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k oC ist mark your calendar with these December–January registration deadlines for selected academic competitions. View websites for competition format, dates, and fees. DeceMBeR USA Biology Olympiad—teachers register their school and then nominate high school students to take the UsaBo open exam, held in January. National STeM Video Game challenge—students in grades 5–12 design a stem-themed game. JANUARY 3 National Physics Olympiad—Physics teachers nominate students for this exam. DeceMBeR 16 MATHcOUNTS—schools register students in grades 6–8 to compete in school, chapter, and state contests. ecYBeRMISSION—students in grades 6–9 participate in this web-based science, math, and technology competition. JANUARY 6 Letters About Literature—students in grades 4–12 submit letters to authors explaining how that author’s work influenced the student. http:// JANUARY 28 David S. Barr Awards—high school students submit work that has been published or broadcast that helped to right a wrong, correct an injustice, or prompt justice and fairness. www. DeceMBeR 1 AcSL computer Science contest—students in any grade work in groups on a timed competition held four times per year. Junior engineering T echnical Society (JeTS)—students in grades 9–12 create an assistive technology device to help a person with a disability. River of Words Art and Poetry contest—students ages 5–19 explore the history of their local watersheds and express what they discover. JANUARY 7 Profile in courage essay contest— students in grades 9–12 write an essay about an elected official who has acted courageously to address a political issue. JANUARY 31 The DuPont challenge Science essay competition—students in grades 7–12 submit essays on a scientific or technological development, event, or theory. National Spanish examination— spanish teachers register students for this exam, given in march and april. Volvo Adventure Prize teens ages 13–16 submit projects to improve their local environment. DeceMBeR 22 American High School Theatre Festival—state, regional, and national theater organizations nominate top high school theater programs to perform at scotland’s Fringe Festival. www. Mathematics contest centre— students in grades 3–9 compete in one of seven contests tailored to the appropriate grade level. JANUARY 8 The Fed challenge—students in grades 9–12 create economic analyses and proposals for regional, district, and national competitions. www.newyorkfed. org/education/fedchal.html National Mythology exam—schools register students in grades 3–9 for this multiple choice exam. DeceMBeR 9 National Geography Bee—Principals register students in grades 4–8 for this test of geographic knowledge. www. DeceMBeR 31 International Arts Olympiad—students ages 8–12 submit themed work. www. Internet Science and T echnology Fair (ISTF)—students in elementary through high school choose a problem, research it, write a report, and create a website. President’s environmental Youth Awards—students in grades k–12 who have completed an environmental project are eligible for this award. DeceMBeR 14 AbilityOne Network Design challenge—students in grades 9–12 develop assistive technologies to help people with disabilities overcome barriers to employment. www.instituteforempowerment. org/design-challenge JANUARY 17 West Point Bridge Design challenge—students ages 13 through grade 12 are eligible for prizes, but anyone can enter this online competition. http:// word wise The Moral solution (from page 39) Solution: Lessons from Aesop P A G E A G E D of the DeceMBeR 15 How Does MATH Put the Action in Your Passion?—students in grades 6–8 show how their favorite hobby, sport, subject, or activity would not exist without math. National Science Decathlon—students in grades 6–12 compete in a variety of events. JANUARY 20 National Japan Bowl—schools send teams of students studying Japanese ii–iV to the Bowl. org/dc/japanbowl.php A D D S S N I T JANUARY 2 Young Playwrights National Playwriting competition—students up to age 18 write a play that is evaluated by a theater professional. National_Comp..html E L P A A W B E L T E V E R H A R E P H V I I L L L O A S I L N O Y W I S H E S A B L E R A S S O K T M J B L T I S O P N G S E A L L N Y T J P I P A T O R N O K E R A Y S T R E N G S T O H N S I O W A S U R E N U O P N S E W E R S E E K 46 imagine Nov/Dec 2011

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Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - November/December 2011
Big Questions
In My Own Words
Latin Geek
Latin in Rome
Made in Greece ... or Was It?
Classics for All
Pillaging the Past
The Aqueduct Hunters
What’s Old is News
Selected Opportunities & Resources
Girls on Ice
Nurturing a Passion for Science at the National Youth Science Camp
Off the Shelf
Word Wise
Exploring Career Options
One Step Ahead
Planning Ahead for College
Students Review
Mark Your Calendar
Knossos Game

Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - November/December 2011