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IEEE Expands
Open Access
IEEE is providing more
high-quality publishing
options for authors and
researchers. It is launching
14 gold fully open access
journals in early 2020. The
14 new gold open access publications will cover topics
such as automotive technology, biomedical engineering,
power and energy, computing, signal processing,
industry applications, and
telecommunications. The
journals will begin accepting
submissions later in 2019.
Gold open access refers to
articles being made open
access through the payment
of a fee-called an articleprocessing charge (APC)-
by the author. The new
journals will be fully open
access and will publish
articles within the specialized field of interest of the
sponsoring society.
The new publications
will join IEEE's wellknown and respected
portfolio of open access
journals. They include
IEEE Access, IEEE Journal
of the Electron Devices
Society, IEEE Journal on
Exploratory Solid-State
Computational Devices and
Circuits, IEEE Power and
Energy Technology Systems
Journal, IEEE Journal of
Translational Engineering
in Health and Medicine, and
IEEE Photonics Journal.

Each new journal will
follow IEEE's established
high standard of peer
review, drawing on expert
technical communities to
continue to publish the
most highly cited content.
Each journal will also have
an accomplished expert as
"IEEE's publishing program
continues to grow and
evolve," says Stephen Welby,
IEEE executive director and
chief operating officer. "IEEE
continues to support open
science and provide more
options and choices to support the work and needs of
all authors and researchers-
those who prefer to publish
in traditional subscription
journals and those who prefer
or need to publish in open
access journals."

IEEE will be transitioning
the IEEE Journal of Selected
Topics in Applied Earth
Observations and Remote
Sensing to a fully open access
title next year.
All the new open access
options will be fully
compliant with funder
mandates including Plan S,
as all articles will be published under the Creative
Commons Attribution
License (CC-BY), enabling
authors to retain copyright.
The new open access
journals and IEEE Access
sections [see right] will be
hosted on the IEEE Xplore
Digital Library platform,
which delivers thousands of
open access articles. More

* IEEE Open Journal
of Antennas and

* IEEE Open Journal
of Power Electronics
* IEEE Open Journal
of Signal Processing

* IEEE Open Journal of
Circuits and Systems

* IEEE Open Journal
of Solid-State Circuits

* IEEE Open Journal of
the Communications

* IEEE Open Journal of
Vehicular Technology

* IEEE Open Journal
of the Computer Society


* IEEE Open Journal of
Engineering in Medicine
and Biology
* IEEE Open Journal
of Industry Applications
* IEEE Open Journal
of the Industrial
Electronics Society
* IEEE Open Journal
of Intelligent
Transportation Systems
* IEEE Open Journal
of the Microwave
Theory and Techniques
* IEEE Open Journal
of Nanotechnology

than 5 million unique users
access content on IEEE
Xplore each month.
More information on each
of the titles is available at

IEEE Access, IEEE's
broad-scope open
access journal, will
soon launch disciplinespecific sections
that will align with
these societies:
* IEEE Broadcast
* IEEE Electronics
* IEEE Engineering in
Medicine and Biology
* IEEE Photonics
* IEEE Power & Energy
* IEEE Reliability
This article originally appeared
online as "IEEE Expands Open
Access Journal Offerings."


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