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the Prop Feeding teenage A brain of the s a neuroscientist, I am often asked to talk to students about how to take care of their brains. Students sometimes listen skeptically, expecting familiar advice: Don’t do drugs. Wear a helmet. Limit your screen time. Those are all good suggestions, but it’s helpful to understand a little bit about how your brain works, what’s special about it at this time in your life, and what you can do not only to protect it, but to enhance its performance. A brain in Progress One of the most amazing things about our brains is that they constantly evolve and change (a phenomenon known as neuroplasticity), allowing us to learn new things and grow. But did you know that the behaviors you engage in actually change your brain? In fact, between the ages of 8 and 21 (give or take a year or two), the area of your brain undergoing the most changes, the neocortex, is important for behaviors by linda gorman, Phd 8 imagine Th in ks To ck sept/oct 2012

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Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - September/October 2012
Big Picture
In My Own Words
The Proper Care and Feeding of the Teenage Brain
Building Brain Power Through the International Brain Bee
CTY Neuroscience
Same and Different
Braingate: Turning Thoughts Into Action
Shedding Light on Schizophrenia
Unraveling the Mysteries of Memory
Through the Looking Glass
Selected Opportunities & Resources
Fencing Lessons
Off the Shelf
Word Wise
Exploring Career Options
One Step Ahead
Planning Ahead for College
Students Review
Creative Minds Imagine
Mark Your Calendar
Knossos Games

Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - September/October 2012