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Members Tackle
Coronavirus Creatively


Editor in chief, The Institute

resources can be implemented to support
our members' lifelong learning goals?
How can our worldwide presence facilitate networking and knowledge generation? Our efforts will serve as catalysts for
our operational evolution.
We are thinking strategically on how
these actions reflect IEEE's responsiveness to change and the organization's
willingness to meet head-on significant
challenges to our traditional ways of
doing business. We are also working to
anticipate further changes in the technology and business landscapes that could
challenge our operations and that will
continue to evolve to succeed in the
increasingly dynamic world around us.
In this year of unprecedented change,
the mission of IEEE has not wavered. We
remain committed to fostering technological innovation and excellence for the
benefit of humanity.
Many IEEE members continue to
be directly and indirectly engaged in
the fight against this global pandemic-
supporting biomedical research and
applications, supporting data analysis
and modeling, maintaining critical communications and power infrastructure,
and caring for each other.
Their efforts have resulted in numerous technological innovations in a wide
variety of sectors including artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics,
cybersecurity, finance, health IT, logistics,
and agriculture [page TI-6]. We expect
all our members will continue to grow,
innovate, and inspire change.
Share your thoughts with me at
IEEE president and CEO

In April The Institute asked members who
were using their technical know-how to fight the
novel coronavirus to tell us about their projects.
We received submissions from countries around
the world, including Ecuador, Germany, India,
Iran, Spain, Switzerland, Uganda, the United
Kingdom, and the United States.
We were impressed by the variety of projects-including inexpensive
ventilators and temperature-check stations, hand-washing systems,
medical devices, mobile apps, and robots.
We've highlighted several in this issue.
Ventilators have become life-saving medical devices for COVID-19
patients. But they are expensive and in short supply in developing
countries. That's why Hadi Moradi, an IEEE senior member in Iran,
designed a low-cost, easy-to-build open-source ventilator [page TI-6].
Although such interim DIY devices might seem relatively simple to design from an engineering perspective, making sure they
are deployed safely and reliably can be a significant challenge.
For those who intend to design ventilators, IEEE Fellow Ravinder Dahiya and Andrew Hart explain the fundamentals of how
ventilators work [page TI-8].
To reduce the spread of the virus, some office buildings, restaurants, and stores now check our temperature with thermal-imaging
cameras. Two IEEE members, one in Spain and the other in Switzerland, worked on separate projects to improve the technology
used in the devices [page TI-11].
Another way to limit the spread is to disinfect public spaces. A
robotic arm built by IEEE Fellow Satyandra K. Gupta uses a UV-light
sanitizer to clean contaminated areas, and it can pick up and move
objects to do a more thorough job [page TI-12].
The common thread that runs throughout all the projects is the
desire to help others through the application of technology. That's
the case for this year's IEEE Hissey Outstanding Young Professional
Award recipient. On page TI-15 learn about Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan's humanitarian work, which included creating software
that helps screen children for autism. The tool can detect developmental delays in children as young as 18 months.
These articles were sponsored in part by the IEEE Foundation. You
can read about more projects on the COVID-19 News and Resources
Hub on IEEE Spectrum's website. Thanks to all the IEEE members
who are working on technologies to fight the pandemic. n


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