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Opportunities and Resources in Classics This list features some excellent opportunities available to middle and high school students. Visit our website at for links to additional summer programs, competitions, and recommended websites. COMPETITIONS The emerson Prize high school students submit scholarly papers on any historical topic to The Concord Review. essays chosen for publication are also considered for the ralph waldo emerson Prize, which includes a $3,000 award. (800) 3315007; Duke University TIP (multiple sites) Grades 8–11; 3 weeks. Course offerings for qualifying students include myths and legends and Philosophy of knowledge. (919) 668-9100; St. John’s college Summer Academy (MD and NM) Harvard Secondary School Program (MA) Grades 11–12; 1–2 weeks. students experience the classics through tutorials, seminars, and labs. (800) 331-5232; summeracademy.shtml Yale University Summer Session (cT) National History Day students in grades 6–12 choose a historical topic related to an annual theme (2012: revolution, reaction, reform in history) and create projects such as exhibits, performances, documentaries, websites, or papers. Prizes include certificates, medals, trophies, cash, and scholarships. (301) 314-9739; Grades 10–12; 7 weeks. students choose two courses; offerings include tragedy: ancient to modern; and reality, Desire, and the epic Form: homer, Dante, and Joyce. (617) 495-3192; Stanford University Summer Session (cA) Grade 12; 5 weeks. students select two courses from offerings including Classical mythologies, Beginning Greek, Beginning latin, and introduction to history of art: Prehistory to the renaissance. (203) 432-2430; Grades 11 & 12; 8 or 10 weeks; residential and commuter. Courses include Greek and latin roots of english and intensive Beginning latin. (650) 723-3109; FIELD SCHOOLS and TRAVEL ABROAD earthwatch T expeditions een Discovering Italy’s Ancient Roman coast ages 15–18; 8 days. student activities include excavating, documenting, experimenting, and surveying at the roman maritime settlement of Poggio del molino. (800) 776-0188; www.earthwatch. org/exped/camilli_teen.html Johns Hopkins University center for T alented Youth (cTY) (multiple sites) Summer at Brown Precollege Programs (RI) Tellus Poetry competition students under age 18 submit an original poem of up to 30 lines on an annual theme (2012: the Doomed love of orpheus and eurydice). winning entries will be published in Tellus magazine. Grades 7–11; 3 weeks. Course offerings include Beginning ancient Greek, latin i, Utopias and Dystopias, etymologies, and Philosophy of mind. Commuter courses for younger students include the ancient world. (410) 735-6277; Johns Hopkins University Precollege Program (MD) Grades 10–12; 1, 3, or 7 weeks. Course offerings include word etymologies: the Greek and latin roots of english; introduction to roman Culture & literature; essentials of the Greek language; and essentials of the latin language. see below for study abroad options. (401) 863-7900; Unearthing Roman Britain SUMMER PROGRAMS Grades specified refer to students’ 2012–13 status. All programs are residential unless otherwise noted. Many of these programs o er a diverse range of courses; these listings include only those courses related to the classical world. Grades 10–12; 1–5 weeks; residential and commuter. Course offerings include love, war, and Glory: the Gods and heroes of Greek mythology and the Grandeur that was rome. (800) 548-0548; summer/precollege/summer UcLA Summer Sessions (cA) Grades 9–12; 6 weeks; residential and commuter. students take one or two courses; offerings include Discovering Greeks, Classical mythology, and Cinema and ancient world. (310) 267-4835; highschool/hscollegelevel.htm ages 16–17; 14 days. students travel to south shields, england, to excavate pre-roman and roman settlements and learn recording, surveying, sampling, and more. www.earthwatch. org/exped/bidwell_teen.html Summer at Brown Precollege Programs (RI) Northwestern University college Prep Program (IL) Boston University (MA) Grades 10–12; 6 weeks. Course offerings for students in the high school honors Program include the world of rome, Beginning latin, Beginning Greek, and Great Philosophers. (617) 353-1378; www. Grades 11–12; 6 weeks. Course offerings include Greek mythology. www.scs. University of chicago Summer Programs for High School Students (IL) Northwestern University center for T alent Development (IL) Grades 7–12; 3 weeks; residential and commuter. Courses for qualifying students include etymology: law & medicine. (847) 491-3782; www. Grades 11–12; 6 weeks; commuter. Course offerings include intensive elementary latin, the ancient economy, and Classical mythology. (212) 998-2292; summer/2011/highschool/ cornell University Summer college (NY) Grades 10–12; 3 weeks; residential and commuter. students in the summer Quarter program may take homer’s odyssey, Classical Greek, or latin language. see below for study abroad options. (773) 834-3792; https:// Grades 10–12; 3 weeks. students who choose study abroad in rome select a focus of ancient roman Civilization, renaissance rome, or modern italy. also available is study abroad naxos: Greece and the world. (401) 863-7900; University of chicago Summer Programs for High School Students (IL) Grades 10–12; 3 or 6 weeks. Courses include Greek mythology, intensive Greek, and intensive latin. (607) 2256203; University of Pennsylvania Precollege Summer Program (PA) NYU Pre-college Program (NY) Grades 9–11; 6 weeks; residential and commuter. students take one or two courses; offerings include ancient Greece and introduction to archaeology. (516) 621-3939; edu/summer/students/highschool Grades 10–12; 3 weeks. students in the traveling academy travel to Greece to study the role of drama and performance in ancient Greek culture. (773) 834-3792; https:// University of Dallas Summer Programs (multiple locations) (972) 721-5181; www.udallas. edu/academics/summer/hs 32 imagine Nov/Dec 2011

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Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - November/December 2011
Big Questions
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Latin Geek
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Made in Greece ... or Was It?
Classics for All
Pillaging the Past
The Aqueduct Hunters
What’s Old is News
Selected Opportunities & Resources
Girls on Ice
Nurturing a Passion for Science at the National Youth Science Camp
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One Step Ahead
Planning Ahead for College
Students Review
Mark Your Calendar
Knossos Game

Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - November/December 2011