, and
how the deployment of technologies
contributes-or doesn't contribute-to
sustainable development.
In 2001 she joined the National Capital
Institute of Telecommunications
in Ottawa as vice president of research
alliances. There she was responsible
for a wide area test network and its
upgrades. While at the comp any, she
founded two research alliance networks
that spanned across industry, business,
government, and academia in the areas
of wireless and photonics.
She joined Lambton College, in
Sarnia, in 2005 and served as dean of
its School of Technology and Applied
Research and Innovation, as well as
Sustainability college-wide. Luiken led
the expansion of applied research from
a few projects to Lambton's becoming
one of the top three research colleges
in Canada in recent years.
In 2013 she founded the Bluewater
Technology Access Centre (now the
Lambton Manufacturing Innovation
Centre). It provides applied research
services to industry while offering
students and faculty opportunities to
develop solutions for industry problems.
Luiken, an IEEE-HKN member,
was last year's vice president of IEEE
Member and Geographic Activities.
She was president of IEEE Canada in
2018 and 2019, when she also served as
Region 7 director.
She has served on numerous IEEE
boards and committees including the
IEEE Board of Directors, the Canadian
Foundation, Member and Geographic
Activities, and the Internet Initiative.
Life Fellow
Kazuhiro Kosuge
Kosuge is seeking to be a petition
candidate. You can sign his petition at
Kosuge is a professor of robotic
systems at the University of Hong
Kong's electrical and electronic
engineering department. He has been
conducting robotics research for more
than 35 years, has published more than
390 technical papers, and has been
granted more than 70 patents.
He began his engineering career as a
research staff member in the production
engineering department of Japanese
automotive manufacturer Denso. After
two years, he joined the Tokyo Institute
of Technology's department of control
engineering as a research associate. In
1989 and 1990, he was a visiting research
scientist at MIT.
After he returned to Japan, he began
his academic career at Nagoya University
as an associate professor.
In 1995 Kosuge left Nagoya and joined
Tohoku University, in Sendai, Japan,
as a faculty member in the machine
intelligence and system engineering
department. He is currently director of
the university's Transformative AI and
Robotics International Research Center.
An IEEE-HKN member, he has
held several IEEE leadership positions
including 2020 vice president of
Technical Activities, 2015-2016
Division X director, and 2010-2011
president of the Robotics and
Automation Society.
He has served in several advisory
roles for Japan, including science advisor
to the Ministry of Education, Culture,
Sports, Science, and Technology's
Research Promotion Bureau from 2010
to 2014. He was a senior program officer
of the Japan Society for the Promotion of
Science from 2007 to 2010. From 2005 to
2012, he served as a specially appointed
Fellow of the Japan Science and
Technology Agency's Center for Research
and Development Strategy.
Among his honors and awards are the
purple-ribbon Medal of Honor in 2018
from the emperor of Japan.

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