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by dylan Mattingly hen I was born, my brother was five years old and just beginning violin lessons. Every week, from the age of 14 days, I listened to my brother play his weekly scales and exercises for his teacher. I became fascinated with sound. I started to take cello lessons when I was five, and my teacher had me write notes in order to learn how to read music. I would bring in what I had written, and together we would explore how it translated into sound. The realization that through this secret code I could turn ideas into a real physical phenomenon was breathtaking. Worlds that I had always wanted (and still want) to explore were reachable, and I was going to create them myself. When I was seven, I wrote my first piece of music—for solo cello, so I could play it myself. At age ten, I wrote my first piece for orchestra. It was one thing to play the notes I heard in my head; it was quite another to hear a hundred people playing them. 16 imagine mar/apr 2013

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Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - March/April 2013
Big Picture
In My Own Words
Music to My Ears
Together as One
Circle of Inspiration
Six Strings and a Dream
In Pursuit of Joy
Jazz Studies, Improvised
Music in College
From the Great Wall to the Golden Gate
Sines and Wonders
Selected Opportunities & Resources
My Journey Through the College Admissions Process
How It Feels to Run
Off the Shelf
Word Wise
Exploring Career Options
One Step Ahead
Planning Ahead for College
Students Review
Mark Your Calendar
Knossos Games

Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - March/April 2013