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knossos games questionable stories five of my friends and i recently got together to play a game called “Questionable stories.” to play the game, everyone sits around a table, each with a piece of paper and a pencil. each person then answers a series of questions: who, what, where, and when. (for example, in one game, the following answers were given: the president of your fan club [who], winning the nobel prize in chemistry [what], at a baseball game [where], just before the moon explodes [when].) after answering the first question, everyone folds their piece of paper to cover the answer they just wrote, then passes their paper to the person on their left. everyone answers the next question, then folds and passes the paper. once all the questions have been answered, each person in turn unfolds the last piece of paper they received and then makes up a threeminute story connecting the answers. (this usually results in some very humorous stories). from the following clues regarding what each person either wrote down as answers or received on their piece of paper, can you determine what everyone wrote and the stories they told? (hint: one important thing to determine will be the arrangement of the people sitting around the table.) Ahraaz: “for when, i wrote ‘one crisp autumn day’ [when]. my story had a shoe salesman [who] and happened last tuesday [when].” Jade: “i wrote down ‘while in the bathtub’ [where]. my story included buying a lottery ticket [what] on the bridge of the starship enterprise [where].” Paula: “for when, i wrote down ‘after work’ [when]. i had to make up a story with the teenage mutant ninja turtles [who] writing me a letter [what] at a baseball game [where]!” Janelle: “i wrote ‘your long-lost twin’ [who] and ‘while on vacation’ [when].” Arthur: “my story had to be about a stereoblasting upstairs neighbor [who]. i wrote down seeing a ghost [what] in the sewer [where] while on the way to a pizza parlor [when].” tim: “i put down Captain Kirk [who] firing torpedoes [what], since i like star trek. my story had to include eating a meatball sandwich [what] in the middle of the south Pacific [where].” by tim boester solution to Knossos games 20.1 Tim Boester is an assistant Professor in Mathematics education at Wright state University. You can find more puzzles on his website at homepage. imagine 47

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Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - November/december 2012
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The Month of Writing Dangerously
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Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - November/December 2012