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ThinksTock knossos games by tim boester building a neural network in this puzzle, each numbered circle represents the dendrites and cell body, or soma, of an individual neuron. the number indicates the cell’s activ4ation level, the total value of all incoming signals required to activate it. the grey lines between neurons represent the possible paths of the axon branches (the numbered arrows off to the side) used to connect the neurons together. for example, if an active neuron has an activation level of 3, and the axon branch has an operation of +2, then the axon will transmit a value of 5 to the next neuron. once a neuron transmits a signal, it is deactivated and ceases transmitting. neurons can be activated multiple times, if necessary. only one axon branch can fit in each axon path (grey lines). note that an incoming signal larger than the activation level will still activate the cell, but a signal smaller than this number will not. however large the incoming signal is, the neuron will transmit a signal only at the value of its activation level (plus the axon operation). also notice that, in the example, some neurons are activated simultaneously. Be sure to keep track of how activated neurons’ signals will propagate along your constructed neuron network. the neuron highlighted in yellow is currently active. Using the axon branches to the left of the puzzle, configure a neural network that activates the grey cell. Tim Boester is an Assistant Professor in mathematics Education at Wright state University. you can find more puzzles on his website at solution to Knossos games 19.5 imagine 47

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Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - September/October 2012
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The Proper Care and Feeding of the Teenage Brain
Building Brain Power Through the International Brain Bee
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Braingate: Turning Thoughts Into Action
Shedding Light on Schizophrenia
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Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - September/October 2012