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I’m not quite sure at what age my interest in Japanese language and culture started. Manga and Anime interested me ever since I was a little girl, but that wasn’t enough to make me want to fly to Japan. It wasn’t until I was in high school, when I studied Japanese independently for school language credit, that I really started learning about Japanese culture and customs. Written and illustrated by ed arn I le and se, ane Jap of one et it pol he dt ire . adm plied e. I ap ag ar ngu mm s la gra g it ds or n rni or lea nw by tai er try c It was at that point that oun ich ac wh e in ons in I began searching the web lik i is uat ife sit for a summer program that ly l ut dai abo hat would take me to Japan. ng w ki ut tal abo om t t fr a lo jus rn lea ure t can cul ut You abo t a lo ed -fi n a a ng ey ma on of journ A i le rs ve edib r inc When I came across the EIL (Experiment in International Living) website, their Japanimation program caught my eye. The program seemed to focus mainly on Anime and Manga, but the variety of activities listed made it look like a great way to experience as much of Japan as I could. I signed right up! 18 imagine nov/dec 2012

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Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - November/december 2012
Big Picture
In My Own Words
Well of Dreams
Making History Personal
A World Full of Stories
The Month of Writing Dangerously
Japan Adventures
Storytelling 2.0
On the Frontline of Digital Journalism
Once Upon a Summer
Awakening the Storyteller
Selected Opportunities & Resources
On the Doorstep of Discovery
When You’re Ready to Do Research
Off the Shelf
Word Wise
Exploring Career Options
One Step Ahead
Planning Ahead for College
Students Review
Mark Your Calendar
Knossos Games

Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - November/December 2012