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knossos games Greek Temple by Tim Boester From the entryway to the temple shown in the diagram, your goal is to find a path to the altar, stepping from square to square. For an additional challenge, once at the altar, try to find a way to leave the temple through the entryway. Every square is marked with a symbol. Each time you move from one square to the next, the orientation of the gateways (represented by the bold, black lines between some of the squares) is changed according to the chart. For example, moving from an alpha square to another alpha square changes the gateways, either opening them if they were closed, or closing them if they were open. You can only move to adjacent squares. You cannot move diagonally, jump over squares, or pass through gateways that are closed. The gateways are initially closed. For more detailed instructions, go to http://bit. ly/b2Ybku Solution to Knossos Games 19�1 1 2 3 A 6 C B E 2 D 7 control room 3 D 4 B A B 5 D 1 F A C A 18 airlock A 4 E B C B D 29 A B A F F D 3 10 B E 6 B A D 7 control room DA 4 B A D A 6 5 C BA 5 A FC D 8 A E B AD C C E B B C airlock E A 8 airlock A A C C A E 9 D D 7 F 10 control room E Tim Boester is an assistant Professor in mathematics education at wright state University. you can find more puzzles on his website at boester. C F 10 B E B D A A 9 D imagine 47 C D

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - November/December 2011

Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - November/December 2011
Big Questions
In My Own Words
Latin Geek
Latin in Rome
Made in Greece ... or Was It?
Classics for All
Pillaging the Past
The Aqueduct Hunters
What’s Old is News
Selected Opportunities & Resources
Girls on Ice
Nurturing a Passion for Science at the National Youth Science Camp
Off the Shelf
Word Wise
Exploring Career Options
One Step Ahead
Planning Ahead for College
Students Review
Mark Your Calendar
Knossos Game

Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - November/December 2011